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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 89: Offer (5) Bahasa Indonesia

After asking a few other things, Billy learned that just using the seeds of the fruits wouldn’t be enough to obtain a tree… there was some secret method involved, and since it was rather valuable, it wasn’t accessible to the public.

In any case, while checking the accessories, he found an earring with a rather interesting effect. It seemed too good to be true, but the price explained things.

Silver Earring

Rest: a special effect that duplicates the restoration speed of the user’s stamina.

SP + 05

DEX + 05

Durability: 05/05

“… Sir, how much does this cost?” Billy asked.

“Ten silver coins,” the peddler replied.

Billy showed a surprised expression since it was worth of two months and half of his work… still, when he checked the effect, he noticed that it had appeared in the skill list. It costs one hundred skill points. If he obtains that and then makes it level up… he will be able to train more intensely than before and thus, obtain more results.

“Oh well… I guess I will have to buy it,” Billy said and then took the ten silver coins from his pocket.

Billy had saved forty silver coins over the years. So, using that amount was quite painful for him. Even more so when he realized that ten silver coins were worth one thousand dollars… since one copper coin was worth one. Billy’s plan to open an alchemy shop will have to be put on hold, but he can still make money in dungeons or seek enhanced things.

“I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing…” Kate suddenly appeared and then said. “Do boys these days use earrings?”

“This is a magic item that triplicates stamina recovery… I didn’t buy it for the looks,” Billy said.

“Is that so… Anyway, your mother told me that you would be here, but I didn’t expect that you would buy anything aside from weapons,” Kate said. “I didn’t have many chances to learn how to fight due to my constitution, but now that the things have changed, what kind of weapon do you think I should take?”

“Is there any need for you to learn how to fight?” Billy asked. “I am pretty sure that your father won’t let you get anywhere close to danger.”

“I am sure he will allow me to at least practice if I ask him with upturned eyes,” Kate said.

“You seriously are,” Billy said and then facepalmed. “Then go and do the same as the others of your tribe and train with a hammer.”

“I would be too slow since it took for someone to be able to be fast enough with a hammer,” Kate said.

From Billy’s perspective, all of them were slow as turtles with their weapons, but that wasn’t something he had to say out loud. Nevertheless, Kate bought a pair of knives that increased her magic by ten points each… which was quite the weird choice of weapon and quite scary as well.

“Soon enough, I will surprise you with those,” Kate said while smiling.

Hearing that made Billy feel shivers. Kate had no reason to hold a grudge against him, but her choice of words was too weird. In any case, she soon left for her home.

“Putting that aside, I need to learn those skills without relying on skills points, that or find a way to obtain more skill points…” Billy thought. “While my options are largely due to the system, they aren’t exactly limitless…”

Learning things like recovery and Rest will be difficult. Still, these kinds of challenges are what make things exciting for Billy.

Aside from his training routine and the fact that he helped with the training of his siblings, Billy spent one week thinking of how he should learn skills like Rest. In theory, he just had to use the skill… but he had no idea how to make his body recover faster. Maybe if he uses mana to relax his muscles while he sleeps… but that wouldn’t work. The skill was a passive one. It didn’t need mana…

“if I can’t accomplish this, then recovery is out of the question since it is harder… still, for the time being, my glaive and the earring were enough to make me recover Hp, and Sp,” Billy thought.

Regardless, during that week, Kate didn’t show up in his house, and Thanks to that, he could feel the reproachful eyes of his mother on his back now and then. Fortunately, that came to an end when Kate appeared and asked Billy to leave the house to show him something. What she showed was her knives floating in the air around them at a pretty fast speed… That didn’t surprise Billy because he had taught her up to Wind Manipulation.

“I heard that you could do this with your spear, so I decided to replicate,” Kate said. “This is pretty cool.”

“You are controlling them well… by the way, who told you that?” Billy asked since he only explained to his friends the trick behind it.

“Lily did it,” Kate replied.

“I suppose that is fine…” Billy said.

“With this, I can protect myself, right?” Kate asked.

“Yes… and?” Billy frowned.

“Now I don’t have to worry about my safety all that much, and I can travel around the world,” Kate said.

“I see… you truly want to make your father become sick and worried,” Billy said.

“It is not that… I spent all my life in that house and in that room…” Kate said. “I know nothing of the world. I won’t throw away this chance that I received.”

Kate wanted to spread her wings and fly away like a caged bird. While Billy could understand that, he also was old enough to realize that such a thing would cause problems to others.. She was the daughter of the head of a new state, and the people of Heinhall state became famous after doing something pretty underhanded… it was clear that she would become the target of many people.


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