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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 9: One of my attempts at saving Laura. Bahasa Indonesia

That is the first death flag. Pretty brutal, if I do say so myself.

I look towards Laura, who is just trying to write down the rubbish things on the board. For real, though, she is gorgeous!

The way she diligently notes down everything, combined with her chestnut hair slowly swaying together with the motion of her slender body, is simply out of this world. Her eyes are intensely focused on the shadow teacher in front of her. Not a hint of distraction exists on her charming face.

Serious, straightforward, speaking her own mind, that was her personality. The poor girl got killed because of it.

This is just between us, but I used to have feelings for her. Who wouldn’t? Maybe I even like all the female characters in the game. After all, I have seen only them all my life. If I had no emotions while surrounded by beautiful girls, I would have been pretty gay.

My feelings are definitely not love, though. Do not get me wrong.


I feel someone looking at me! My arms have goosebumps all over them!

Who’s that?! I turn my head towards the gaze and see both Rachel and Kurokawa sending glares over to my side of the class.

What is up with you two again!? No matter what you are thinking, please, stop!

As if they can hear my voice, they turn their faces straight to the board again.

They can not hear my voice, can they?

Can they…

I am a little scared thinking my inner thoughts are read by those girls…


Let’s get back to Laura’s case. We should not be sidetracked all the time. Those crazy ladies can do whatever they want. I do not even give a damn!

If I could divert the class rep’s tragedy, I would. Sadly, no matter how hard I tried, the game always reset itself.

I will tell you about this one time I tried to cancel her tragic fate.

When I did it last time, it ended badly for both of us. Firstly, please note that the class rep never paid me any attention. There was no interaction between us, just like in the original script. Only I, with my sentience, was remembering the times she died.

When Laura was being forced to the ground by the bullies, I stormed in to save her. The location was the classroom instead of the storage room. The reason was I wanted to help her as soon as possible. Rather than waiting, no way I would look at her being dragged away like a used rug.

I was waiting for the game to reset the whole time.

By the way, the time for a reset is never stable. It can be immediately or after a while. The moment of reset depends on the system if it finds an error or not. Just so you know.

Three bullies were attacking Laura. Two were laughing and saying filthy things to Laura, and the other was pulling her hair, yanking it. It was clear to me who had the lead of that team. It was the guy who Laura confronted, the one who was in love with Rachel.

The class representative was lying on the cold floor and crying uncontrollably. It was probably excruciating being held like so. She did not beg, however. Even in this type of scenario, she still kept her morals high.

I admired her a lot for that.

“RUN NOW!!!” I screamed from the bottom of my lungs, trying to distract the bullies. In my hands was the knife I stole from Rachel’s house.

At that point, I was deliberately messing up the storyline for my own good. The game would reset because of my action. I knew that but did not care so much, though. As long as I could save Laura even just once, I would be satisfied.

Laura’s eyes lit up with anticipation.

“What the fuck?” The three bullies saw me with my weapon.

Let’s call the one in love with Rachel: Bully A to make it easy. The other two can be Bully B and Bully C, respectively.

Bully A was clearly shaken upon seeing the knife in my hands. Although he was similar to me, having no facial features, he definitely was uncomfortable. The other two were also the same.

“Put the fucking knife down!” He shouted.

I said nothing in reply. Unlike Han, who had dormant power inside him, I did not. He could fight against three bullies because he was the main character. If I were to do the same, I would have been a massacre.

Rachel’s knife was the only method for me to defend myself.

Clenching tight what was in front of my chest, I charged in. The light flashed from its polished sides.

“Fucking prick!” Even though they were alert, they were by no means afraid of my presence.

I will spare myself the humiliation of describing the fight because it was one-sided. I had no prior experience in fighting, while the other three were known bullies. My background was a student, and they were delinquents. There was also a huge difference in physique and numbers between them and me.

Quickly after my headless charge, they were able to dislocate my arm and took the weapon off my hand.


Not an ounce of remorse, they then stabbed me in the chest and defiled Laura in front of my face.

Smiling from ear to ear, Bully A said: “You like this bitch so much, eh? Then why don’t we put on a nice show for you to see?”

I could see her apologetic look as she struggled her best to fight back. As for me, I was gargling on my own blood. The crude smell of iron was nothing that I could ever get used to.

Sadly, my consciousness did not fade that fast. After the three bullies were done, they killed Laura using the knife lodged in my chest.

Her body was cut down beyond comprehension.

All that for an act of revenge. Yet that was mostly on me.

I made it happen.

I gave them the knife. I charged in. The class representative did not have the chance to confess to Han to confess her affection.

Her body was r**** because of me. Laura’s virginity was not given to Han as in the script, but to those bastards.

Even when I tried again and again, it was still the same.

Ten, twenty, a thousand, I lost count of the trials I did to change the script. Many times, I sacrificed my life to save her. Many times, I tried to kill the bullies before it happened…

None worked.

The class rep was destined to die horribly.

*Crick* *Riiiip*

The tip of Laura’s pencil breaks as she is writing. However, her hand keeps on moving and pressing down, ripping a whole page of her notebook.

What is up with you, Laura? Calm down, girl!

Since she was a side character, she did not have the time to develop her yandere tendency that fast. I understand everyone else needed room to grow, but she needed a lot. I would say she had the weakest yandere stats currently.

In addition, she was nothing like the other girls that I had seen. Facing death, she was still showing me kindness.

It gave me a feeling that she was not in love with Han. The poor girl was only being controlled by this wretched game.

This is why her death was both untimely and underserving.


I can see her body shivering from the cold. I will close the window once there is a break.

If I can not bring her happiness, I will at least make it so that she can enjoy the present.

I am sorry, Laura… I tried…

I would rather see you die at the hands of Rachel after confessing your love to Han. The mental stress of making a mistake and driving you to your death has left me with a huge scar, unable to heal completely.

They said it right.

Be quiet and let people wonder if you are dumb or do something to make your stupidity known.


Laura drops her eraser.

“Excuse me!” She makes an excuse to the shadow teacher. The shadow makes a small nodding gesture.

After that, she stands up and walks toward me.

Hey! It is over there. I just saw it dropping over there.

Her chocolate eyes maintain their focus on me. And I swear the two female leads over there are also looking!

Go back to your seat, Laura!

Kurokawa, Rachel! Stop staring at me!

“I think I drop something under your chair!” The class rep says.

You dropped something, and it is over there near the board!

If she keeps staring at me like this, I will seriously shrink due to sheer pressure!

“Would you mind standing up?”

Yes. Yes, I would…


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