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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 756: New Barrier (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“How is that the short version? Are you stupid?” The life spirit asked.

Billy sighed. Dealing with that spirit was exhausting, but in the end, it was better to explain things instead of leaving them in the dark. It also would give him some time to think things through.

“Keeping your physical body while obtaining a method to surpass our powers isn’t something that even Uvish accomplished… if you drop your guard, he will use all means necessary to take your body,” The death spirit said.

“That was within my expectations since he is a parasite that uses others to cultivate his powers,” Billy said. “Nevertheless, now I have to put the next plan into motion.”

Billy could see that the zombies, ice trolls, flying spearmen, and other creatures were attacking the barrier, but not for long. Everyone inside and even their attacks could cross the barrier without losing any power and easily destroy the enemies. So, the amount of damage that the people were receiving was minimal.

“I am going to rest for a bit. Things are under control here, so that it will be fine,” Billy said and then headed to his home.

However, before that could happen, Billy suddenly felt a wave of energy passing through his body and reinvigorating him. After not so long, he felt that his body and spirit were a lot better than before.

“What did you do?” Billy asked. “Even my healing spells couldn’t do much about that.”

“Don’t compare my skills with your half-assed ones,” the life spirit said.

“My skills aren’t half-assed… they are fucking raw!” Billy said.

“I don’t know why you suddenly got so excited, but that only makes you sound even dumber,” the life spirit said.

“Never mind that. If you are willing to help now, help the others to prevent deaths with your magic,” Billy said. “Right now, probably everyone outside this barrier is being exterminated, so we can’t afford to let any more of them be killed.”

“You should listen to him…” the death spirit said.

“Why are you so concerned about other people’s lives when you are the spirit of death?” The life spirit asked.

“That isn’t a position that I took because I wanted… by now, you should have realized that people’s lives are already too short,” the death spirit said. “Then they don’t need any more factors to shorten their lifespan.”

From her perspective, the death spirit was supposed to be a lot gloomier and darker than that. Still, as someone who only knew darkness and death most of the time, he was easily influenced by those who showed him any light in his life… nevertheless, the life spirit decided to help a bit since giving life was her main function.

Using Billy’s body as the epicenter, the life spirit fired a wave of energy in all directions. Those who were exhausted or had some wounds had their bodies healed… the effects were relatively small. Still, considering that they affected everyone in the city, it was really impressive…

With that in mind, Billy decided to return to his work, but then he changed his mind when the whole atmosphere began to tremble. Billy recalled that they had forgotten something very important… Uvish didn’t have to rely solely on the portals to send his troops.

Billy looked upward and eventually saw numerous floating islands moving toward the area. They weren’t crazy enough to throw those at Billy’s barrier, but they still landed nearby while causing earthquakes. After that, thousands of enemies jumped from them and dashed toward the capital.

The death spirit didn’t even try to stop them since enemies of that level could easily survive the fall. Attacking one at a time wouldn’t help either… The best way for him to do anything would be by getting closer and using his Aura.

In any case, Billy could see a lot more species showing up… Billy wondered what Uvish promised them to work with him… It wasn’t like an ethereal being like him had deep pockets.

“I guess the barrier won’t last for as long as I had planned now…” Billy said.

Thousands of enemies were landing, and Billy could tell that Uvish was planning to use the population of numerous worlds to destroy the inhabitants of his own. That guy really was messed up in the head… At that point In time, it felt like he only wanted to save himself, and by doing that, he would save his species. True, he could summon all humans that he knows, and then they would repopulate the world for his future plans, but that didn’t change the fact that millions of the real inhabitants of that world would be sacrificed for his own selfishness…

“You need to prepare more,” the death spirit said. “The champions haven’t been sent yet, and most of your allies can’t face them. They will be decimated… Your original plan was to make everyone here get stronger by fighting, right? This is their chance.”

Billy knew that, but not fighting now would be the same as letting a lot more people die. Unlike before, his decisions will decide the destiny of many in the next few hours. Still, Billy recalled that he had work to do… He had to improve that barrier.

In the end, Billy headed to the defensive system of his home and began to absorb the mana in there. Once the core was absorbed, Billy created a new dungeon core, and at the same time, he passed his will and his knowledge on how to emit that barrier that negated all types of magic from the outside. At the same time, the core would drain almost all the mana inside, aside from living beings.

The barrier of the core began to grow by itself, but Billy increased it with his mana even further. It didn’t take long for the second barrier to absorb the first… Now the barrier would last for practically forever and eventually would envelop the whole world…


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