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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 9: Learning The Basics (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy’s new house had enough bedrooms for all of them, but of them managed to relax in the new place even though that was the case. Not to mention, it would take a while before they forget that they abandoned the place they grew up in order to survive.

Just as Drew said, some guards showed up the next morning, and everyone left their new residences. Now that Billy could see everyone, he realized that he was the youngest of the tribe, the other kids were already four years old, and they also played with sticks while imagining that they were spears. Those who were younger than fifteen probably numbered around thirty. As for the adults, they were only forty…

Regardless, Billy didn’t know how the guards could tell, but they only picked the highest leveled warriors of the tribe to join the guard of the city. Although they said that, the new members will probably become the newbies who do all kinds of miscellaneous things across the town. The other adults and including women who didn’t have children, were selected to work by helping in some places across the town. Anna was one of them. Due to her specialization, she was selected to help a shop that cultivated plants and crafted medicines. As for the women who had kids and the kids themselves, they were allowed to stay behind and do the same thing as they did before in the other village. They looked after their homes and also taught the new generation how to fight.

“I guess the lord of this place isn’t exactly a bad person…” Billy thought.

The area in which they could move was fairly large as well, so all the kids who wanted to be trained would have enough room to do so. However, they couldn’t leave that area since the region’s lord still didn’t confirm what Drew and the others told him. Since he was that suspicious, Billy thought that he shouldn’t let so many people already work in his town, but feeding them for free wouldn’t be easy.

“We will return at sunset,” Drew said, and then he patted Billy’s head. “See you two later.”

Billy had many things to say to a guy who was supposed to be his age before he had reincarnated for patting him. Still, he will have to store all those complaints inside his mind until a later date. Nevertheless, as soon as those two groups left, the kids and their mother began to train. Naturally, Billy and Camilla felt left out since they couldn’t do anything like that.

“Why don’t we run a little, Billy?” Camilla asked. “While we can’t exaggerate, it won’t hurt if your legs become a bit stronger.”

While Billy agreed with that, meditating was much more effective than such kind of training. Still, he nodded since he wanted to keep his mother company. In the end, Camilla just wanted to exercise a little bit and regain her strength since she wanted to fight for her people. That became obvious when she began to do push-ups and squats with Billy on her back.

“Hmm… I suppose if I make Mom level up a few times, no one will be against her fighting again,” Billy thought.

Billy began to give his mana to his mother with that in mind, but she never noticed it. That being said, after seven days of doing that, she leveled up, and she felt her strength suddenly increase. It was a feeling that she had only when she survived some difficult battles… she couldn’t understand why she obtained power just by working out.

“You look more fit than before…” Anna said when the family was having dinner together.

“I am just doing some light exercises since Billy can’t learn how to fight yet,” Camilla replied while forcing a smile. “Rather than that, how are things in the other parts of the town?”

“There is nothing to say, there are many other people across town from other villages, around half of the population of this place had to choose working for the lord like us,” Anna replied. “While some people look at us with weird eyes, they are just worried that we look more savage than them.”

“The guards of this place eliminated all the beasts in the area, so the monsters have to come pretty far away to attack, but we leave every morning to prevent that,” Drew said. “They are a bit tougher than the beasts we are used to, but the guards of this place already had the strength to fight them. Their weapons also are several levels above ours.”

While Drew said that, it looked like he wasn’t entirely sure if the place was completely safe. After all, if they don’t find other smaller targets, the elementalists would attack the Hammersmith’s base. Since no one said anything after that, they assumed that was the case. Regardless, Billy was a bit curious about the situation for many reasons. One of them was the fact that they started to eat a fish that was yellow. It seemed like the infant version of some kind of monster since it had some scary teeth on its mouth. Regardless, that made him realize that the weird monster’s meat that his family had been eating couldn’t be found there.

Life in that town slowly began to affect the whole tribe… with the payment they received for their work, the families began to buy proper clothes from the merchants in the city, and they weren’t made from rough monster’s leather. It wasn’t that unexpected, but it seemed that even cotton could be produced and manufactured into clothes… Billy felt really relaxed when he finally wore real pants and a t-shirt.

In any case, Billy kept his guard up, even though he couldn’t help in case something happened. However, in two years, nothing happened. In the meantime, Billy made his father and mother level up five times. He also made himself level up ten times… but he never used the points he obtained.

Billy – Lv 23 – 110/420 EXP

HP: 11/11

MP: 75/75

SP: 11/15

Strength: 04

Speed: 01

Magic: 36

Endurance: 06

Dexterity: 01

Status Points: 87

Skill List: Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Language Skill Lv 25, Analyse Lv 17, Appraisal Lv 22, Meditation Lv 11,

Skill Points: 95

“I guess you are strong enough to learn the basics of combat, Billy,” Camilla said. “Shall we start?”


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