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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 743: Lure (2) Bahasa Indonesia

After a while, the clone freed itself from the illusion when the clone managed to defeat the hydra, so Billy decided to undo the clone and absorb the knowledge that it had obtained. It wasn’t bad, considering that Billy only needed to keep the illusion active for twenty seconds, and that consumed one thousand points of mana per second, but it was far from perfect.

The skill Fire Immunity received 1550 experience points.

The skill Cold Resistance received 3300 experience points.

The skill Gravity Resistance received 3300 experience points.

Billy could have obtained the double amount of experience he had just used his innate skill, so it felt a bit cheap, but he didn’t give up yet. He tried to control the flow of time in Perfect Illusion and Dream World, but he failed. Even when he tried to use more mana, it didn’t work since the skills were at the max level already.

“I suppose that moron didn’t think that this would be a good way for us to use these powers… he either sealed that possibility, or he made a mistake that prevented this from being possible,” Billy thought.

Billy seriously thought about what he could do for the next few weeks. Still, before he could find an answer, they practically traveled through the entire coast of the continent. Only the extreme south was missing, but that state had been destroyed when the ice titan awakened.

“It is time to go home…” Billy said while he thought it was one reason he had yet to check. “You three are on the fourth month of pregnancy, so more heavy training. You can only walk around and do simple tasks.”

“Tsk, that coward didn’t even give us another chance to fight him before we reached this state,” Natalie said.

“You were hoping that such a thing would happen during those two months?” Billy asked while frowning.

“I guess I will laze around at home and then train my magic,” Natalie said while ignoring Billy’s question.

Billy sighed… His family will finally have the chance to take a break. On the way home, they crossed the barbarians’ state and confirmed that Billy’s parents and friends were teaching there. Since they had a lot more experience when it came to that, they made a lot of progress. He asked if they wanted a drive, but they said that they would stay there for a while longer.

After two days, they were back at home, and as usual, everyone went to sleep as soon as they returned. It was pretty common that a wave of exhaustion would take over the bodies whenever they returned after a long trip, after all. Still, Billy decided to check things in the south of the continent, and which was one of the few areas that he hadn’t investigated yet…

After crossing the samurai state, the temperature decreased drastically. Still, Billy was used to that much since he used rings that damaged him with the elements pretty much all the time. Perhaps he could even endure the cold of space. Still, he didn’t feel the need to test it.

“I didn’t get any more information after obtaining those powers, and the mirror still was moving backward four hundred years ago,” Billy thought. “It will take too long until it reaches the first time that Zenis was alive, and I don’t think that I will learn much by seeing the things that happened five hundred years ago.”

In any case, Billy began to fly around the area and saw that most of what remained from the cities and towns had become vast chunks of ice. The ice titan sure made a mess out of things…. still, the number of places was pretty small since it was mainly a mountainous region, and cultivating fields wasn’t an option there…

Billy decided to focus on the mountains and their peaks since such places would be even more desolate than the other parts of the region. Unfortunately, before he could move around too much, he felt the mana in the area being disturbed… No… The mana of the whole world was being disturbed.

“Finally…” Billy thought.

It seemed that Uvish was up to something again, but Billy had no idea what it was… Besides, that timing was way too suspicious. While Billy was hesitating on what to do, he felt that the mana in the area was changing too. It didn’t take long until he saw a portal opening in front of him.

“I guess he really doesn’t want me to cross this point…” Billy thought.

Billy thought that only a few middle-ranked bosses would show up and block his path, but his guess was as wrong as it could have been… In any case, Uvish had been busy in the last two months because a new group of enemies had shown up.

Frozen Soul – Lv 555

HP: 672/ 672

MP: 8.852/ 8.852

SP: 672/ 672

Strength: 210

Speed: 110

Magic: 4255

Endurance: 155

Dexterity: 280

Status Points: 00

Skills: Frozen Strike Lv 150

Spells: Water Manipulation Lv 420, Water Transformation Lv 230, IceSpear Lv 350, Ice Arrow Lv 250, Fly Lv 500

Passive: Pain Resistance Lv 110, Ice Resistance Lv 1000, Cold Immunity Lv 320, Shock Resistance Lv 75 , Poison Resistance Lv 50 , Earth Resistance Lv 120,

Skill Points: 00

Those creatures looked quite humanoid, they even had bodies that were quite like humans, but they were three meters tall, had blue skin, and didn’t have legs. They also had long black hair and a white dress that seemed to be made of crystal. Uvish apparently had prepared those things in advance to stop Billy if he headed to that kind of location, and the enemies had the upper hand there…

Instead of waiting, Billy dashed toward the monsters while using the full capacity of his armor. However, the creatures reacted on time to summon a powerful snowstorm and several ice walls to block Billy’s path. He charged through and broke several of them, but every time he did that, Billy lost speed and felt like the charging through a steel wall…


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