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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 746: Past (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Humans lived on the brink of extinction for six thousand years, but then someone who was very adapted to magic was born… That was Uvish. He quickly learned of ways to fight the monsters that tormented the people of the world. Eventually, he also got skilled enough to sense mana and teach others how to use it. Around that time, he lived in harmony with nature, and then the four elementals sought to give him their assistance.

Thanks to their help, he managed to come up with ways to teach his friends how to see the spirits as well… Billy couldn’t believe that Uvish was once a tribesman… Most likely, he couldn’t bring himself to exterminate his own people to the very end. Regardless, things began to improve quite a lot on that part of the human continent. The monsters were the ones who began to be hunted. However, things changed when enemies coming from beyond Uvish imagination began to appear.

Monsters like Salamanders, frozen wolves, and poisonous scorpions weren’t supposed to exist in that world. Still, they began to appear and attack everyone in sight. At first, Uvish had a hard time dealing with them, but he improved his skills and then began to put them in their place as well. Unfortunately, things got complicated again when the masters of the monsters began to show. They looked human, but they also didn’t look like anything Uvish had seen… Some had green skin and tails, others were short and large, and some were blue and used ice clubs. They were numerous, so Uvish began to lose…

Things changed when the five greater spirits decided to intervene. Against alien invaders that only came to get the mana from the world, they couldn’t just keep watching. Their very existence was at risk… so they offered their help to Uvish, who was the only one that could see them.

Once again, Uvish started his counterattack. Even with lesser numbers, he managed to lead the humans and then defeat the enemy invaders with his new god-like powers. Despite that, he didn’t let the idea of power get to his head. He spared those who had surrendered and let them start a new life in the inhabited continent during the conflicts to avoid suspicions. In the blink of an eye, the demi-humans continent had dozens of types of people. While they often fought against each other, the conflicts never escalated to wars.

Things continued like that for around three hundred years. Uvish could live a long life thanks to his powers and recover insanely fast from wounds. However, the others couldn’t live for more than three hundred years, and only those who were lucky managed to become that old. Eventually, Uvish realized that all his friends had passed away, and only a few members of his family were still alive. Even his own kids looked older than him. At that point, Uvish realized that eventually, he would fight for people that he didn’t grow up with or with the kids of his kids… forever.

Living forever didn’t seem like a bad thing before, but fighting endlessly was tiresome. Those thoughts put doubts in his mind, but he kept fighting… until he barely could feel anything when he watched his people die.

Eventually, Uvish came to the realization that one day, even his turn would come. As a mortal being, one day, he was going to die as well, and he felt like all his struggles would have been a waste of time. To prevent that from happening, he decided to become more than just a human… he decided to ascend beyond his enemies’ level and then become that world’s ruler. Fortunately, he had fought many enemies that had achieved the same, and he just needed to wish for it. However, the spirits didn’t agree with his plans since, ultimately, he would treat everything and everyone like tools for his goal.

Although the spirits ended their partnership, Uvish still knew how to use their powers. He worked with them for that long, after all. He used their powers to kill them and absorb a bit of what they could use. That was probably why the spirit of death didn’t want to cooperate with Billy.

Nevertheless, Uvish began to put his plan in motion once he got their powers. Just becoming a ruler wasn’t enough, and he couldn’t keep fighting forever. He knew that eventually, an opponent much stronger would appear and kill him. So, he threw his body aside when he absorbed almost all the mana of the world. Thanks to that, the enemies stopped coming, but Uvish could no longer train his skills and become stronger. He needed to improve the skills that he had learned over the years to become invincible until he finds the perfect body for himself, one that won’t be bound by the rules of the mortal realm.

To do all that, he decided to bring some foreign souls to that world. Souls that would, without a doubt, use their second lives to become rulers of that world If they had the chance, and Uvish gave them that chance by sharing a portion of his powers. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that often without making himself look suspicious. Still, it was fine because things went the way he had planned for over three thousand years.

During those years, the spirits saw their strength, and many people died at the hands of their former friends. They also were killed numerous times when they tried to offer resistance… it was weird, though. They were supposed to be stronger than Billy, and Uvish still didn’t want a direct confrontation.

Billy didn’t want to believe it, but perhaps instead of fear, Uvish wanted to have the perfect chance to defeat him without destroying his body. The enemy wanted a body that would let him use all his powers without restrictions, and Billy couldn’t imagine someone more balanced than him. He trained for long to achieve that, after all.


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