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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 734: Improvement (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“I got a bit stronger, but I could have obtained more power if I had managed to keep him alive… I suppose it can’t be helped, but…” Billy thought. “I need to train more because the fights are getting harder…”

Regardless, Billy froze the body of the enemy, imagining that Meryl could use it later. Even if they lose half of the power, that enemy still would be annoyingly powerful. After that, Billy carried the frozen body to the demi-human continent and checked things with his allies there. Despite the situation, the amount of damage that they suffered was minimal.

“We imagined that you had won when the enemies stopped coming at full power, but it is still good to confirm things with our own eyes,” Meryl said. “Was this the guy that you fought against? We felt some vibrations here, so I can imagine that he was indeed powerful.”

“He got more powerful the more damaged and enraged he got, I don’t know what, but Uvish also made him regenerate insanely fast without using mana,” Billy explained. “He was the worst type of opponent someone would have to deal it within a drag-out battle.”

“Well, we won again, but once again, things could have gotten pretty dangerous…” Lucyna said. “We can’t keep going like this for long.”

“We are training using the dungeons, but that amount of power isn’t making much difference…” Icarus said.

“I am working on a new armor, and I am going to give you guys a version as well, that should help things a bit, but you should really think of better ways to get stronger instead of relying on the dungeons” Billy said. “That also applies to me… even though I leveled up a lot by defeating this guy.”

Billy – Lv 936 – 339.000/ 5.650.000 EXP

HP: 7126/ 7126

MP: 15610/ 16710

SP: 3975/ 3975

Strength: 579 + 1565

Speed: 463 + 1565

Magic: 3208 + 3670

Endurance: 242 + 1565

Dexterity: 219 + 555

Status Points: 800

Skills: , Body Enhancement Lv 111 (+ 30 UP), Physical Disturbance Lv 81 (+ 20 UP), Severe Blade Lv 112 (+ 20 UP),

Spells: Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Mind Control Lv ∞, Telekinesis Lv ∞, Beastly Summoning Lv ∞, Absolute Summoning Link Lv ∞, Temporal Vision Lv ∞, Telepathy Lv ∞, Unlimited Conversion ∞, Shapeshifting Lv ∞, Poison Absorption Lv ∞, Submission Lv ∞, Soul Absorption Lv ∞, Absolute Mimicry Lv ∞, Replication Lv ∞, Perfect Illusion Lv ∞, Dream World Lv ∞,, Spiritual Armament Lv 111 (+ 110 UP), Beastly Possession Lv 111 (+ 110 UP), Shamanism Lv 111 (+ 110 UP)

Passive: Brute Strength Lv 315 (+ 33 UP), Toughness Lv 315 (+ 33 UP), Regulation Lv 128(+ 53UP),

Skill Points: 1650

All in all, Billy got at least five percent stronger than he was before the fight. That was a lot of progress, considering his current power. Still, the world was paying a lot for that… mountains were being destroyed, and people were forced to fight for their lives just like him as well.

“We appreciate that, but again we have to say that it is a bit weird to receive that much help from you,” Meryl said.

“You two really like to say unnecessary things and make Billy question his decisions when it comes to helping us…” Lucyna said and then sighed.

“At least one of you understands that,” Billy said. “Regardless, I am going… too many things to do and too little time.”

Billy wondered if he could find a way to learn Icarus’ time skip. He truly needed that skill to save time on most things. Mainly planning ahead to outsmart Uvish, even though that was probably impossible given that he can watch him from wherever he is…

Regardless, Billy was tired when he got home, but he went to work on the core of the armor again. He needed to improve it based on his friends’ impressions and on the experience, he got in the battle.

Billy created a smaller core and then added the Regen effect until it reached level 250. While he could make it reach higher levels, it would increase the cost of production and mana consumption rate of the armor. For the time being, it was better to focus on balance and time of use since it was hard to know when Uvish would get serious and send many enemies to attack.

After the last conflicts, Billy had a feeling that Uvish was trying to measure their growth and strong points to come up with a way to defeat all of them. Still, it was kind of weird how he could manipulate other people like him so easily… they probably had far less experience.

In any case, Billy realized that the core was getting too big at that rate, and it would become armor by itself. He had many ideas, but he had to work on how to decrease their size or make them more efficient.

After a couple of hours, Billy’s wives returned, and they looked pretty exhausted. As expected, the new armor didn’t help much in long battles, either, and it shouldn’t help against the big guns, either.

“Thanks for your hard work,” Billy said.

“You said that you weren’t going to fight the enemy by yourself…” Kate said.

“I promised not to go by myself, but the enemy came…” Billy said. “I tried to save some fun for you guys, but you were late for the party.”

Truth to be told, Billy had a hard time, but he couldn’t say to his wives that. The next time, they would try harder to come and help in time, which might make them too reckless in their own fights.

“Anyway, let’s rest because soon we will have to work again…” Billy said and then sighed. “There is no need to tire ourselves out even more than this.”

Billy’s wives wanted to complain, but they could tell that he had a hard fight, and they were tired as well. So, they went to sleep a bit earlier. Before taking a quick nap, Billy canceled his clones and got the experience from them. As well as exhaustion… which made him fall asleep instantly.

When Billy woke up a few hours later, he had the idea of replicating Galatea’s relic with Mana Shield, but that probably wouldn’t work to protect most cities and towns. since the portals can even enter dungeons… Billy saw himself pondering an older problem… how to create a field that negates magic from outside?

Billy created other clones and sent them to guard the same areas again. He considered sending them to the dungeons in the meantime. Still, they would only add to his exhaustion later and consume his mana. Maybe he could just make them eat the pills that restore stamina all the time to prevent that… it was almost the same as spending money to keep bots working, but it wasn’t a half-bad idea.


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