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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 758: Taking the matter in their hands (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy watched Icarus start to fight the suspicious elf. The enemy got punched a few times and then decided to fly to gain some advantage over him. Icarus flew as well, but while he didn’t lose much of his speed, his attacks became kind of obvious, and the enemy was no pushover. The elf finally summoned a bow and fired some arrows.

Icarus thrust on the defense of the armor, but he didn’t consider that the arrow would have some suspicious effects. Thanks to it, he got heavier and heavier.

“Dumbass, I added some gravity Resistance, but you can’t be hit so many times in a row,” Billy thought.

Since Billy was leveling up his Rage, he felt really compelled to join the fight, but he couldn’t make his move now. He had to keep an eye on the whole battlefield… Now that one of the champions on the enemy side showed up, the other creatures around the barrier got even more excited to attack. Eventually, other floating islands showed up, and then from it, thousands of elves appeared and dashed to attack the barrier with bows and arrows. Their range was almost as long as Meryl and Lily’s.

“Shit… my opinion on elves has dropped considerably,” Billy said.

Billy wondered why Uvish never let some elves live in that world. He wouldn’t have minded if one of his wives were an elf… Still, that was beyond the point. Billy saw a rain of powerful arrows falling on the barrier, and the mana of the core finally reached a point where it was using most of its mana just to keep standing.

Fortunately, Lily and Meryl reacted fast and then headed to the eastern side of the barrier and began to attack the enemies. Meryl enhanced the speed of her arrow with one of her innate skills, and Lily did the same by using lightning magic. The enemies began to be hit, but most of them were fast enough to move and avoid the area of impact of the arrows.

Eventually, Alessandro and his men also joined that side to attack the enemies. Thanks to the recent training that they did a few weeks ago, their range had increased a lot, and by using Fierce Aura as well, their arrows could reach the enemies six hundred meters away.

“Good, I guess I won’t have to intervene…” Billy said.

“It looks like you want to transform your body as well,” the death spirit said. “Still, using those skills at the same time might as well damage your body beyond repair.”

“No pain, no gain,” Billy said. “Those who aren’t willing to risk their lives will never reach their true potential. Besides, I am fighting against someone that lived almost one hundred times more than me; I need to use everything in power and every single option available to surpass him once and for all.”

At that point in time, it became clear that Billy also wanted a technique to make his physical parameters reach the limits as he did with his spirit. Those techniques were very different from one another, but ultimately, they would let Billy reach the apex in their fields. He only wished that he could obtain a minimal amount of cooperation from the other spirits. Still, he couldn’t exactly count on that. It was a too unpredictable factor.

When Billy got back on track again on the preparations, he felt more enemies coming… he sighed, but that only made him more pissed. It was hard to stop himself from going berserk when he was using Emotional Control to the limits. Regardless, Billy saw several more floating islands landing and even more enemies approaching. One of them was powerful enough to fly high in the sky and then cast several lightning bolts on the barrier… Billy didn’t even bother checking the statuses, and he knew that he wouldn’t see anything…

Although Billy told them not to fight, Billy still saw a massive ice spear flying toward that enemy. It was clear as day that Sarah was the one who did that, and then in the next moment, a massive tornado emerged from the ground and then moved toward the minions of that guy… that one had been Kate.

“I will die from a heart attack at this rate…” Billy thought while massaging his eyebrows.

“They are inside the barrier, so why are you so worried?” The life spirit asked.

“They are pregnant, all three of them. Pregnant women should be fighting, much less killing alien enemies,” Billy replied while clenching his teeth. “I need to do something about this.”

“You should clear your head first before doing that since Rage is messing with your head,” The death spirit said. “I am quite interested in how you will develop your next technique, but I wonder if it won’t turn you into an unreasonable green monster…”

Billy didn’t plan that far ahead yet. For now, he just wanted to unlock his true physical potential. Besides, even if he lost his mind, he knew that he wouldn’t do anything against his family and friends. All of his anger was being directed at a single person who caused trouble to him time and time again after using him for decades and treating him like a guinea pig.

In any case, after a while, those skills reached a level that made Billy emit red steam even while he was sitting in a relaxed position. Naturally, the red steam was because some of his blood was evaporating through his pores. It looked like that would be the demerit of the next skill…

“Having to deal with this will be a pain, so I need to think of a way to… ah, come on…” Billy said and then facepalmed when he saw another group of enemies landing on the planet. “Give me a break, you fucking asshole!”

Before Billy could do something about it, he saw a huge-ass gorilla approaching with an ax. At the same time, a small army of slightly smaller gorillas was following him. In the next moment, Billy saw his parents and siblings moving to face those guys. They knew that Billy’s barrier couldn’t be attacked that often, so they took the matter into their own hands…


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