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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 761: More questions Bahasa Indonesia

Billy had planned to target the other rulers and kill at least two more, but then he saw that all of them approached each other to prevent any more losses. That was smart of their part… it was also surprising considering that beings like that usually wouldn’t work together because of their massive pride, but they probably had been warned… to do exactly that or be greedy as usual and lose everything in exchange. There was also a chance that they became like that after watching the battle, but Billy doubted that.

“Well, now… what should I do?” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“You’d better not think of fighting all of them alone,” Kate said and pulled Billy’s left ear.

“That is right. While you didn’t get wounded before, doing that would be insanity,” Sarah said and pulled the other ear.

“I think you should go and take us with you,” Natalie said and made Billy fall on his knees by kicking their back. “I want to do some good exercise, and I can’t see a better option than this.”

Billy sighed. He couldn’t be unreasonable, and otherwise, he would give room for his wives to be as well. Regardless, now that they had three zombie rulers on their side, they had some leisure to calm down and watch things during the battle.

“All right, I will step back for a short while and return to my preparations,” Billy thought.

Although he said that, Billy stayed near the barrier and kept glaring at the enemies while stealing their experience and mana. They got really annoyed when they noticed that and then decided to attack with all their might the barrier. Unfortunately for them, Billy decreases the power of each of their attacks by stealing their energy.

“I guess I can finally say that I have mastered my innate skill now that I can even steal the energy of some attacks,” Billy thought.

After that, the rulers of the enemy army decided to step back and let the infantry fight against each other. Although the result of that was pretty obvious, thanks to the barrier and the spirit of life’s powers, they insisted for several hours. When it was noon, Billy was certain that the enemies were up to no good…

“Are they waiting for us to get tired?” Billy thought. “We are using everyone that can fight, so our fighting force will decrease. We have to stop to rest and eat…”

Meryl was summoning as many skeletons and zombies as she could, but she wasn’t faster than Uvish. So, for every three corpses, she would manage to use her powers on three… in the end, Billy decided to call the leaders of the groups that were working and leading the frontlines.

“I don’t know how, but it seems that Uvish convinced all those people to sacrifice all of the inhabitants of their planets to stop us, even if they have to lose one hundred times more people,” Billy said. “With that in mind, we need to start thinking for the long run. You all should split your forces accordingly and fight in turns.”

“What are the chances of the enemy having even more soldiers than he has sent?” Drew asked.

“Pretty high, Uvish made around twenty worlds approach our own,” Billy replied. “All of them seems full of life, so they should have a lot more soldiers to spare. Still, a long battle will make the barrier more powerful, but we need to consider the resources that we will need to feed everyone here. We have a stock of dragons hearts, but…”

“Stretching the battle for too long will be dangerous,” Svan said. “We barbarians like our meat, so we will need a lot to fight properly. Putting that aside, the longer we fight, the more people we will lose.”

Even with the Protection of the spirit of life, some soldiers died when their brains or hearts sustained enough damage. So, Billy was very aware of that…

“I know that we are on the defending side, but we should try to get some chances to wipe out as many of them as possible,” Alessandro said. “Not only will that make things easier in the future, it will also boost our morale and decrease theirs in the short term.”

“Do you have any idea how to do that?” Billy asked.

“Nope, this is kind of battle is a first for us,” Alessandro said while forcing a smile. “So, I won’t have much confidence in my proposals.”

“… I will do something about that when the time comes,” Billy said. “When things get messy, I will send help. In the meantime, you guys should keep the morale of your troops right.”

The barbarians and the archers hurried because the enemies were their regions. At that moment, Billy used his magic to enhance the core of the base by using Strength Support and Dexterity Support. A wave of magic passed through the whole city and gave power to everyone inside… Billy made the core lose some mana, but at least it tremendously boosted thousands of soldiers’ strength and dexterity.

Once they noticed that, Billy’s allies began to attack the enemies even more furiously. He imagined that he could use such a method thanks to the spirits, but it didn’t seem likely they would have to spend as much mana as him. In any case, the effects of his buffs couldn’t last forever. Still, they sure caused a lot of damage and even forced the enemies to retreat since, from their perspective, their enemies suddenly got a lot stronger.

For the first time since the start of the battle, the enemies took a break from attacking like they had no mind. While it cost a lot for Billy, it cost a lot more for the enemies during those few minutes of battle. They needed to use their heads better… otherwise, they would be wiped against an enemy much smaller than them.

“I guess that they aren’t being controlled, but that only raises more questions…” Billy thought.


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