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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 747: Past (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“This is what happened,”

“I have the feeling that you resumed things way too much…” Billy said. “Regardless, it looks like Uvish isn’t going to wait for much longer to put the final part of his plan in motion.”

“You must have realized that he wants your body. Thanks to many coincidences and your own hard work, your body is suited for all kinds of arts. The fact that you can combine many of the skills that belong to him confirms that. Even Uvish couldn’t use them like that when we were with him.”

“I see…” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “In any case, can I learn other things from the other spirits?”

“They experienced the same things as me, so they won’t know anything else… The only thing that truly differentiates us is the realms that we control. They will awaken soon, but they won’t offer you their powers.”

“Not like I would ask for it… Still, it surprising that despite all this, they still are sleeping…” Billy said.

“As I said, we rule over some aspects of reality… I awakened first because many people started to fear their deaths thanks to the attacks,”

That made sense from Billy’s perspective. Those guys became conscious of their own existence after many people began to take notice that those things existed. Time, life, death, chaos, order… It wouldn’t be weird to think that they are mirror images of the thoughts of the people of that world.

“Well, that is all,” Billy said. “I am sure that the others are doing fine without my help, but I should help them. Try not to die again and make that guy stronger.”

“We can’t let that happen again, so we will use you as the final line of defense. Don’t mind me.”

The darkness in front of Billy began to decrease in size until it became a minor dark sphere and then entered his body. He didn’t like the idea of defending someone like that when they didn’t want to help him, but it was the best option.

“You are going to pay rent if you want to use my body like a shield,” Billy said.

“I will kill some enemies now and then, so you don’t have to worry about it,”

Billy wasn’t satisfied with that at all, but it was probably for good. He couldn’t let those spirits get into the hands of Uvish again. Besides, he could learn by watching as well, and he didn’t train insanely hard in that world for three decades for nothing. Besides, he also had Absolute Mimicry.

Regardless, when Billy left the cave, he found a few of his clones fighting the enemies. The portal had been closed, but a few hundred frozen souls were still there. Some of his clones had been defeated, so he would guess that the fight would end in a draw. It was weird because he didn’t get the exhaustion or the damage that his clones suffered,,, or maybe he did, but since he was too focused on the words of the spirit, he forgot about it.

In any case, the monster suddenly began to explode before Billy could do anything, and it was quite the weird sight that made him feel shivers. He could tell that the spirit of death did that, but it still was out of the blue.

“Now that the portal has been closed, they can be easily killed like this. Still, I can tell that many planets are approaching, and there must be one of them.”

“Uvish planned a large-scale attack of many species from outside, huh,” Billy said while showing an annoyed expression. “I should have known that he would do such a thing… so, they become stronger when their home planet was nearby… I guess they increased the temperature around these parts to compensate for that as well.”

Billy began to fly back home as fast as he could. His clones couldn’t follow him without using too much mana, so he just made them disappear and absorbed their experience and the knowledge. After a while, he arrived at the capital of Hiloh state and saw two armies facing one another. The red flying creatures were back and were attacking the capital and the soldiers and adventurers stationed around.

“I wasted too much time there…” Billy clicked his tongue when he saw several corpses on the ground.

Billy’s wives, his siblings alongside Lily and Alexander, were fighting them. Still, they were having a hard time because there was a portal above the city, and they couldn’t do much about it. In the end, Billy looked at and then combined Absolutely Thievery with Acceleration Manipulation and stole a lot of mana from the portal. While he didn’t get any, he closed it almost immediately.

“Now then…” Billy said and then flew toward the enemies around the capital.

Billy used Shamanism and used the wind spirit powers to move even faster, and then he began to kill those assholes as fast as he could. After ten minutes, the enemies died, and he reunited with everyone.

“We thought that you were sent to somewhere again…” Kate said.

“Sorry, I went to investigate something, and then some enemies blocked my path,” Billy said. “Rather than that, didn’t you promise that you won’t fight anymore for a while?”

“It is fine since we are only using magic,” Natalie said.

Billy sighed. It wasn’t fine because they could be wounded. Even with the improvements he made on the armor, even small fries could wound them if they worked together. He had to work hard to prevent them from truly fighting in the war…

“We need to check the other cities and towns,” Alexander said. “I have a feeling that the enemy stayed quiet for a while in order to get this ready for us.”

“Yes… You three will stay here and don’t do anything insane, you hear me?” Billy asked. “The others will check the other places and help as much as necessary.”


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