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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 724: Again (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Not for long. People are dying here. If you don’t come when they need you, why would they help when you are the one in need?” Icarus asked.

Unfortunately, Icarus had a point… He couldn’t count on them if he failed to help them now. Unfortunately, his family and kids still were sleeping, and the same thing probably could be said about Lily and Alexander. Regardless, to prevent problems, he decided to make some clones and make them move to the other areas of the continent and fight in case the need arose.

“That will exhaust me if something happens, but I don’t have any other choice,” Billy thought. “Just in case, I should make a clone and let it rest in my bed.”

Once he did that, Billy used the tunnels to head to the demi-human continent as fast as he could. He was almost certain by now that Uvish was watching his moves and trying to get on his way as much as possible, but it was hard to imagine that he would go all out so soon…

“We should split up. I will tell the others to guard the northern and southern part of the continent, I will deal with the easter, and you will deal with the central and western part,” Billy said.

“All right, good call,” Billy said, and then he proceeded to send the message to Lucyna and Meryl.

Even with their speed, all of them would take a while to move around, so that was the best option. In any case, it didn’t take long for Billy to reach his destination, and he did the right thing in splitting them because Uvish split his forces as well, and Billy soon found some battlefields. This time, the invaders were a bunch of horned demi-humans, but unlike the ones on that continent, their skin was red, almost like it had been burned… They looked more like monsters than demi-humans.

Karras – Lv 420

HP: 16.500/ 16.500

MP: 16.500/ 16.500

SP: 16.500/ 16.500

Strength: 3350 + 1180

Speed: 3350 + 1180

Magic: 3350 + 1180

Endurance: 3350 + 1180

Dexterity: 3350 + 1180

Status Points: 00

Skills: Cursed Strike Lv 250,

Spells: Blood Manipulation Lv 420, Bloody Spear Lv 330, Bloody ArrowLv 330, Fly Lv 450

Passive: Pain Resistance Lv 350, Fire Resistance Lv 220, Cold Resistance Lv 220, Shock Resistance Lv 220, Poison Resistance Lv 220, Earth Resistance Lv 220, Brute Strength Lv 116, Toughness Lv 116, Quick Steps Lv 116, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 116, Regulation Lv 116

Skill Points: 00

Even their names made Billy think that his guess was right. Regardless, aside from their physical appearances, they stood out because they had dark wings on their back and a red spear was dripping blood… Probably their own.

When their enemies saw him, they immediately attacked Billy. It looked like using their head or sensing the difference in power wasn’t their forte. Regardless, Billy just attacked them with his Absolute Ice Bullets. Those fools tried to repel them, but their weapons and their arms froze instantly. Billy launched another wave of attacks, and they froze until they broke into pieces after landing.

You obtained 500 experience points.

You obtained 500 experience points.

You obtained 500 experience points.

Billy quickly began to fly and then began to kill the enemies. However, he decreased the power of some projectiles and only froze their legs until they were about to crack. When the enemies fell to the ground, Billy locked them in some holes, and he wanted to interrogate them later… Regardless, maybe it was because the monsters weren’t that strong or because the demi-humans in the area helped. Either way, this battle ended quite soon.

“Keep an eye on these guys. I will return for them soon enough,” Billy said, and then he began to fly to the nearest camp.

Once again, Billy found more of those demon-like creatures attacking Meryl’s former main base. Since the place had many demi-humans, they managed to fight back and prevent many deaths. However, some of the demi-humans had been hit, and now they had some weird marks around the wounds.

“You have been cursed… Alert all the others not to get hit by the spears no matter what!” Billy shouted.

Billy managed to get rid of the curse with a single use of Full Heal, but even so, the cost was too high, and he couldn’t use that skill all the time. In any case, information about the curses began to spread like wildfire. So, those who had short weapons focused on defense while the long ranged fighters did their thing. Unfortunately, the enemies could block even the most powerful arrows…

“Let’s see… This should help things a bit and save mana,” Billy thought when he enhanced the speed and strength of some demi-humans.

Thanks to Billy’s support, those demi-humans began to attack faster and cause more damage. At the same time, Billy gained half of the experience and a portion of the mana. It wasn’t a bad idea to help them from the back lines, but they could do a lot more once they learned Fierce Aura.

As if he was a firefighter, Billy moved around while buffing his allies. That was the most efficient way to fight, after all. Unfortunately, he soon realized that more enemies appeared in the places he had been…

“They are continuing to spawn here… How are things on your end?” Billy asked while using Telepathy.

“It is the same here. It doesn’t matter how many of them fall, and more keep coming eventually,” Icarus replied.

“Ah, this is so annoying… Do you think Uvish didn’t do anything in the last six weeks in order to prepare for this?” Lucyna asked.

“There is a chance that is the case, but it doesn’t look like these guys are clones…” Billy said while looking around.

It was the worst time for an attack like that. If he didn’t know any better, he would have said that Uvish waited until he was exhausted to do that. Still, annoying him wasn’t the sole reason for the attack…


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