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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 752: Challenge accepted (1) Bahasa Indonesia

It didn’t take long for Billy to reach the northern part of the continent, and while the people there were part of the groups that were a bit too lazy, considering the alien enemies had attacked the world multiple times, they had abandoned those areas when the night of that day had arrived. Still, he found a massive army of weird creatures flying around a mountain, and when they got too close, their bodies began to turn into dust, but they still insisted on that crazy plan.

Lich – Lv 898

HP: 1350/ 1350

MP: 21.250/ 21.250

SP: 755/ 755

Strength: 222

Speed: 399

Magic: 4450

Endurance: 432

Dexterity: 456

Status Points: 00


Spells: Cursed Beam Lv 330, Drain Touch Lv 290, Corrupted Strength Lv 300, Corrupted Speed Lv 300, Corrupted Magic Lv 300, Corrupted Endurance Lv 300, Corrupted Dexerity Lv 300, Mana Shield Lv 350

Passive: Pain Resistance Lv 90, Ice Resistance Lv 100 Shock Resistance Lv 90, Poison Resistance Lv 250 , Earth Resistance Lv 70

Skill Points: 00

Billy frowned when he saw those cloaked figures. He could see their grays, legs, and hands, but he didn’t expect that they would be real liches… the idea of sending them to deal with the spirit of life also seemed madness.

“Are they planning to wear the spirit out with sheer numbers?” Billy asked.

“While undead creatures are weaker against her, magic creatures that can use magic to protect themselves can cause her a lot of trouble,” The death spirit said. “That isn’t a problem for me, though.”

The death spirit began to make the liches explode, and while Billy wanted to stop him and take the experience away from the enemies, he had to return home as fast as possible. If he had to grind somewhere, he had to grind where his allies were.

Half of the liches pointed their hands at Billy, and then in the next moment, he felt his magic and endurance drop to one… at first, he was surprised, but the armor was still working as usual. Besides, it was only natural that so many enemies could do that to him.

When he began to swing around his glaive, Billy felt his hands hurting like hell since he was putting too much strength, but he ignored all that while he dashed toward the mountain.

Eventually, the liches decided that they had to do something else, and then they charged at Billy. However, the death spirit created an aura around him that killed the enemies instantly. Billy decided to ignore the others for the same of time since they couldn’t approach the mountain. What Billy didn’t expect was the fact that a barrier would stop his advance as well.

“What the hell…” Billy said after almost smashing his face against an invisible magic barrier.

“As expected… she dislikes me, but it seems that she dislikes you as well since you are a warrior and took many lives,” the death spirit said.

“Well, she should complain to you and the other spirits since they left this world become a place where people like me have to fight a lot just to have a few weeks of peace of mind,” Billy said. “I don’t have time for this; maybe another death will make her a bit more reasonable.”

“If you truly think that this is a good idea, then you are more stupid than I thought,” the death spirit said.

Of course, Billy didn’t believe that it wasn’t a good idea, but he didn’t have time to waste. The liches began to surround him and attack again, to make things even more annoying. Still, that might not be a bad situation… Billy used his Personal Domain to absorb the mana that enemies used to debuff him, and when the enemies approached, they also began to lose tons of it. Even the barrier started to decrease in size thanks to it.

“Another insolent human tries to steal my powers…” the life spirit said.

“We don’t have time for this. You should at least come with us to prevent Uvish from retaking a portion of your powers,” The death spirit.

“I will never ever help a human again… they are deceitful, self-centered, greedy, filled with dark emotions, and most of all, they can’t even recognize their own shortcomings,” The life spirit said. “I would rather die again and again than give a chance to another turn this world into something messed up as Uvish did.”

“Don’t lump me together with your stupid friend,” Billy said. “You blame human nature for what happened, and while I don’t deny that we are all that, you are also to blame here. You let that asshole become like you. He was your friend, and you never noticed his dark thoughts.”

“Don’t blame me for your flawed nature. We helped your species for hundreds of years without anything in exchange. In the end, the only thing we got was the greed of the only person we could talk with,” The life spirit said. “We trusted your people for far too long. Whether you die or live no longer concerns me. If your species are so pathetic that you need our help to survive, perhaps you should just let him kill you all.”

“You talk as if your life and death aren’t deeply connected to us, humans…” Billy furrowed your eyebrows. “I never said that I wanted your help. I am here to prevent you from becoming a problem for us in the future. What are you going to do? Are you going to come, or will I have to force you?”

“I would like to see you try,” The life spirit said.

“Challenge accepted,” Billy said.

Billy began to focus his mind on his mana, and then he made the entire energy in his body pulsate. Alongside the rest that he had stored in his reserves, he absorbed everything even though that wasn’t supposed to be possible… while his body began to burn, Billy’s body also began to emit a transparent blue glow. Thanks to that, he crossed the barrier…


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