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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 748: Champions (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy didn’t have to check all places to confirm that Uvish really had done this time. He made his new friends even attack small villages, and most of them had been wiped out already since they didn’t have enough soldiers to protect them. The result was bad as it could have been. Billy couldn’t think too much about it since the whole situation wasn’t something that he could have solved by himself… that being said, things weren’t that simple. Not to mention, letting that bastard alive any more time was just too annoying.

“Shit… I made a mistake trying to protect only the places with the largest amounts of people,” Billy clenched his teeth.

In the end, Billy summoned as many clones as he could and made them spread around. He also told the ones that were in the big cities to reveal the existence of the tunnels to make people use them to escape. His golems had reinforced them, so they should resist while the inhabitants escape.

“How are things where you are?” Billy asked via Telepathy.

“Really bad… we might need help again,” Icarus replied. “There are many more enemies than the last time…”

“I won’t be able to help,” Billy replied. “The whole continent is being attacked as well… many people have already died.”

“At this rate…” Meryl said and then sighed. “We need to do something about this… we can’t let the enemies kill the people around the world, and this time, they look fine in just targetting small villages.”

“It seems that Uvish realized that the armies of one or two planets won’t be enough to destroy us,” Lucyna added. “That is why he is going all out and planning to kill as many people as possible, even if they are civilians. We need to allocate everyone to a single place… the whole world.”

“I considered that such a thing might happen, so my tunnels are almost finished, and almost all the cities in the world are connected now,” Billy said. “However, it will take a while for the people to cross such massive distances.”

“Maybe it is time to make those trains… how about the train bullets?” Alexander asked. “The enemies won’t be able to keep up with them since they won’t be able to see it. Even if Uvish sees the interior of the tunnels and sends his allies inside, you can always crush them with a powerful front on them.”

Alexander sure was bad at planning, and Billy sighed because he didn’t realize that soon the tunnels would become overflowed with corpses if that were to happen. Still, maybe Billy could make his clones do something about that. While they didn’t have the skills, they could use his innate skill so that he could make those trains easily… They would need to be as long as fuck, though.

“While we are fighting to protect this world and people in it, the ultimate choice of escaping will be from the leaders of the states and from the people themselves,” Billy said. “I will prepare for that, but I won’t bet that most people will leave their homes that easily. The Golems will emerge at the entrances of the tunnels in the villages and camps. I will send some clones to prepare things on your end as well.”

“Roger, at this point in time, we can only do our best to prevent as many deaths as possible,” Meryl said.

Billy didn’t even have the time to train the demi-humans, but he imagined that those three did something about that. Regardless, Billy stopped to rest for a bit, and then he proceeded to get as much man as possible from his armor. Once he did that, he summoned even more clones to do those tasks for him. Running around the continent fighting monsters and preparing for the evacuation.

“I never heard of something like a global evacuation, but I suppose we don’t have much of a choice here,” Billy thought.

While the clones began to work, Billy flew around, and he did nothing else but close the portals that he found. Some of his clones could do that as well, but he figured out if they worked on the damage control since too many enemies had already arrived in that world.

“Focus your senses on the locations of the places had you have been and show them to me with your Temporal Vision, ” the death spirit said.

“You can do something about them?” Billy asked. “I thought your powers could only affect the living.”

“I have authority over many death itself. Everything in this world can die by my hands, even portals,” The death spirit said.

That was kind of scary… Billy wondered if he should purge such a suspicious entity from his body. Nevertheless, that had to wait, and if he could be useful like that, Billy had no reason to refuse the offer, and he did what the spirit proposed. Billy had visited pretty much every city and town in that world or at least had seen them from a distance, so he looked at those places, and then he found the portals. Once that happened, they began to shrink and lose their functionality.

While the death spirit was doing that, Billy made his clones check the smaller villages. Fortunately, not all of them had been attacked yet. While Uvish was powerful and resourceful, he couldn’t just open portals to every single part of the world. Eventually, much to Billy’s surprise, the spirit of death closed all portals, and the fights all over the world stabilized.

“This is weird…” Billy said. “I didn’t think Uvish would give up this soon.”

“He didn’t send the champions of the other worlds yet. You must not drop your guard,” The death spirit said.

“Champions of other worlds… I take that big ass red guy with the spear was one of them,” Billy said. “They have rulers that control the mana of their world and even champions… that is so insane…”


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