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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 757: New Barrier (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Just… What are you… How could you create an ever-growing barrier that can envelop the entire planet?” The life spirit asked.

“I am someone who used all my time in this world meaningfully and never took things for granted while I was learning more and more, that is all,” Billy said. “Unlike Uvish, I am not determined to live forever. As long as I can protect my family and friends and let them live peaceful lives, then I will be fine. He probably never thought of doing something like this because his Greed and power clouded his judgment.”

“As long as people exist, this world will have mana, and as long mana exists in this world, the barrier will exist… This is practically perfect,” the death spirit said. “Still, you could have done something perfect if you had decided to take the mana of everyone inside as well.”

“I am not planning on doing that unless it is absolutely necessary,” Billy said. “The people inside will need their mana to fight, after all.”

Billy couldn’t relax yet because he knew that the enemy still had some cards that he could use. Now he could focus on the next plan without worrying too much about his allies that were fighting. The situation wasn’t out of hand yet, but he needed to be careful and play his cards in the right way. Otherwise, a single problem might happen that will escalate and change the whole battle.

“I should add some of my power to the core, and that will make the barrier damage the enemies,” the death spirit said.

“Won’t that wound our people when they cross it as well?” Billy asked.

“I can control my powers enough to make it only wound the alien creatures on this planet,” the death spirit said.

“The demi-humans were originally aliens, right?” Billy asked while recalling that his spirit also is alien to that world.

“You worry too much, and I can damage everyone that wants to kill the people of this world, satisfied?” The death spirit asked.

“I guess that is better,” Billy said.

Billy returned to the top of his home and then watched the battle happening on all sides. He could see the barrier growing steadily, so the enemies weren’t causing anywhere enough damage compared to the mana the barrier was draining. It was pretty satisfying to use Uvish tools against him… It was thanks to his allies that he brought that there was so much mana around, after all.

“I guess I will share some of my power with that core as well…” The life spirit said.

“Your voice is so filled with energy that I feel like I can do everything, even swimming on the ground,” Billy said.

“Shut up…” the life spirit said. “Anyway, isn’t it about time for the other three to wake up?”

“I think so… But it is hard to tell what they are thinking, so it might take a while for that to happen,” the death spirit said.

After the life spirit shared her energy with the core, everyone inside began to feel a lot better. The only downside of their help was the fact that their powers used the mana or the core. Thus, making its growth slow down considerably… Still, that was something that couldn’t be helped. Making the barrier grow was easy. Making the population growth if they are decimated will take hundreds of years. They couldn’t let another reset happen when that world had already got invaded so many times and some enemies managed to escape. They could return and make use of the situation in their favor. That would be more than a little bit troublesome…

“Billy, it seems that we can no longer only count on the demi-humans to fight the zombies,” Drew suddenly appeared and said. “Your barrier is helping a lot, but their numbers keep increasing… Unless they are smashed to a pulp, the other creatures rise as zombies.”

“It can’t be helped, I guess…” Billy said. “Is there any side that is suffering too much damage?”

“So far, no,” Drew replied. “But we are only fighting their minions, right?”

“Yes… Eventually, the real troublemakers will show up, but we can’t let everyone know that yet,” Billy said.

Billy’s family and friends were fine thanks to his armors, they didn’t suffer any scratches so far, but once they entered the liches’ range of attack, even minor shocks could cause problems. Despite those worries, Billy kept working on his next plan… even while his bones and muscles felt like they were being ripped apart.

“I can’t control time yet, but I guess I can use that to speed things up,” Billy thought and then used Blood Manipulation.

Billy used Blood Manipulation to make the blood flow in his body faster, and he could tell his body was working a bit better. Since the skill was at a low level, he could only do so much. Still, the skill improved, and eventually, Billy started to feel like the flow of time had slowed down… It was barely apparent, though. Regardless, at this point in time, he would use everything in his favor to achieve what he wanted.

While Billy was thinking about that, he suddenly felt a powerful Aura crossing the stratosphere. In the next moment, Billy’s harrier was hit by something really powerful. He furrowed his eyebrows when he saw a blond-haired man who had pointy ears landing there and attacking the barrier. Putting that aside, he looked really cool since he was using jade green armor that had a pair of wings on his back.

“An elf?” Billy thought and then used Appraisal.

???- Lv ???

HP: ???/ ???

MP: ???/ ???

SP: ???/ ???

Strength: ???

Speed: ???

Magic: ???

Endurance: ???

Dexterity: ???

Status Points: ???

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????

Spells:????, ????, ????, ????

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????

Skill Points: ????,

It has been a while since Billy saw that… In any case, his friends probably couldn’t take that guy, so Billy prepared to fight but much to his surprise, Icarus flew toward the enemy.

“Leave this to me,” Icarus said. “Save your energy when he shows up.”


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