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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 26: Is it really true that more people is better? Bahasa Indonesia

Tired of waiting, Laura gently grabs me by the arm and pulls me out of my seat.

“Come on, C. Let’s go home together!” Because of her pull, Laura’s face is now in front of mine.

“Ah! Okay!” Startled, I reply without any thinking.

I have never paid attention to her pupils. Have they always been that large? Truth be told, they are captivating!

And my entire faceless reflection is visible inside of them from this angle!

They say the pupils enlarge when someone is looking at something they like…

Whether or not that is real is beyond me. Even though I am certainly not a scientist, I will be delighted if it is true.

Because we are close, I can see that the person grabbing my arm has a light blush on her face.

“How do I look?” She asks. The pink is getting more prominent on her cheeks.

Beautiful, gorgeous, and charming… all these adjectives run through my mind simultaneously. Do not get me wrong here. The class rep is perfect, without a doubt. However, none of them can flawlessly describe what I feel about Laura.

“Genuine.” I give her a mundane word.

Shit…That was bad…

Should I have done it differently? Who would compliment a girl with such a word? How is that even a compliment?!

Stupid, C! Apologize to her!

“Sorry, I mean-…”

“Don’t be.” She stops me right in the middle of my sentence by placing a finger on my mouth. “I love it. I love your praise!”

There should be a question mark above my head. I am so confused I do not notice the soft sensation of her finger.

“But that’s not a good way to commend anyone?”

She inches even closer to me. Her entire body is practically using mine as support.

“Trust me, C. That’s the best one. Now, shall we leave?” She takes her hand back and places it on her own lips.

Huh…that is quite…

“That’s an indirect kiss from you to me.” She beams brighter than ever. The flush on her face has turned from pink to red.

Of course, it was.

“Of course!” My head bobbles down.

Chill, C! It is just an indirect kiss. No need to be so worked up because of it. People will think I am cliche and boring. They will say I am similar to one of those Japanese beta males for blushing out of embarrassment.

Fuck those virgins.



“Next time, it is not going to be indirect.”


“Of course.”

I have a Deja Vu, and I can feel chilling stares coming from somewhere further away. To be completely honest, I will also pretend I did not hear that last sentence Laura just said.

Do not get my hopes up, do not get my hopes up. I keep repeating that sentence.

Back to the main topic, going home!

Do I want to go home together with her? Yes. Yes, I do. There is absolutely no doubt about that. I still have no idea why she would like to be with someone like me, but what do I have to lose anyway.

Still, there is one massive issue here.

Where the hell are we going to? It is not like I have a home of my own! Well, I have a home to get back to, to be more exact. But it is just a bunch of squiggly pencil lines drawn by a sweatshop artist in a third-world country! It is not enough to hide from the rain or the cold temperature since there is physically nothing. I really got frozen many times because of that place. If not for its location within the range of the memory wiping limit, I would have stayed at the school all day.



God! I am moving too fast! This is not good! It is all because of that kissing thingy! My brain is a mess, and that is all its fault!

Be careful, C! You do NOT want to move so fast! She may consider you to be a creep!

My house is already a no-no. What about her house, then?

Yeah, her house…

HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE!? Do not think with your dick! Think with your head! You are going to have your memories wiped again, you horny bastard!

This is not looking good on my side, honestly. We started dating today, and I am already losing control of everything in my head. The past really took a toll on my soul…

“If it is not comfortable for you, we can go to any other place.” Seeing me being in thoughts, Laura suggests. “Any. Place. I don’t mind as long as we can be together!”

Weird, I thought I saw a hint of sorrow in her eyes.

Maybe my vision is deceiving me. Why would Laura be sad all of a sudden?

Nonetheless, the class rep’s suggestion is not a bad idea. It is better for Laura and for me. If she does enjoy my company, of course. I still have to understand why she is doing this. Be it love, which is totally and undoubtedly questionable, or any hidden motive, I need to find it out.

As for myself, who would ever reject a girl so beautiful as the class representative?

“Why don’t we just take a walk today? There is no need to push it too fast, right?”

If she agrees, we can just do whatever we like for a little while, and then I will tell her to get home once it is dark.

Truth be told, I do not want her to look at where I am staying. Not because of shame, but because of the explanation I have to give her.

Lying is the last thing that I want to do. If Laura gives me her respect, I have to do the same. Not just her, but every one of the heroines in this game has suffered so much. I would be a total dick if I were to force them to feel hurt even more.

Hearing my words, Laura smiles brightly.

“As long as you are happy, then I am happy. Let’s hurry!”

“Ah…” I am stunned.

Those words strike me down to my core. Happy.

When was the last time I thought about that word?

Suddenly, I feel like crying again. I know it is not good to let go in public, but this is too hard for me to hold in.

Behind the class rep, there is now another person.

It is Kurokawa.

Why is she here? Should she not be heading to the library to do some reading? She is the bookworm, after all.

Kurokawa is in her usual look, with her bang covering almost half of her face. However, her shirt looks kind of wet around the chest area? Her white-laced bra is actually visible. The spot is not that big, just the size of a palm. I imagine if somehow tears were dropping from her chin down, they would have created that pattern. Either tears or drool, though…

“Mind if I join?” Kurokawa asks. I am not sure who she is talking to since her face is covered.

Even though the bookworm is right behind her, Laura keeps her eyes focused on me as if never wanting to let my reflection out from their sights. I can feel my hand squeezed tightly by hers.

“Don’t worry! From now on, we will stay together. I promise you that. No one. NO ONE will take you away from me.”

That is…a bit obsessive…is it not? Laura did not have the chance to become a full-fledged yandere previously, so I sure hope she stays that way. Furthermore, she is blatantly ignoring Kurokawa.

Mommy, I am scared…

“C? You don’t mind having another company, right?” Kurokawa is now standing next to Laura. Although her bang is thick, it is clear her focus is me.

If Laura is acting a bit yandere-ish like this, I do not mind. Not at all. Until she behaves, I guess I have to put on a little defense around me…

“Please, Kurokawa, the more, the merrier.”


I think I messed up…

If she was turning into a yandere, would it be worse if I invited more people to join…That was how Han died times and times!

“On second thought…!”

“Thanks! I will take you on that offer, then!” Kurokawa smiles, cutting me in the middle of my sentence.

But it was YOU who made the offer!

Dying is not fun. It is mind-bogglingly painful! I do not wish to be butchered by Laura if she has those yandere genes inside her!!

And she does! They all do!

Turning my eyes away from Kurokawa toward Laura, I expect a horrific sight, yet it is the complete reverse. I am pleasantly surprised!

She does not show any signs of turning into a psychopath at all. The class rep looks calm and collected. Though the gaze never leaves my body, her amber eyes are as they should be, not the eyes of a killer. And she is not saying anything scary, as well!

Maybe I judged her too fast.

Laura, I apologize!

Flashes light up inside of Laura’s eyes. I wonder what that means.

“It’s fine. Kurokawa can join us! Then I can escort her home for you!”

Oh goody! Then I do not need to walk her home too far!

That is great! No memory wiping! No explanation! Whoohoo!

Yet it is not finished. This journey to my house I have is starting to become something big.

“I do agree! The more, the merrier!” This time, another voice comes up. It belongs to Rachel.

Why, Rachel?

Hearing that, the main protagonist has a question mark on his head.

“H-hey, Rachel! Aren’t you busy this afternoon? You told me to cook, didn’t you?”

“Change of plans, Han.”

“Eh? B-but…” The guy is clueless.

I am also clueless…

“Change. Of. Plans.” She says coldly.


Goosebumps rise on my skin.


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