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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 737: Improvements (4) Bahasa Indonesia

In the following days, Billy tried to find other spirits, and while he moved around quite a bit, he didn’t find any. As expected, he would need some honey and poke… some baits to lure the spirits. In any case, the training of the people of that state also went relatively well despite their lack of sense of urgency, so they began to pack their things after the week passed.

“Come to think of it… the demi-humans continent is supposed to be a good place for the spirits, but I never heard of demi-humans that had the ability to communicate with them,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Instead of letting that for later, Billy considered doing that as soon as possible. He knew that Uvish wouldn’t leave them alone for too long, and he would need those boosts of power. Still, he decided to do that once they reached their next destination.

“The next state is called Norfergis. Apparently, they have a guild of archers, and they like to compete with others in terms of skill, and they decide the leader based on that alone,” Kate said. “Weirdly as it sounds, they only have archers… probably because all the monsters of their dungeons are flying creatures that can use long-ranged attacks. Aside from that, they are well-known for renting the services of some groups of archers like mercenaries.

“Thank you for your explanation, KateWagon,” Billy said. “It seems like the place that Lily would like, but I can’t see the point of raising only archers. Putting such things like natural talent aside, not everyone is suited for using bows.”

“Using bows is fun because one can become good with hard work alone, just like Alexander,” Lily said. “There are people that become good faster than others, but hard work is more important than anything.”

“Wasn’t that because of the power of love?” Kate asked.

Billy wanted to say that it was because of the boner, but he wouldn’t tell such a dirty joke out loud in front of his kids. Regardless, it would be nice if those guys were good and they could cooperate with the other states and split their forces. When those flying guys came, most people couldn’t fight them properly, and things didn’t get worse because their rage made them stupid.

In any case, when they crossed the borders, they soon saw enough some villages around, and they looked pretty peaceful. They didn’t have guards to inspect visitors. Things had been pretty peaceful all over the continent since the summoner and Jeannette died. Still, Billy couldn’t believe that it would be enough to scare new bandits. He was always capturing new ones and reforming them, after all.

Although that state was pretty large, with berser-car disguised as a carriage, they crossed half of it in just a couple of hours. They just had to slow down when they got close to cities and towns.

“If I remember well, usually, the guild of archers holds most of the power here,” Kate said when they found the capital of the state. “It seems that the best archer changes very often.”

“So, we will have to keep in contact with the new leaders and negotiate with them whenever they show up… great,” Billy said.

The capital wasn’t advanced for that same reason. Since the leaders changed that often, no development plan could last for long. Most of the houses and buildings were made out of wood and were barely three stories tall. Speaking of which, the capital was also a dungeon city, and the leader and the challenge fought each other inside the dungeon. The one who clears the dungeon first wins.”

It wasn’t much different from the original guilds, but still… it was a problem when they put the stability of the entire state on that duel. Regardless, when they approached the capital, they found many tents around the capital… although they had their own fighting style, they had heard rumors of what Billy’s group could do and wanted to learn a bit.

“Come to think of it, they would become a lot better if they could use enhance their arrows with magic…” Billy said. “Anyway, do you want to challenge the leader and then become the leader of this state, Lily?”

“No way, it would be too much of a pain,” Lily replied. “Why do you think I outsourced most of my work on my territory?”

Billy did the same for the same reasons, so he couldn’t complain about Lily’s actions. He already had improved his territories way too much, after all. Considering the fact that he was also working with the current business of pills and of defending the world, no one could complain about him either…

In any case, they stopped the vehicle near the entrance. They then prepared to look for the state’s leader, but they soon found a group of people approaching, and all of them had long ass bows on their backs. Billy wondered if it would make any sense to make them learn Brute Strength… it would be hard, even though some of them had some strong upper bodies.

“Welcome, dear visitors. My name is Alessandro, the current leader of this state,” A light brown-haired man said and then approached while looking at Billy’s wives. “I am truly thankful for you all coming to our state to… I am sorry, did I say something wrong?”

“No, but you did… don’t look at my wives too much,” Billy said after he took a step forward.

“My apologies if that insulted you somehow, but you can rest assured that I didn’t have any suspicious thoughts when I looked at them,” Alessandro said. “I was just surprised to see such five beauties arriving at our town.”

“Five? Hey…” Alexander said.

“You don’t think that another man can look at me and think that I am pretty?” Lily asked.

“That isn’t the issue here…” Alexander said.

“Why, thank you for your kind words,” Samara said with a bashful smile on her face.

“I don’t like this guy, Billy…” Alexander whispered.

“Me neither,” Billy said.


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