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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 713: Trait (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Alexander and Natalie went to face their respective enemies on the opposite borders of the floating island. In contrast, Billy and the enemy leader had a staring contest. Billy couldn’t say how or why, but he felt that the enemy in front of him had actually managed to create that island and was planning to use it like an aircraft. It was a bit rustic, but it certainly had the same purposes as the flying castle that he saw in his memories, thanks to the innate skills that he obtained.

All of a sudden, Billy charged at the enemy after increasing his speed and then targeted the enemy’s head. However, the red werewolf reacted the very moment he began to move. His nails grew bigger and larger before he used them to stop Billy’s glaive. The enemy was pushed backward for a couple of meters, but only that…

Billy furrowed his eyebrows when he saw that… that couldn’t be simple nails, but he didn’t see anything special while looking at them. All of a sudden, the nails grew further and then almost pierced Billy’s eyes. He turned his head to the side, but his cheeks still were but by them a bit.

Billy enhanced his glaive with Wind Manipulation and he began to shock the enemy. The werewolf resisted for a while, thanks to its fur, but eventually, the enemy was forced to step back. Not like Billy gave him much time to rest… after using Flash, he aimed at the enemy’s stomach, but the werewolf stopped the blade of the glaive with his bare hands.

After opening his mouth and using Mana Cannon, Billy took the enemy by surprise. The werewolf was pushed backward for several meters, and some of his fur and the skin of his face got burned, but the wounds quickly began to regenerate… Billy didn’t feel healing magic at work, and the enemy didn’t damage him either.

“Is that his natural healing ability?” Billy thought while frowning.

The enemy attacked while Billy was thinking, and before he could get close enough, he swung his claws. The shockwave of that move had been so powerful that while Billy blocked it with his glaive, some wounds still opened in his arms, and blood began to fall from it. Once again, the enemy started to heal even faster because of the damage… the werewolves would be quite the troublesome bunch in long battles. That was another reason he couldn’t let them land…

When the enemy got close enough and used his claws, Billy enhanced his glaive with ice magic to block the attack. The werewolf hissed when he felt his claws freezing, but the ice didn’t last for that long. Billy was fine with that because he kicked the enemy’s stomach and then tried to use his powers in that short window of time… he attempted to steal experience, but he only got mana.

“Better than before since I got nothing, but…” Billy thought. “This is similar to Personal Domain… it completes nullify long-ranged attacks when they don’t have enough mana, and it is only half effective at close range.”

Billy didn’t want to believe that Uvish knew that technique from the beginning, but it wouldn’t surprise him if that were the case. It would be the only explanation as to why the werewolf could do something similar that is so effective against him.

The werewolf frowned a little when he realized what had happened. It seemed that his defenses weren’t perfect against Billy, and he couldn’t think of many ways to stop him from doing that. Despite such a thing, the werewolf charged at Billy again while launching the sonic claws. The long ranged attacks were too troublesome, and even though he wasn’t actively touching Billy, he still could recover health, so Billy used Flash to the side, and when the enemy got used to that, he increased his speed to the maximum and charged.

Much to Billy’s surprise, the guy still reached on time to block the attack. However, the impact sent him flying to the distance and outside the floating island. When that happened, the whole place began to fall apart…

“I guess he needs to be here for this structure to work…” Billy thought. “Nevertheless, what kind of spell has that kind of requirement? I never heard of that…”

Billy helped his friends and the dragon float since they were like five kilometers above ground level. While none of them would probably get hurt from the fall, it would be better to be careful of traps on the land. It seemed that Alexander and Natalie were doing fine. Still, they were having a hard time causing any real damage because the scratches they received revitalized the enemies…

When the group land, they confirmed that hundreds of werewolves had been killed by Billy’s attacks. The temperature around still was low, but they could endure it… Regardless, Alexander and Natalie resumed their fights, but Billy’s enemy still was pretending to be down…

“Is he trying to buy time for Uvish to do something?” Billy thought.

That was one hell of an annoying strategy… to think that he would plan the attack first and then do something like that when he was attacked… The enemy leader was the type that really rubbed Billy in the wrong way. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like he could kill him that easily without showing more than a few tricks… he had lightning reflexes, after all.

“It can’t be helped…” Billy thought when he had a certain idea.

Without wasting time, Billy dashed toward the crater where the enemy was, and then he saw him getting extremely fast as well. Billy had a hard time controlling his anger, but he knew he would calm down once he cut the neck of that asshole.

The werewolf assumed his defensive stance again, but then when Billy charged using his glaive and swung it, the enemy blocked again. However, the arms of the enemy began to freeze…

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