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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 745: Death (2) Bahasa Indonesia

When Billy reached the mountain, he found a small army of those creatures entering a cave. He couldn’t feel mana being sucked in there, so it didn’t look like a dungeon. In any case, he entered the cave while beheading everything in his way until several of the frozen souls used their magic to fill the tunnel with ice. Billy was forced to stop because the ice got in his way, but he reacted fast enough to use his domain and drain the mana before he could be frozen. After that, he dashed again.

“These guys sure are annoying…” Billy said and then used Destructive Aura and then Shamanism while summoning the power of the fire spirit.

The temperature around began to increase, and then Billy used Gungnir. All the ice blocking his path was destroyed alongside dozens of enemies. Still, when Billy reached the end of the tunnel, he only saw a dark room that prevented him from feeling anything inside. He also felt an ominous aura coming from it. There was no sign of the other frozen souls ahead…

“I have barely woken up, and some annoying individuals are already bothering me…”

Billy saw a tired voice coming from the center of the darkness. It sounded a bit annoyed as well, so Billy raised his guard since he could feel a lot of mana in there.

“I can see that you have some of our powers with you… Some of that ungrateful fool as well,”

“I take it you are talking about Uvish… Are you the spirit of death?” Billy ask. “Your aura makes me remember one of his powers, someone else that such a power was part of the death element…”

“You are right, I don’t like the domain that I rule, but I am truly part of death, one of the things that make this world.”

Fire, water, wind, earth, death, life, chaos, order, and time… The spirit was probably spirit about that. The four basic elements are natural things that can be found on all planets. Still, the moment living beings start to appear on them, they need other elements or perhaps aspects to rule their lives. Those were death, life, order, chaos, and time… on earth, those things are just part of the rules of the physical realm, but it seemed that in a world of magic, they obtained consciousness after a while. Or perhaps they always had…

“What are your connections with Uvish?” Billy asked.

“What makes you think that I answer your question?”

“It is clear that you all are involved with him, and I am pretty sure he obtained his power with your cooperation,” Billy said. “Thanks to that, me and many others were transported to this world. I don’t hate my life, but the fact that he planned and used us and everyone else like tools is annoying.”

“You have a point, and it is also annoying that someone came for my powers to solve their own problems.”

“If you are involved with him as I think you are, then it would be better not to obtain your help, but I want some answers,” Billy said. “Regardless, my clones are holding back the enemies, but they won’t last long, so you should hurry up.”

“It seems that you are serious about that and aren’t saying empty words… Very well, that is fair enough. Recalling those memories is annoying and bothersome, so I wanted to avoid that, but in this situation, that is impossible… Still, let’s start from the very beginning.”

Around ten thousand years ago, the conceptual spirits came to be in that world. Death, life, chaos, orders, and time were born the very moment the first inhabitants of that world began to walk the planet. They couldn’t tell how they were born or how they came to be, but they were humans like the ones from the human continent.

They didn’t have any characteristics that made them stand out. They were weak, they couldn’t live for long, and they could barely win against the animals of that world. However, the world began to change with their arrival. Mana began to spread across the globe thanks to their intelligence and actions, and that was what gave birth to the spirits.

The spirits lived together because they could interact with one another and the humans couldn’t sense or see them, at least not yet. Many years passed, and humans began to grow in number, and thanks to that, the mana level of the world increased, making them stronger and living longer. However, the other creatures of the world also enjoyed that. Thanks to that, monsters were born…

While they were smarter, humans were weaker than monsters, and they also multiplied a lot slower as well. Thanks to it, after numerous confrontations, the humans began to lose the battle, and they were forced to hide in caves, holes, and forests from the monsters. That continued for many years until some humans managed to learn how to control magic and make simple weapons. They began to fight back, and things got even for a while.

However, mana in that world had a weird characteristic. When one who had mana died, the mana would disperse into the world and then make the land grow faster with plants, trees, and other forms of wildlife. Since animals used to eat those a lot more often than humans, they obtained the ability to take the mana from those sources and become stronger. Humans also could do that but on a much smaller scale. Monsters also managed to obtain even more energy from their prey thanks to their wild instincts. They became able to make their own spiritual cores…

Their cores gave them extra abilities and made them mutate. Some of them obtained an extra layer of defense with carapaces, and others obtained the power to grow gems in certain parts of their bodies that made them able to use magic. Thanks to that, humans began to be exterminated once again…


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