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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 766: Trap (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Most likely, the enemies used that time to think of some strategies to deal with Billy once he attacked them. Still, he couldn’t just watch them keep doing that… large attacks like those not only changes the battlefield too much, but they also damage the barrier and shows more of it that can be attacked…

In any case, Billy prepared to fly toward them as fast as he could when he saw all of the enemies that could fly, making a line to stop him. While it would be minimal, all of them would make the power of Billy’s attack decrease, and if he fails at killing them, he will need some extra time to do all that.

“Let’s see… I guess I can do that,” Billy thought.

Billy approached the barrier normally, and all the enemies raised their guard. Still, they couldn’t help but frown when they saw him assuming a throwing stance… using his weapon like that was rather stupid since it was one of the few in the world that could withstand his power.

In the end, the rulers accepted the challenge and then assumed their stance to block the attack. Billy poured a lot of energy into the attack, but only in the final moment, and he smirked and then threw the glaive.

The rulers used their best attacks to stop the weapon instead of trying to destroy it. From their perspective, half of the damage caused by the former attack was thanks to their weapon. That way of thinking had been the second mistake… When the glaive got close enough, the weapon suddenly transformed into Billy, and in the blink of an eye, the clone used all of its mana to explode, creating a massive field thanks to the power of Niflheim. In the next moment, a massive sphere of ice appeared in the sky and froze all of the rulers.

It didn’t take long for the sphere to begin to crack. Although the clone used all of its mana, it was only natural that the area of effect spell wouldn’t hold them forever. Still, during that short window of time, Billy recovered his true glaive and then flew toward the sphere. His powerful charge made him pass through the sphere instantly, even before it could fall to the ground, and during that, he cut the necks of three of the rulers.

You received 160.000.000 experience points.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You received 145.000.000 experience points.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

Before Billy could turn around to finish the others, the sphere suddenly exploded, and the four remaining enemies tried to escape. However, a massive lightning bolt fell from the sky and electrocuted them. Even though Billy didn’t warn anyone, Sarah worked fast to help, and she hadn’t been the only one.

A supersonic arrow crossed the battlefield and then hit the heart of one of the rulers, and after a short while, he fell dead on the ground. That guy was armed with a pretty thick hammer, and he looked like the evolved form of the previous guy armed with an ax, but even his defenses didn’t save him.

The next one to die had been a woman armed with two crossbows in her arms, he didn’t see her fighting, but she sure was fast to run away. Not faster than Alexander and Natalie, who used Gungnir and Durandal to fire a powerful beam of energy toward her. Since she showed her back to them, she didn’t have the chance to escape… her upper body was separated from her half.

As for the two remaining enemies. Weirdly enough, they were two warriors. One was a purple lizardman armed with a spear, and another was a fully armored guy armed with a sword and shield. Billy had no idea what he was since his entire body was covered in the armor, even his face. Still, before they could escape, Billy created a gravity field that pushed them downward.

They eventually fell to the ground, and at the same time, Icarus showed up to help. Billy didn’t need it, but it would be better if they hurried up before Uvish turned the others into zombies. As soon as Billy canceled the gravity field, he charged at the armored guy. The enemy hid behind his shield, but he kept his eyes on Billy. His weapon swung in a wide range, and Billy hit the enemy cleanly. Still, he felt that something was off since he didn’t feel much of the impact… Nevertheless, the enemy was sent flying to the distance.

“Use the bodies,” Billy said to Meryl via telepathy.

Billy charged toward him and attacked him even before he could land. However, the swing and impact of the blade felt weird again. At the last moment, he saw the enemy bending his knee and then moving it as if he had jumped backward… that explained things. It was a simple but useful technique to avoid the full impact of attacks. Still, the enemy got in a bind when Billy used Light Spear, but the enemy blocked the impact of the attack cleanly again…

Despite that, all of a sudden, the enemy began to fly toward him, and his speed was surreal… Instead of a big swing, Billy thrust his spear forward to impale his head. However, in the next moment. He suddenly hit the shield with his sword, and a massive flash of light covered the area.

Billy jumped backward since he couldn’t see or sense anything, but then his body was pushed toward the enemy. Nothing really happened, but then the flash of light disappeared, and Billy found himself shocked in disbelief… he was staring at himself, smirking…

“As usual, thank you for your hard work,”

Billy didn’t even have time to realize what happened, but deep down, he already knew… Uvish took over his body just like that. Before he could do anything, two powerful forces collided against him from the sides and compressed him into a small cage of space magic…


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