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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 716: All out (3) Bahasa Indonesia

After making the five islands fall at suitable places, Billy kicked the clones that tried to escape in the back. He heard some bones cracking, and they couldn’t move much, but he couldn’t care less about that. Before the others could join him, he decided to ask some serious questions, but since Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl were faster, they arrived on time.

“What the hell…” Icarus said. “Werewolves and clones?”

“It seems that the clones aren’t under Uvish’s protection…” Billy said when he tried to steal their mana. “That makes things easier for me.”

Billy ended up killing four of them and then used Mind Control on the last one to get his answers. In any case, maybe because they were weaker clones, their souls were pretty small and didn’t grant him much experience.

The skill Fire Resistance received 200 experience points.

The skill Cold Resistance received 200 experience points.

The skill Shock Resistance received 200 experience points.

You recovered ten points of health, mana, and stamina.

“Tell us… what Uvish told you to do?” Billy asked.

“He said you were planning to attack us and that you would wipe us out unless we attacked first…” The clone said. “He said that you stole his powers and his body…”

“How would I attack someone that I didn’t even know existed until now?” Billy asked. “I guess it is easy to believe in nonsense when the speaker gives you so much in exchange. Did he also tell you to attack our cities in case the first fight doesn’t go well for you guys?”

“That is right…” The clone said.

“So, he was truly involved…” Icarus said. “That being said, we could have helped and prevented this whole mess if you had told us that you were going to attack first. Even though that idea was as insane as it could be.”

“If you guys had come, then we wouldn’t have had reacted in time if something different had happened,” Billy said. “Nevertheless, it is useless to think about what ifs… What else did he tell you?”

“That he would send help as long as we endured a bit,” the clone said.

“He is full of shit…” Billy said and then sighed. “It was just another thing to force you guys to try harder and cause more problems. Regardless of what kind of spell you guys use to make those floating islands, you don’t have enough mana to keep Mana Shield active, much less to know Telekinesis.”

“That is the power of those who selected to be the rulers of their worlds,” the clone said. “To obtain it, you need to be the strongest, or to be the only one alive in the world, or to be recognized by all of its inhabitants.”

“Things are taking a weird turn yet again…” Lucyna said.

“Ruler, huh…” Meryl said. “Uvish probably obtained that power after his first war. He was probably the only survivor and created copies of some humans to recover the population. The clones didn’t have the memories of what happened after the wars, so they lived their lives normally after them.”

“That explains the lack of documents or of any Intel between those periods, in any case…” Billy said and then sighed. “I would bet that we can’t do much as long as Uvish lives. We can only defend ourselves from the attacks…”

After a couple of minutes, the frost wyvern arrived and brought Billy’s siblings, his friends, and Totaic and Luso. They saw four of the clones dead and the fifth unconscious…

“Is it over?” Alexander asked.

“Not exactly. These guys thought that we were about to invade them because of Uvish,” Billy replied. “Now that their leader is dead, a new one will emerge and attempt the same.”

“Do you think they can control their world’s mana or something?” Lucyna asked.

“That would make sense… their leader had some shields that blocked my long-ranged attacks, but it wasn’t perfect,” Billy replied. “Regardless, these guys didn’t have that much mana, but since they were clones of the rulers, they used a shit ton of mana to emerge the floating islands…”

In any case, the whole process should take a while. The werewolves will be stupid if they think that attacking soon after suffering such a crushing defeat would be wise. Still, Billy had to prepare in case that happened. He used all his reserves, and he needed to recover them naturally. Taking experience from some skills was starting to take a toll…

He tried to steal the experience of some skills of the clone, and he also tried to steal their ability to recover themselves by causing damage, but that didn’t work… Nevertheless, Billy got some experience with his defensive skills and mana after converting the other half.

“… It seems that they are moving away…” Billy said when he used Temporal Vision.

“Well, that guy seemed leagues above the others, and you defeated him,” Alexander said. “The real question is: will they return?”

“Even if they return, we can’t chase them,” Billy said. “They can use that world’s mana to head to where they want to go. While we can move faster, we would be moving away from our base, and Uvish will have the chance to attack if that happens.”

“Well, I have enough action for today, so I am more than willing to go home now,” Icarus said. “When did my life become so weird? Fighting and trying to prevent floating islands from falling on cities it isn’t something I would even dream about…”

“Thanks for your help and reaction speed,” Billy said. “You guys should go and rest, and I will move around and tell the people that I know that the danger has passed. Do you want to use the frost wyvern to return?”

“Nah, it is fine,” Meryl said. “If we stay too long with one, then we will soon wish for our own. Next time, don’t try to surprise us with something so bombastic.”

“I can’t promise that,” Billy said and then shrugged.


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