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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 30: Han is also changing. Bahasa Indonesia

“Why is this the first time I have heard about these girls?! Rachel, you knew about them before, didn’t you? Why didn’t you tell me then?” Han looks at his childhood friend on the left.


You do not talk to people like that, you stupid protagonist.

Out of context, one would say he is trying to pick a fight. But I know this guy. Although his inquiry is a little selfish, he asks a genuine question. I would say that is one of the reasons why he died so quickly in the past. The fact that he is so insensitive has always been his downfall. If Han were a little more careful, a bit more intuitive, or just thought more of the people around him, it would have been vastly different.

At least he would have lived a little longer!

Nonetheless, that is just the type of person he is. There is no way for me to change it.

“Excuse me? When did you ask me for that?” Rachel glares at him. Even with Laura blocking my view, I can still see the chilling look in her eyes.

They are damn scary, man.

See! Now your childhood sweetheart is mad. Think first before you speak, Han! Or she will rip your dick off! She will not hesitate when the push comes to serve.

Hold on. Rachel is not supposed to be angry at just that. She should be calmer.


Oh well, it is what it is. After all, Rachel has been cranky since we started. A little bit more would not be too strange. But I will need to keep some space between her and us to run away when needed.

“Eep! So-sorry! I was too excited.” The protagonist instantly steps back from the stare.

Suits you! That will teach you a lesson so that you can watch your words better the next time you open your mouth.

Clearly not finished, Rachel continues her scolding.

“Excited or not is not really the matter here. Venting your frustration like that on other people is unacceptable, isn’t it??” Her tone is similar to that of a teacher.

“Y-yes, ma’am!” And the guy acts like a student. He should be afraid of her.

I turn my face at Laura and see her looking back at me with a soft smile.

Such impeccable timing!

Using the other hand, I signal her to come close.

“What’s wrong, C? Do you need me with anything?” She asks.

I then whisper to her ears while keeping my voice at the lowest setting.

“If I say run, we run. No question asked!”

Safety first! We want no violence whatsoever!

Of course, running has its merits, too. If I run away too far from Han, I will have my memories erased. However, that is a trivial matter just for the current game. I would love to save the class rep from a tragic fate this time rather than clutching on to some ancient memories that I do not want to remember.

After hearing my request, Laura moves to my ear and starts to whisper just like what I just did.

“Okay! I don’t know why we should run, but I will listen to you!”


That tickles! My skin is rising because of that. The feeling of having someone blowing air into your ear is just so…weirdly comfortable. And her whispers are somehow very soothing to my brain. Is this what people call ASMR?

Oops! This is still on the outside! Home is still far away. I need to maintain a straight face since everyone can be looking at me.

Well, not exactly a face. Probably I just need to keep my mouth straight.

Kurokawa, I am sorry, but I think you are staring too much. Do not think your band can hide everything. There are still the occasional winds. You too, Rachel. Your aquamarine eyes are beautiful. I get that. But please, focus those intense stares on the person next to you, not me.

Because Rachel replied to him quite harshly, cold sweats appear on Han’s temple sides.

“I-I guess let’s just head home.”

“Yeah. I suggest we do that.” Rachel says.

“Agree.” Kurokawa makes a nod.

The bookworm has not been saying much since Han started his monologue. I do understand why, though. There is nothing for Kurokawa to join in because it is pretty much between Han and his childhood friend only. Plus, she has not had enough affection or information about Han.

Since we left, I have seen Laura keeping a close look on Kurokawa. What she is doing, I have no idea. But the latter does seem to try making her way toward this side. It is all thanks to Laura that she is unable to reach me.

So for that, I thank you, class rep. No matter what it is, getting close to one of the main heroines is too dangerous.

Regardless, I must say that Han is very much different from all of the previous iterations. Everyone has changed, and that includes me. But I would go as far as saying his shift in character is the most impactful.

He now expresses his interest in the yandere girls.

Also, the protagonist has been scolded by Rachel instead of her giving in to his selfish questioning. Not only does Rachel take no shit from him, but she is also able to show herself more than ever.

Personally, I consider that to be a good thing. An excellent change, actually.

It seems that the bug has finally gotten hold of Han’s character. From here, their relationship can take a better or worse turn this time. I would say the scale tips are on the better side.

The reason is that she has taken so much crap from him in the past. Since she took all the stress from handling him and his daily life, like meals and laundry, it was apparent that her emotions would be bottled up inside of a jar called love. She did everything a housewife should be doing without having her feelings reciprocated. That kind of pretense only worked for a while.

Rachel suffered greatly from Han’s insensitiveness but did not say a word. All she ever wanted was a confirmation from him.

A confirmation that Han was never able to give.

Poor fool…

And when she finally forced herself onto her childhood sweetheart, Rachel achieved her lifelong goal. At the same time, it drove her sanity to the breaking point.

I remember the night she had with Han. Even though she was the one who wanted to drug him and **** him, Rachel was crying.

Rachel kept saying sorry over and over again.

“I did not want it to be this way.”

She said that while bawling her eyes out.

It was painful.

Yandere or not, in reality, Rachel, Kurokawa, or Laura were and still are girls. They wanted the affection which Han could never provide.

Han’s personality was not bad. However, it was only like that to him. It brought him all the goodness while robbing everyone else of their happiness. Literally, all of the girls inside this world had to mourn.

But! That is enough judging! I do not want to think about sad things. It is damaging to my heart.

That Han was in the past. This Han is different now.

The main cast is all different, and that is the key!

This time, he has a little more information. With the truth about the girls around him already out there, I hope the guy can actually make it further than previous. Even though he is still crass, at least he is aware of the danger that can come in case of carelessness.

“About dinner, C, why don’t you join us? I think we can learn that dish you have been talking about. After all, you suggested it.”

All that is left is the hellish invitation from Rachel.

“C, you should not go to their house.” Laura advises me.

Kurokawa follows up after the class rep.

“Yes. I do agree. We should leave Rachel and Han together like the love birds they are.”

“I am not in a relationship with him!”

“I am not in a relationship with her.”

At the same time, the childhood couple replies. Such harmony. They do share a lot in common. Years after years staying side by side created some similarities. If Han tries his best, they can have good chemistry together. I highly doubt he would try, though.

However, they did have some differences in the way they replied. Rachel exclaimed with haste. On the other hand, Han just shook his head slowly. Even when Rachel denied their relationship quite fast, Han still showed no interest in that regard.

There are two explanations for this. Either Han is great at hiding his feelings, or he has no feelings for her. Nonetheless, the first reason is nothing to be afraid of. I just need to help them get together better if the second reason is the truth.

Using his attraction to yandere, I will try to weasel in that Rachel is one with such a personality. That should help their relationship develop.

I hope…

“If you don’t like getting to our places, how about we get to your place?”

Rachel cuts my train of thoughts with a horrific proposal.

(You can now buy me milk for me to make more cheese!!!


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