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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 773: After you Bahasa Indonesia

Although Billy was getting more and more impatient, he endured. Thanks to that, he had some new ideas. It was a bit risky, but to increase his powers even further, he decided to turn that body into a dungeon core, or at least one that had similar effects. While the spirits didn’t want him to challenge their authority in that place, Billy could counter their powers as long as he used Personal Domain.

“As far as I can tell, making a human body become something like a dungeon core is very dangerous, but it will grant me similar powers to a ruler,” Billy thought. “To face Uvish and to speed up my progress here, I can’t find any other solution to the problem that is my magical power.”

Billy also thought of a way to improve his physical abilities. Still, he only had the theory down, and he didn’t know if he could pull that off yet. That being said, he wondered if he could do the same thing with his extra health and stamina as he could do with mana… make his body absorb it for real, and then become stronger.

In a sense, it would be like what some vampires do… feed on others to get stronger, but Billy would only use his own vitality to get stronger. Under normal situations, that was supposed to be impossible since living beings can’t grow or get stronger by themselves. However, Chi made things different.

“Focus… one step at a time,” Billy thought. “Becoming a core is a troublesome and dangerous process, so I will leave that one for later. It is time to become strong enough and trash this place and open space-time portals with my bare hands if I have to…”

Billy sat cross-legged on the floor, and then he began to meditate. At the same time, he also used Rage and Body Enhancement. It didn’t take long for the skills to begin to bother his body quite a bit and tire him out. Still, instead of worrying about that, Billy analyzed the whole thing.

After deactivating and activating those skills several times in a row, Billy noticed their effects on that body. It was a lot tougher than expected… Billy’s real body could recover a lot faster, and when he tried to absorb the energy, he only made it disperse… Billy never learned any skill to restore stamina, after all. As for his health… it didn’t do much aside from increasing his strength and endurance.

After a long while, Billy realized that it was impossible… at least with that body. His control when it came to physical skills was limited, and only his magic could be used freely because it relied on his spirit. Fortunately, not everything was lost since he stored a large amount of energy… if he unleashes it in a single moment, he probably will wipe out half of the human continent, and Uvish won’t resist that.

“The real problem is that he has my techniques and spells… he can counter a direct attack,” Billy thought. “I can’t destroy that world by fighting him, so I will have to bring the fight to somewhere else… if I have to destroy both bodies to win this fight, so be it.”

Billy began to focus and then made his body absorb all the mana that he had stored. It didn’t take long for his body to emit that pale blue aura. Billy felt his body getting lighter and his magic power increasing, but he didn’t stop there. He began to crystalize the mana inside him…

When that happened, the atmosphere inside the tower began to change again. This time he saw a dazzlingly light taking over the entire place, and pretty much like the first aura, it began to wound Billy’s body and spirit. However, those effects disappeared when he used his Personal Domain. He also managed to see three spheres approaching from above. One dark, one white, and one gray. Billy could feel the presence of the spirits there…

“Ah, you guys aren’t going to stop me now…” Billy said.

“You are foolish in thinking that you will destroy our hideout; you are only hurrying to your death.”

“Human, what do you expect to accomplish when you don’t even have your real body?”

“You are not strong enough, and such technique will only destroy your body and soul. Those two sent you here to buy you time and think of a way to defeat Uvish once and for all. You shouldn’t throw away the chance they gave you so readily.”

“Sorry, but I don’t have time for you guys,” Billy said. “While I am here, who knows what he might be plotting and doing to my family? I realize that even if one of you is the spirit of the time, you can’t stop time completely from flowing unless you have all the mana in the world and you are in that world. At best, you would be able to slow down time. The death and life spirit also said that you could travel through time and space, but if you can’t do that to change the past and Uvish, then your powers can be toppled by mine.”


“Such arrogance.”

“Not even two human lifetimes were enough to make you understand how small you are. You have thus far relied on others and your hard work, but now you can rely on your recklessness to come up with ideas that will only hasten you to your death. Your actions also show your weak and foolish your species are. Perhaps you all indeed should come to an end.”

“Grand words for someone who stayed hidden here for so long and just watched everything,” Billy said.

“… As our final action, we will eliminate all traces of you from our planet. Regret your actions and thoughts in the afterlife.”

“After you,” Billy said.

Billy couldn’t afford to lose anymore, so he focused his senses to their utmost limits.


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