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I Was Sick of Loving You chapter 102

102 – (Side story) A couple’s spring day

The season when white snowflakes melt with the colors of the world and life sings along with the warm wind that tickles the heart. Iris and I went on a short trip to have some time alone, leaving the children to my father-in-law for a while to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

Her hum flows from the long-awaited trip, and her hand overlapped with mine tickles my palm. All of them are warm and tickle the heart.

In the midst of such tickling, we looked at the scenery without letting go of our hands. Even though you can always see it if you set your mind to it, it feels beautiful today.

As we held hands with her, looked at the scenery, and talked about miscellaneous things, the carriage arrived at its destination and stopped before we knew it.

I got out first, reached out to her, and played a little prank.

“My lady, please get off carefully.”

“thanks. Sir Alic.”

She smiled and took my hand and got out of the carriage. A mischievous look crept across her face.

“Sir Alic, I’m looking forward to it a lot today, so please take good care of me.”

“I will live up to your expectations.”

That’s how our setting to hide our identities every time we travel was decided. I, who never received a knighthood, became a knight, and she, who chose the path of a warrior, not a woman, became a young lady.

In line with that setting, I walked down the street holding her hand as an escort. Thanks to the spring festival being held, the road was a little crowded with crowds. As we were walking along that path, a girl came up to us with a basket of flowers.

“Cool older brother and pretty older sister, don’t you think about buying flowers?”

Her smile widened a little, as if she liked what she said. I checked it, took out a silver leaf from my pocket and gave it to the child. The girl who saw that was surprised for a moment, then smiled and held out a basket of flowers.

“Thank you, wonderful brother!”

The girl bowed, bowed, and then disappeared with a hum of joy. Leaving the girl behind, he arranged the flowers for a while and handed them to her.

“My lady, this is a gift.”

“These are pretty flowers. Thank you Sir Alik.”

She took the flower and savored the scent for a while. Then he put the flower in his pocket enchanted with space expansion and reached out again. I held her hand and walked slowly down the street.

While walking down the street and enjoying various sights and shops, one shop caught her attention. Putting on a deep purple robe and placing a slightly larger crystal ball in front of her, a keyboard fortune teller that said to see the future, luck, fate and compatibility caught her attention. I was the first to open my mouth to such a reaction.

“My lady, how is that store?”

“Well, that doesn’t look bad.”

As she said that, her gaze continued to be directed there. She feels so lovable. Thinking so, I took her hand and led her into the store.

“Welcome to. The soothsayer from the east is Muhammad Abdul. What would you like to see?”

I looked at Iris, surprised inwardly at how fluently she spoke despite coming from the east. She put on a worried expression for a moment, then opened her mouth a moment later.

“Look at the compatibility and destiny.”

“All right. Then, hold out your hand for a moment, you two.”

At that, we held out our hands to the fortuneteller. The fortune teller looked at our hands carefully and placed his hand on the crystal ball. And as I muttered something, a soft light lingered in the crystal ball. And the fortune teller’s eyebrows twitched.

“The compatibility between the two of you is the best among those I have looked at.”

The corners of her mouth went up a little, as if she liked the words. To me, these things feel like scams, but she listened quietly to the fortune teller because she liked it.

“The fact that the thread that connects the two of you is dazzlingly bright is an inseparable fate. However, it is destined for many hardships and hardships to come around.”

I was barely listening, but the last words gave me a little confidence. Feeling that little trust, I focused a little more on the fortuneteller’s words.

“The moment the difficulties and hardships come, the good will that has been sown so far helps a lot.”

“Then, will there be many difficulties and hardships in the future?”

Iris couldn’t stand it at the fortuneteller’s words and opened her mouth. At her words, the fortune teller looked at the crystal ball carefully again.

“Originally, it was destined for great hardships to come, but there will be no such thing in the future because someone with a deep relationship with the man is protecting it.”

“Then will there be only good things in the future?”

“Now that the obstacles in your path are gone, only good things will come. Oh, and a special relationship will come today.”

Her eyes twinkled at the fortuneteller’s words.

