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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 10: Another first experience for me! Bahasa Indonesia

Whatever you do, do not say anything, do not move, do not act, C!

Laura seems infected by the bug already, and I need to stay completely still. Similar to Rachel and Kurokawa, she is acting out of the norm.

Not good. Not good at all!

Where is the origin of the bug? How is it affecting everyone like this?

Nevertheless, I must try to play my part from this point forward. When I have the time, I will try to find out what is happening.

As of right now, the event of Han and Rachel is already closed, so it should not deviate too much. What I need to do is to survive the next couple of hours until the end of the classes. That should be fine for today.


Sit tight, hold still, try to pretend you are a dummy, C!

I can not hear you, Laura.

I am in my ultimate Zen state.



Like a statue, yeah!

“Please reply, C. Don’t be like a statue like that.” Laura gets closer to my face.

The distance between us is less than half an arm. Thanks to that, her beauty is ever so near to me. Her long and luscious eyelashes, clear chocolate eyes, and every feature on her face are just so well designed. I lost myself for a second there!

Please do not call me a pervert, but she smells so nice! Even without a nose, I can still sense her pleasant fragrance. It is a lightly sweet scent that makes me feel peaceful.

AAAAAH! Wait, wait, wait, Laura!!

Too close! Too close!!! This is too bad for my heart!

“I guess that was a little close, excuse me.” She says with a hint of red slowly coming to her ears as she withdraws back.

Seeing her face getting further away, I feel a sense of loss… I mean, I do like to be so close to her like that, but I guess she can never become something special to me.

No, that should be in reverse. It is I that can never become special to Laura.

Han, you lucky bastard!

That said, friend, no need to switch places, though. I am perfect with where I am, thank you very much! You just go and have fun with your psychopathic girlfriends. I do not mind that at all.

More importantly, Laura, how can you say what I am thinking about!? Do you have telepathy?

This is abnormal! Her blush is also strange.

On second thought, why is everyone blushing today?

“Do you like me getting close or not?” Laura suddenly attacks me with a strange question. “You have been acting very weird!”

You are the weird one!

*Bam bam* *Kuha*

Hey! Kurokawa! Rachel! The two of you! Why are you hitting the desks like that!? You are still in class. Look up to the teacher, at least.

I am about to pee in my pants here!!! And you people are having fun giggling over there? Sheez…these girls…

“I know you can hear me. Would you please stand up? I need to get my eraser.”

But it is literally UNDER YOUR CHAIR, GOD DAMN IT!

She is not letting me go. I think I need to reply with something or else she will stand there for the whole day. That is just the type of person she is.

“Um, Laura? I don’t think it dropped here. Why don’t you try looking under your desk?”

“No. I’m pretty sure it went somewhere near your place.”

This stubborn girl…

“Then how about you go back to your seat. I’ll look for it, then return it to you later?” I try to make her return. Maybe she will see it when she is walking.

“I would rather not bother you with such a trivial thing.”

Of course, Laura. Of course…

“C, we are still in class, after all. I just need you to stand up for a second. That’s it. I will repay you for your trouble later.” Laura looks straight at my face and says with a pleading voice.

Why would she behave like that? I am not doing anything for her, aren’t I? The interactions between the two of us in the previous tries were nearly zero. She never had eyes on me.

Really, what is she thinking about making a scene in the middle of the class like this? This is not her!

Man, I wish I could have a mind-reading ability.


Okay, Laura. You win. I do not know what you are trying to pull here, but you got it. I will stand up from my seat. Look at everything you want, and see if I am correct or not.

“Give me a second to stand up, class rep.”

She smiles at me heartily. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“No problem.”

There is no need to thank me for that much. Though, somehow I feel like Laura is not thanking me for standing up.

While standing near my place to wait, I turn my head at Han’s place and see two of his female leads staring at the two of us. The bookworm and the housewife,…

Mind your own business!

After about a minute of looking, Laura finally stands up from my desk.

“It probably did not roll over here. Thanks again! You’ve been a great help!”

I have seen your eraser, pal. It is a rectangular one! How on Earth is it supposed to roll!!!!

“As I said, no problem, class rep.” I sit back down on my chair.

Peace at last! Go on, go back to your place in the top row of the class. Observe carefully this time. The eraser is not far from you, dear.

Just as I am about to breathe a sigh of relief, Laura turns her head back to me.

“I understand that I have been a bother, but can I ask you a favor?”

Really, Laura? Really?

The shadow teacher is drawing weird symbols on the board, and you go around asking for a favor?

Do I even have the chance to say no?

“Please, C. This is important!” Once again, she asks for my help.

I nod my head.

“Stay in class after lunch. That is what I am asking for. Could you help me with that?”

I nod my head again.

“I know you would not decline. Wait for me when the school bell chimes, okay?” She looks delighted all of a sudden.


It is the same head movement. Nothing too extravagant. I just bobble my head up and down like a doll.

In my head, however, there is a complete mess. It feels somewhat similar to an explosion that has taken place in my mind, blasting away every thought.

I-is t-this a-a-a…lunchtime d-da…date?!!!

It is, isn’t it?

It must be. If not, what else could it possibly mean? There is nothing to do in my world other than watching Han flirt with his girls, so I may be a little slow in this regard.

Today I have received so many firsts. Even if Laura asks me to do something mundane, it would still count as a date, right?

I look at Laura returning to her seat in the front of the class. Her face has turned totally red. Pretty bold coming up to me to ask for something like that. She must be thinking how weird she put it and is now embarrassed by it.

As for me, my heart is running wild inside of my chest. I can even hear the drum-like beatings in my ears.

I do not think for a second that she has any type of feelings for me other than friendliness, though.

Remember, eyes forward, dick downward, C. If you want to live, you need to etch that onto your skull!


At this point, I do not care what Rachel and Kurokawa are doing. They can stare however they want. Look at me! I am the guy being asked for a lunch date for the first time ever after tens of thousands of reset!

I am not afraid of you girls anymore!

No goosebumps on my arms. My body is much stronger now, thanks to Laura’s request.



There is no need for me to pay attention to you two anymore!


Okay, maybe a little afraid, still.

Let’s take a glance at them.


Whah!! They look straight into my soul!


My whole body shivers. I have goosebumps again…

Huh? Laura? What are you doing? Why are you standing up? What is up with the irritated face?

“Rachel, Kurokawa. Please pay attention in class. This is not recess!”

Excuse me, what did you say?

“As the class representative, I must keep you girls on the right track!”





Let me out.



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