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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 726: Magic Suit (1) Bahasa Indonesia

While Billy was finishing his new armor, he also thought about the other issues. Unfortunately, he could only think of sending some familiars to help the parties. That would be difficult when he needed everyone’s cooperation, and they knew that such power had been used by an enemy once. Uvish was cunning enough to send his troops to the dungeons of the areas where the people knew the summoner pretty well…

Layered Magic Suit

Capacity: 25.000.000/ 25.000.000 MP

Speed: 25.000 m/s

Effects: Light Walk Lv 250, Cooldown Lv.250, Warmth Lv 250, Steel Skin Lv 250, Invisibility Lv 250, Stealth Lv 250, Silent Work Lv 250, Restoration Aura Lv 250, Poison Immunity Lv 250, Gravity Resistance Lv 250. Mana Magnetism Lv 250

Although Billy wasn’t making progress in those areas. He finally finished his first completed version of his new armor. It was just a core with numerous magic cores around, but upon he put it on his back, the core would recognize the body of the user and then activate when they wished for it.

Light Walk granted extra mobility, Cooldown almost negated the heat of the environment and large area of effect fire attacks, and Warmth did the same for cold attacks and areas. Steel Skin also added another layer of defense. Meanwhile, Invisibility, Stealth, and Silent Work were all skills that helped him to be more silent when moving and fighting.

Poison Immunity and Gravity Resistance were also self-explanatory. Still, Restauration Aura was something Billy came up with recently due to his exhaustion. When he tried to add a hibernation effect to a smaller core, it granted that effect. It let him get a lot less fatigued when staying awake for longer periods of time. It also would help him breathe inside the armor without the need to send air to his lungs.

When Billy put the core on his back, the core recognized him as his only user, all in order to prevent someone from stealing it. After that, he activated all the layers of the armor. From close range, it didn’t look like much had changed… only the fact that Billy’s aura seemed more powerful and apparently was affecting the space around him, and it was actually. Since it had a large concentration of mana ready to be used.

“Good… now I just had to make some for the others,” Billy thought. “Spreading this kind of item around is too dangerous, though. Since it is hard to tell who might be swayed to the enemy side.”

Billy finally stopped working on that project and then went to read the newest reports… more deaths. At that point in time, he couldn’t help but feel guilty, even though he still was trying to think of a way for countermeasures. After a couple of minutes, Billy realized that instead of using familiars, he should use people, the people that he trusts to help him with that.

The first thing in the morning that Billy did was to head to head to Kriesal state and then went to talk with Svan. He was about to leave pretty early in the morning. Fortunately, he was also going to see the issue about the dungeons.

“Billy? You showed up at a weird time,” Svan said. “I am kind of busy here.”

“I can tell, and I came to help you with that,” Billy said. “Most likely, the deaths are being caused by the enemy, he sent his troops to attack the demi-humans yesterday, and he is probably doing the same here. Adventurers are almost half of the strength of most states, after all.”

Billy explained to Svan about other things that made him think of that. It also made sense to him that was the case. Billy couldn’t even go to investigate since Uvish would just focus and attack other dungeons.

“With that in mind, I think it would be better if you could choose some guys that you can trust absolutely and then send them to those dungeons,” Billy said. “I will make some weapons for them to help the fight.”

“Is that going to be enough?” Svan asked. “They are enemies from other worlds, right? The enemy wouldn’t send weaklings that most people can deal with.”

“You guys are one of the most powerful groups around here, but that isn’t enough,” Billy said. “I will also talk with Felipe and ask him to send some of his guys to help and offer magic support.”

“… I suppose that might work,” Svan said after thinking for a short while. “Despite the past, we can do a lot when we combine our strengths. However, for how long do we need to keep doing that?”

“A few months, perhaps, until we manage to pass some techniques to as many people as possible,” Billy replied. “Most of the enemies have those skills that make your whole body stronger, and that is what makes most of us weaker if compared to most enemies out there.”

“I see… anyway, this isn’t like me, to question so many things instead of fighting,” Svan said. “I am getting old, I guess. I have been doing a lot of thinking after the incident with the floating islands.”

“You aren’t alone on that, but while it isn’t like to say that, you shouldn’t think too much about it,” Billy said. “The enemy wants to make us hesitate in order to capitalize with those cheap tricks. You need to understand that he is desperate enough to use that kind of tactic instead of facing us. Someone like that doesn’t deserve to be feared by us.”

“Hahaha, that sounds like something I would have said in my youth,” Svan said while laughing loudly. “Well done, kiddo. Well done. I will look for the morons that are stupid enough like us to follow that mindset. Just to be sure that we won’t forget this, perhaps we should stay a few weeks inside the dungeons and keep sharpening our fangs.”


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