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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 18: Girls talk! Bahasa Indonesia


“So is THIS how the class representative of us should be doing? Kissing a male student in the middle of the school at lunchtime?!” Kurokawa slams the table heavily with her book, clearly looking disgusted and appalled.


Upon hearing her words, the static in my head instantly clears up. That sound the bookworm just made effectively woke me up from my dazed state.

Whoo boy! It was a close call, indeed. Thanks, Kurokawa! I owe you one!

I never thought that one day I would feel indebted to her. No, not at all. But after today, I guess I need to properly thank her for once. A little bit more, and Laura could have done heinous things to my featureless face!

Wait…I think we are dating now, right? Then those “heinous” things should become romantic acts between lovers?

Well, that makes sense. But why would Laura want to be with me? She should only perform those acts for Han!

Now, is the target going to be changed?! Am I going to be killed?


Smoke comes out from my hair. The brain is malfunctioning…again…

And not only that…

Whoa there?! Why is Laura so close to my face!? What is she trying to do to me?! Stay away from me, lady! You are going to get ME pregnant from being too close!

“There’s more where that came from, C.”

There is more of what?!? Bananas? Apples?

In front of me, placing both of her hands on my cheeks, Laura smiles in fulfillment. It is not the kind of smirk you would see when she was trying to appeal to Han in past iterations. No, her expression is not like that at all. There is no struggle, no force. She was not trying to please anyone, not even me. It is only the purest form of affection.

Laura beams in happiness, her own happiness.


As happy as she can be, we still need to have some boundaries, yeah?! Yet the distance between us is not even a centimeter now! Please, class rep, you are playing with my heart too much! At this rate, I will soon have to get a transplant.

Rather than forcing herself in, I feel that she has just finished something…

Something…cold…soft…and fast…on my forehead…Like a pair of lips. The feeling is so heavenly I can never let it go. Although, the brain fart prior made me lose myself a bit.

Oh! I remember now!

She kissed me.

“I kissed you on the head only. You need to work to get to the other places.” She explains.

Hehe. Laura’s face is a beet red color. So cute. She looks exactly how a maiden in love should be! My heart is filled with a warm and fuzzy sensation similar to hugging a blanket while looking at her. Not going to lie, but this current Laura is vastly more attractive than all the past Lauras.

I know that it was thanks to the bug in the game, but she has so much freedom now.

So cute…so…cute…




I am panicking here! What do I do now?!?

“Laura, please be the hypocrite class representative you are and behave as such.” Once more, I hear the voice of Kurokawa.

At this point, she is like the voice of reason in my head. This is the second time her words have brought me back from a chaotic mind.

Please save me from this mess, oh Kurokawa!

“Tch.” Annoyed, Laura clicks her tongue.


As the class rep distances herself from me, she looks at the bookworm.

“What if that’s what I’m doing? What are you going to do about that?”

Kurokawa is obviously surprised at Laura’s sudden changes. Refusing to stand down, she continues criticizing our class representative.

“You had the guts to stand up in class to tell the teacher about us. Then when it comes to your rules breaking, you stand so high and mighty?”

Laura scoffs. “So!? Just like I said, what are YOU going to do about that? Talk me to death? I’m not scared of some closet perverts, you know.”

How does Laura know that? There should not have any interactions? Even if they did, the fact that Kurokawa was a masochistic pervert would be concealed by her.

“Oh? Being a pervert is still better than dying at a young age. Right, C?” Kurokawa turns her attention back to me.

Could you perhaps not do that?

“You forced him to do something he did not like without consent. Who gave you the rights, Laura?” Kurokawa stares at Laura intensely. I can feel the raging heat emitting even through her bang.

The class rep shakes her head and counters with a knowing smile. She is definitely keeping her head cool.

“Only I know whether or not he likes it. Kurokawa, you will never understand. I will not let that happen. You should just go and do what you are supposed to be doing since there is no need to care about us.”


Suddenly, Laura takes a paper-knife out from nowhere. Where has she been hiding it?!

“I’m not giving up, Kurokawa.”

The bookworm’s face turns a little pale after seeing that.

“Do you think I’m scared?”

“No. But I sure hope you understand your position. It is not HERE. But there.”

To be completely honest with you, I am lost at this point. There is nothing that I can understand from the cryptic conversation. Kurokawa and Laura are talking in English. That is true. Nonetheless, the information they are exchanging is beyond me.

In addition, I do not know for sure, but somehow I see Kurokawa has a white tiger behind her back while Laura has a blue dragon. These mythical creatures are growling and clawing menacingly at their respective opponents.

Oh god, now I am having hallucinations.

“You can not keep him only to yourself like that. We have all been *Cough*. This…ack…*cough cough*. Why can’t I *cough cough*?” Unusually, Kurokawa starts to cough. Her sentences become broken and unintelligible.

“What’s the matter, a cat got your tongue? Something blocking your windpipe? Don’t worry! I know how it feels. Much more than you do, though.” Laura amusingly looks at Kurokawa.

This is the first time I see Kurokawa coughs in class. Yes, she did have many occasions of having a cold in past trials, and Han took care of her. Those were basically for the sex scenes only.

The current situation is nothing similar. I have no idea why Kurokawa would cough to the point of not being able to talk like that. Han is not here, so there will be no sex.

Then why is she like that?

You know what?

I am going to ask.

What is the harm in asking, right? She should not be able to answer me, though.

“Is there anything wrong with the bookworm…I mean Kurokawa? She’s coughing heavily over there.” I direct my question to Laura, not expecting anything.

“Just like you, C, I have no idea.” The class rep breaths out. “Maybe because God is forcing her to keep quiet since she has been yapping for so long already.”

I smile wryly at that answer. Yeah…

*Cough cough* Kurokawa continues to cough every time she tries to speak up. Poor girl.

Should I close the window? The girls in class have been having allergic reactions to something. It may be because of the dust in the air? It makes sense, though.

Rachel, Kurokawa, and Laura are all seen to have red and watery eyes. So it is logical to say Kurokawa is being affected by the allergy the most. That is why she is coughing so hard.

I am such a genius. Before, I saw Laura shaking from the cold, as well.

These girls are obviously bad with the weather.

Let me go close the window for them, just in case. I am meaning to do that for Laura, anyway.

“I feel cold, do you, C?” Just as I am about to stand up, Laura does it first.

I nod.

“Then I’ll go close the window.”

“Thanks, class rep.”

“Call me wife.”

“No thanks, class rep.”


Laura closes the window and walks back to me.

“Call me wife.” She says the same thing again, but with more stress on the last word. Her entire face keeps getting closer to mine.

“No thanks, class rep.” And I reply the same way.

“You will.”

Such a good girl…why does she have to die…

Oh, wait! If she is already with me, perhaps we will be able to divert her tragic fate this time?


Come on, C. Do not put your hopes up again! You have been through countless redos already. Have you not learned anything?!


I will take it as it comes…

The weirdness of today is getting into my head. If things keep on moving like this, the bug will affect my thinking permanently.

Hmm…I should probably be heading out of this room.

“You girls keep on talking and making acquaintance. I’m just going to head out for a quick walk.”

Sadly, Laura calls out to me.

“But the lunch break is over.”

*Ding dong ding dong*

Aw man…


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