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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 782: Pride Bahasa Indonesia

Uvish thought that Billy was bluffing. Even if he couldn’t feel him using mana, he probably just came up with another trick to hide that. Still, it was hard to think that way while looking at Billy’s eyes… Perhaps it would be better to take him more seriously in order to prevent unpleasant surprises. That was what his reason told him, but Uvish only wanted to play with the enemy.

Uvish increased the size of his Aura yet again and flew toward Billy. This time, his speed surpassed the enemy, and then he managed to swing the glaive toward his neck…

Blocking wasn’t a good idea; dodging wasn’t an option either, so Billy just clapped his hands to create a powerful shockwave that sent the enemy and the enemy moving away.

“You are terrible at using that. It makes me cringe someone so bad using my weapon,” Billy said. “Just put it on the ground since it is a waste of time, and I promise not to use it against you.

Uvish got pissed and threw the weapon at Billy, and with his current Aura, he threw it so fast that it felt that the weapon suddenly appeared in front of Billy’s head. Still, all of a sudden, Billy’s arms suddenly appeared, grabbing the blade of the weapon. He wasn’t supposed to be that fast…

“This is much better,” Billy said and threw the glaive to a portal and then closed it. “This doesn’t count as using magic to fight, right?”

Uvish furrowed his eyebrows. Instead of improving that skill by one level, it seemed that Billy added several layers to make it hard to grasp. Still, if he wasn’t using mana, then it made things easier to understand. Regardless, Uvish was determined to unravel the mysteries of that technique.

Uvish charged toward Billy and began to punch him after slowing down a bit. Billy moved his arms to block the quick sequence of attacks, and Uvish felt like he was punching a thick wall of titanium. Even those thin arms looked too sturdy…

Uvish increased the speed of his attacks while he kept watching Billy closely, and then all of a sudden, he got punched in the face. This time, Uvish was pushed only for a few meters, and then he touched his face. Once again, Billy suddenly became a lot faster… He couldn’t understand how since he could see him using Chi, Rage, and Stamina control to improve his body. Still, he was doing far more than those skills should let him…

The expression of enjoyment disappeared from Uvish’s face. It has been thousands of years since the last time something puzzled him like that… Regardless, Uvish charged again after increasing the power of his Aura. He still could do that a few times before he had to rely on mana to recover his energy.

Uvish attacks made the air around Billy vibrate and pushed him backward more and more. All of a sudden, he tried to kick Billy’s chin, but he dodged to the side. The pressure of his attack had been so powerful that it dispersed the dark clouds in the sky dozens of kilometers above them.

In the next moment, Uvish used Palm Cannon, and the powerful shockwave made Billy fly away. Before he could even slow down, Uvish passed above him and prepared to attack his back. However, before he could see what happened, Uvish got kicked in the face…

The attack made the enemy fly and crossed several mountains after hitting them and making them collapse instantly. Once again, Uvish was on the ground staring at the sky in disbelief… He was certain now. Billy increased his speed without using mana, and he also was playing with him.

Uvish suddenly got up and stopped holding back. Practically instantly, he appeared behind Billy several kilometers above and then punched the back of his neck. Billy was hit and sent downward to the crater and increasing its size. While he was wobbling to get up. Uvish kicked him and made him collide against the wall of the crater and create a tunnel while he was pushed to the sheer power of the attack.

Each of Uvish’s punches made the entire world tremble. The shockwave created by them created paths after knocking down all the dead trees in that direction. At the same time, the skies were getting free of the clouds, but the atmosphere only looked more ominous, as if it represented his fury.

Without approaching, Uvish punched the space in front of him and created a vacuum that flew toward Billy and kept him pushing underground. Despite that, Uvish couldn’t feel much feedback from his attacks. It was a given that he wouldn’t be able to do that with long-ranged attacks, but he could tell that Billy was taking much damage.

Despite that, Uvish kept punching the air and pushing Billy away, preventing him from going anywhere or doing anything. At some point, Billy was hundreds of kilometers away, and Uvish’s attacks stopped being effective, so he had to get closer.

Uvish, even if he had to lose all his blood, he wouldn’t throw away his pride first by using magic. So, he approached while running. He regretted that…

Uvish didn’t drop his guard, so when he felt Billy approaching, he raised his arms to protect himself. Once again, he didn’t see him moving or attacking, but he felt the impact on his arms, and they cracked. While he was being pushed backward, Uvish realized that Billy could have punched whenever he wanted. Still, he decided to let the enemy block his attack. It didn’t help much since Uvish felt them cracking, and before he could recover, Billy attacked again.

The next time, Billy punched the enemy in the chin and made him go upward. After opening another tunnel while his body was moving due to the attack. Uvish eventually reached the stratosphere… it happened so fast from his perspective that he felt that he had used Time Skip without realizing it.


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