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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 80: Arranged Marriage (4) Bahasa Indonesia

The girl was still sleeping, even though it was close to noon. Billy had expected that she had to sleep a lot, but not that much because of her disease. Nevertheless, she had shoulder length red hair and a bit of unhealthy pale skin. She was also pretty thin, even though she was pretty tall. Her face seemed quite delicate… if she were from Earth, she probably would have become a top world model. Billy frowned since she didn’t look even a little bit with Edward.

“If she had black hair, she would look like snow white…” Billy frowned while thinking about that.

“My apologies, she will wake up soon,” Edward said. “I like to arrive a bit sooner to make her feel less uneasy.”

“No, it is fine,” Billy said.

While looking around the room, Billy didn’t find many things. While the girl didn’t have a contagious disease, the room seemed like a place where healers left sick people in. There was no trace of personality in the room. There was the bed, a table with a jug of water and wooden cup, some medicines and a box with clothes. When Billy looked at the medicina, he wondered… he never tried to use his powers in medicines… not like he had the chance to touch them so far. He was thinking of making her learn Recovery, but raising the effectiveness of medicine might work as well.

“Dad?” The girl suddenly opened her eyes and asked.

“Yes, I am here, Kate,” Edward said. “Good morning, how are you feeling today?”

“I am feeling good… it seems you brought someone today,” Kate said while tilting her head. “Are you the famous Billy? You are pretty small.”

“… I am twelve,” Billy frowned. “You are just too tall.”

“Hahaha, you are like my Dad said,” Kate said after laughing a little.

Billy looked at Edward hoping to hear what he had told his daughter about him, but the old man just shrugged. Honestly… Edward was causing so much trouble to Billy… Regardless, as if Billy wasn’t there, Edward decided to tell his daughter about the events of their mission when they visited Vergena City. While Edward was having fun, Billy and the others attacked and captured an enemy captain and that caused the end of the campaign. The details were so high in number that it almost looked like Edward had been in there, but he probably just asked the tribes’ leaders about every single thing to make the story more vivid to his daughter.

“Well, then, I am going to work because we are planning another trip to Hiloh state,” Edward said. “Have fun.”

“Damn, old man… don’t say such misleading things,” Billy said.

“… I am sorry, about all this,” Kate said with her head down. “Because I am like this, Dad has to think and do many things while considering his legacy and the town. Thanks to that, I ended up causing trouble to you.”

“Nah, it is fine,” Billy said. “I spent a few days in another state and arranged marriages are something normal. Things are different here because the tribes opposed each other for a long time.”

“Dad said the same thing, that is why he decided to bring this topic to you now,” Kate said. “Anyway, I will apologize to you in advance if this whole situation causes problems for your friends.”

“My friends? How so?” Billy Frowned.

“I heard that you have some close friends, Lily, Natalie, and Sarah,” Kate said.

“Oh, them? Sarah isn’t a friend, though?” Billy said. “As for Lily, she is an airhead and another friend of mine is already interested in her, as for Natalie, she is a muscle head who only wants to become stronger. Besides, they are all kids.”

“Aren’t they older than you?” Kate asked.

“Just in theory,” Billy Replied.

Billy never even considered the idea of having a romantic relationship with them, the mental age difference was just too high, but after living for a few years in that world, Billy realized that the rate of widows was pretty low… he would have a hard time finding a wife that is at least ten years older than him.

“I see… so you will be fine even if you wait for a few more years,” Kate said. “While it might make things a bit difficult for you, you will find another partner eventually.”

“… So, you already accepted everything, huh,” Billy said.

“It is easier that way,” Kate said while forcing a smile. “Some things can’t just be avoided… Besides, I wouldn’t want my Dad to waste away his entire life searching for a cure for this, he already tried to heal my Mom for many years.”

“I suppose… it is kind of amazing that he managed to become the leader of this town despite that,” Billy said. “My image of Edward is a bit… he isn’t supposed to be skilled.”

“… Despite the situation, I would like you to refrain from talking poorly of him,” Kate said with a serious expression on her face that was a bit concerning.

“I wasn’t, though?” Billy Frowned.

Kate was a girl of many masks. When her father was around, she would show one that made him think that everyone was fine as it is. He was such a good actress that made even Edward give up on hope. If his daughter was fine with it, should he keep searching for a cure and give her false hope whenever something fails to help her. However, when he left, Kate showed a more somber mask. She didn’t want to lie and fool someone who she was already bound to cause problems too. Although that was already troubling, she decided to be completely honest to Billy. She had another mask, or maybe it was the usual face that she showed when she wanted to let go all of her feelings… she showed just that to Billy when she assumed that he bad-mouthed her father.. An expression of anger, despair, helplessness, and… a bit of grief.


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