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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 730: Improvement (2) Bahasa Indonesia

After a couple of hours, the enemy planet had gotten close enough for Billy to see some floating islands leaving the atmosphere of that world. As expected, the enemy made them world dodge that spear and now was planning to attack the fire with fire… unfortunately for them, Billy had predicted that much. They were like one hundred years too young to try to outsmart him.

Billy touched the spears and then, enhanced them with Acceleration Manipulation and then used Telekinesis to fire them. The projectiles flew at insane speeds and then collided with the floating islands even before they could leave the planet. The spinning speed had been so powerful that they pierced the targets and eventually landed on the enemy planet.

You obtained 750 experience points.

You obtained 750 experience points.

You obtained 750 experience points.

“It looks like that moron isn’t helping them directly with his powers…” Billy thought.

Now that the planet was so close, Billy could see that it was literally a world of blood and darkness. He had no idea how many creatures could exist in a world and for how long the blood couldn’t dry out… but he was pretty sure that the dark parts were made of blood that had dried after so long.

Nevertheless, Billy kept attacking with all his might since he amassed quite a lot of mana in the last few hours. He stopped all the islands before they could cause any damage… at some point in time, the enemy planet began to slow down, but the enemy leader kept attacking nonstop…

“This is bad… they can control the mana of their world while I can only rely on my own,” Billy thought. “I have some advantages, but a long battle will be in their favor…”

Billy had two options, keep attacking and try to kill as many enemies as possible even though he couldn’t see any of them, only a sea of blood and darkness in all directions, or look for their leader. The latter option would put him in trouble since he promised his wives that he wouldn’t go alone… Unfortunately, he didn’t want to bring them to such a weird place either. Splitting his defenses at home wasn’t an option as well, so he decided to keep attacking like that and see who would run out of patience first…

After just one hour, Billy’s guess was right. The enemies were too bloody and vicious, so patience wasn’t their forte. Eventually, Billy felt shivers for some reason, and then a massive island began to emerge from that world; before he could attack it, the island suddenly exploded, and after a couple of seconds, Billy saw something flying at him.

“Did that just use their impulse to approach and cross who knows how many millions of kilometers in space?” Billy thought.

It wasn’t impossible… but it seemed pretty insane. After all, one has to endure close to no resistance in space, only the gravitational field of some objects. So, a jump would make them cross a distance for quite a while. Still, that seemed pretty stupid given that the enemies could fly…

Fighting the enemy in space was possible, but Billy’s armor wasn’t at full capacity. So, he had to finish things as early as possible… while he was thinking about that, he felt that something was weird back on the planet, and then he used Telepathy.

“Did something happen?” Billy asked.

“The enemies are spawning a lot faster than before. It seemed that you really pissed them off!” Icarus said.

“I won’t be able to help because their enemy is finally coming to attack,” Billy replied.

“… I guess it can’t be helped,” Icarus said. “We summoned some golems with the items that you lent us, and Meryl summoned even more skeletons, but we don’t know for how long we can endure this. Their numbers and their suicide fighting style are too much for us.”

“Use your head a little… we are working together, but at the same time, we can’t rely on each other all the time. My hands will soon be full,” Billy said.

“You are right, my bad,” Icarus said. “Try not to die too soon.”

“What encouraging words…” Billy said and then sighed.

Billy took a deep breath. Even without Icarus’ words, he wanted to go back and help. Fortunately, he also had made some countermeasures for that kind of situation. He had clones in most capitals and cities, and they were using Shapefhsifting to look like ordinary adventurers. Over the last few days, they were supposed to have amassed some mana by creating their own reservoirs in order not to rely on his, but it was hard to know if they would last for long.

Although he tried to check if he could get the mana of the clones’ reserves, Billy confirmed that he couldn’t use such methods, at least not the passive ones. He did some tests, and while they didn’t have the skills, the clones could use his innate skills, giving and transferring mana from experience and so on. Nevertheless, it wasn’t time to think about that. The enemy had finally arrived.

Zajoth – Lv 1255

HP: 59.750/ 59.750

MP: 59.750/ 59.750

SP: 59.750/ 59.750

Strength: 5980+ 2250

Speed: 5980+ 2250

Magic: 5980+ 2250

Endurance: 5980+ 2250

Dexterity: 5980+ 2250

Status Points: 00

Skills: Cursed Strike Lv 750, Rage Lv 10

Spells: Blood Manipulation Lv 810, Bloody Spear Lv 850, Bloody Arrow Lv 630, Fly Lv 1000

Passive: Pain Resistance Lv 690, Fire Resistance Lv 525, Cold Resistance Lv 525, Shock Resistance Lv 525, Poison Resistance Lv 715, Earth Resistance Lv 715, Brute Strength Lv 450, Toughness Lv 450, Quick Steps Lv 450, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 450, Regulation Lv 450

Skill Points: 00

Before he could slam into Billy, that guy suddenly stopped flying and glared at him. His eyes were so vicious that he looked like the incarnation of Rage… The fact that he also had one eye in the forehead didn’t make him any less threatening…


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