“If you have a special relationship, is it a child?”

I almost burst out laughing when I saw her forgetting the setting of the lady and the knight and her true intentions popping out.

“I can’t pinpoint that. However, someone who had a special relationship with the man will come.”

As for the special relationship that comes to mind in the fortune teller’s words, Rachel is the end. However, there is no way that Rachel will suddenly come to a place like this, and if it is Rachel, it is not applicable because it is a special relationship not only to me but also to her.

Such thoughts came to my mind, and the fortuneteller was branded as a fraudster in my mind. However, she seemed very interested and asked the fortuneteller a lot of things.

I didn’t want to interrupt her fun, so I pretended to be interested. After spending time like that, we had a quick lunch at a restaurant and walked around the streets again. Then, I picked out gifts for Evan and Ellie. I chose some fairy tales and she chose some big dolls.

Seeing her holding a big doll, I burst out laughing without even realizing it. Seeing me like that, she smiled too.

Her smile tickled my heart along with the spring breeze, and a sense of playfulness crept up. Entrusting himself to the playfulness, he gently bent one knee and kissed the back of her hand. A pale red color appeared on her cheeks, whether it was because she felt ashamed of doing this in front of other people, or if she was acting.

I held her lovely hand again and moved on. Then, very quietly, her voice was heard.

“You, see you later.”

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Laughter erupted at her words. It made her squirm and suffered a little. After matching her mood and letting her go, we headed to a street painter who was drawing a portrait. The painter was happy to see us and quickly drew our portraits.

She paid quite generously to see if she liked the result that came out quite well compared to the quick time.

“My lady, do you like it?”

“Absolutely. It is a picture drawn with wonder.”

I felt like I was blown away by her words. She must have been satisfied with it, and had a triumphant expression on her face like a victorious warrior.

“Sir Alik, your face is red. Are you okay?”

At her playful words, I put my forehead on her forehead. Her cheeks turned a little red as my foreheads met and our breaths touched. I playfully opened my mouth to her.

“Does it look okay?”

“Um, I don’t know. There are a lot of people here, so I’ll check back later.”

She said that and left. Then he held out his empty hand towards me. I held her hand and enjoyed the festival again.

As we enjoyed the festival, the time came when the sun went down and the moonlight smiled at the world. At such times, a large fire was lit in the center of the plaza and songs were sung in prayer for blessings. To that song, people sang together or held the hand of the person they liked and danced.

In that situation, I reached out my hand towards her.

“Miss, would you like to dance a song?”


Having said that, we danced to the song where the darkness of the night meets the brightness of the fire. The dance continued for a long time, and when the song was over, the dance also ended. Just when I felt regret for the afterglow, a young man who seemed to be a wizard in the center came out with a staff and memorized a spell. Then, a magic circle was created and the flames flew towards the sky. Fireworks exploded in the sky and various colors bloomed to decorate the dark sky. The sight opened my mouth involuntarily.

“It is beautiful.”

“I mean.”

In its beauty, we forgot the setting and the original tone jumped out. Realizing that, we looked at each other and laughed. And the moment the colors disappeared and darkness came again, our lips met.

The warmth of her and mine entangled and separated. With that aftertaste, I took her hand and headed towards the inn. Returning to the inn, we washed up and clinked our glasses while chewing on the afterglow of the day.

“Honey, thanks to you today, I had fun.”

“I was also happy thanks to you.”

“I’m glad Sir Alic said that.”

I smiled at her mischievous words and took a drink.

“Let’s come again next year with Evan and Ellie.”

When I said that to her, she shook her head. I was puzzled by her reaction, which I thoroughly enjoyed today.

“Next year, besides Evan and Ellie, other children should also come with us.”

“Another child?”

“Yes, the fortuneteller said during the day. A special relationship will come today.”

“A fortuneteller could be a con artist.”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if it’s not today, it will happen soon.”

As she said that, she tapped my calf with her foot.

“Then do your best again. honey.”

When she said that, she smiled mischievously. Looking at it, I felt that tonight would be long.


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