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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 760: Wrong target? Bahasa Indonesia

The other two enemies tried to surround him, but Billy flew and targeted the one armed with two knives before they could do that. That ruler was a slender man that had bat wings, pointy ears, and a body covered with dark fur, but Billy ignored all that; he only attacked because he thought that it would be easier to kill him first.

The enemy used both daggers to block Billy’s attacks, and while his defense wasn’t penetrated, the sheer power of the attack sent him down, and he landed in the middle of his army. The impact raised a massive curtain of dust and opened a crater as well. Still, before the enemy could recover, Billy approached and swung his glaive toward the enemy’s neck. Still, the enemy blocked the attack, and then Billy felt something hitting his neck and pushing him backward…

“That was… Reflect?” Billy thought. “

He didn’t feel the enemy mana being used, so it must have been the effect of the weapon… It was weird for a weapon like that to have that kind of ability, but it would be good to surprise the enemies. In any case, Billy loses the chance to kill one of the enemies, and the nearest ones are trying to surround him.

“It can’t be helped…” Billy thought. “I didn’t want to use that so soon, but…”

Before Billy could be surrounded, he dashed toward the dagger man again with his glaive in hand. Once again, he used his weapons to assume a defensive stance, but Billy threw his glaive at the enemy, and when he blocked the attack, Billy used Flash. The enemy prepared to slice his throat, but in the next moment, the enemy suddenly was paralyzed while feeling a shocking pain in his left chest. When he looked at that, he saw Billy’s arm in there, and before he pulled it, he smashed the enemy’s heart.

You received 150.000.000 experience points.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

Before the enemies could surround him, Billy increased his speed to the limits and then brought that corpse to where Meryl was.

“Turn him into a zombie. It will be annoying if Uvish revives them again and again,” Billy said.

“Right…” Meryl said while looking like she didn’t enjoy the idea a lot. “Why is your hand dirty with blood instead of your weapon?”

“I tried something new, and I can’t explain since the others might be listening,” Billy said.

“Billy! You were supposed to fight only later!” Kate suddenly approached and then said.

“We can’t risk them damaging the barrier too much,” Billy said. “As long as I am out there, they will focus on me. At least the rulers will. So, focus on killing their minions. That will increase the mana level of the area and thus of the barrier.”

“All right, but be careful out there,” Kate said.

“Don’t worry, they won’t even scratch me,” Billy said.

Billy’s current goal was to turn the rulers into zombies. Even with half of their powers, they should increase the power on their side tremendously. In any case, Billy had to choose his next target, and he found the mage returning. Unfortunately, two other rulers approached that guy when Billy looked at him.

“Fighting three at the same time will take too long…” Billy thought. “I have to split them up…”

Billy flew toward the enemy without hiding his bloodlust. Thanks to that, those three got even closer to ganging up on him… things went as Billy had predicted. All of a sudden, Billy increased his speed and moved to the left side of the enemies. When they turned around to face him, they were welcomed by a massive Gungnir. The blast of energy sent them flying downward and in different directions. They didn’t suffer much damage since the attack hadn’t been a direct one, but Billy reached his goal.

Billy flew toward the mage and then, once again, infused a lot of mana in his right hand to make it semi-ethereal. That was how he managed to kill the first guy so fast. His hand passed through his knives and even his arms. Unfortunately, when Billy’s hand passes through the barrier, the enemy suddenly moved insanely fast after enveloping his body with electricity. In the blink of an eye, he was three kilometers above Billy and charging a powerful lightning bolt.

“Did I choose the wrong target?” Billy thought.

At some point, Billy thought that he could use something like that to enhance his speed, but it probably would wound him… unless he had the right physiology. It seemed that the enemy had that… Regardless, the enemy fired the massive lightning bolt and smirked since it was impossible for Billy to dodge that, even with his speed. However, much to his surprise, the lightning bolt disappeared, and only the area around Billy had been damaged. He stopped the attack with both hands and didn’t suffer any damage. At least, that was what the enemy was thinking.

The truth was that Billy used his arms to become ethereal, and then he used his Personal Domain. Things went even better than he had planned… he completely drained the mana of the attack.

Before Billy could do anything with the mana, the other rulers surrounded him and aimed for his neck. Billy was almost impaled by a sword and spear. Still, he made those two fall by using Gravity Manipulation, using all the mana he just got. The ground around began to crack, and the enemies started to sink underground. Before he could lose that chance, Billy approached them and then impaled them with his glaive and with a copy made of mana. Before the enemies could truly die, Billy approached Meryl again. Only after that they died.

You received 150.000.000 experience points.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You received 130.000.000 experience points.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.

You have leveled up.


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