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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 710: Invasion (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you sure about that, Billy?” Kate asked. “If those two die…”

“There isn’t much I can do here. Telling them that they can’t go will make us look suspicious,” Billy explained.

“Don’t worry. They are smart enough not to try anything beyond their skills,” Natalie said. “The real issue is Billy. Without his armor, he will definitely try to fight to toughest enemies, and he will have to count solely on his body for that.”

“I am not made of glass, but if you are that worried, I guess I can just measure the strength of the enemy from a distance,” Billy said. “It is quite fun to attack them from a distance, after all. In any case, don’t drop your guards while we are away. There Is no telling what the enemies might pull off.”

Everyone nodded, and then they left the meeting hall. Billy’s kids noticed that something had happened, so they looked a bit worried. Billy wished that he could ease their worries, but he really didn’t have time for that…

“Don’t worry, papa will be back in the blink of an eye,” Billy said and then patted their heads.

They moved away from the village for as much as possible, but the place had so many visitors that they had to walk for a while. Billy didn’t want to scare anyone with the frost wyvern, so it couldn’t be helped.

Eventually, he jumped high enough in the air and then summoned the beast since the creature would destroy a good part of the forest. When the monster showed up, everyone opened their mouths in shock. Billy’s wives and friends knew that he had such power, even though he had hidden it for years, but they still couldn’t believe that he truly summoned something that powerful. It was way stronger than the dragons they faced during the tournament and looked as fearsome as hell.

Frost Wyvern – Lv 750

HP: 45.750/ 45.750

MP: 38.500/ 38.500

SP: 24.000/ 24.000

Strength: 3550 + 500

Speed: 1100 + 500

Magic: 6590 + 500

Endurance: 3020 + 500

Dexterity: 1550 + 500

Status Points: 00

Skills: Charge Lv 300, Bite Lv 300

Spells: IceBreath Lv 420, Fly Lv 300, Snow Storm Lv 400, Ice Spear Lv 350

Passive: Pain Resistance Lv 450, Cold Resistance Lv 1000, ColdImmunity Lv 700, Fire Resistance Lv 150, Shock Resistance Lv 140, Poison Resistance Lv 200, Fiery Aura Lv 300, Brute Strength Lv 100, Toughness Lv 100, Quick Steps Lv 100, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 100, Regulation Lv 100

Skill Points: 00

“Jump in and ready yourselves. It will be a difficult trip until we leave this planet,” Billy said.

It took a while for the others to recover, but eventually, they did it. Billy thought that Totaic and Luso would have a hard time jumping over three hundred meters, but they did it quite easily… They used their skills to help, though. In any case, once they began to hold the scales of the frost dragon, the creature began to fly upward, and as expected, things were pretty rough for a while. Still, things calmed down when they left the atmosphere.

While things got physically calm, emotionally, everyone looked shocked. It was their first time seeing in space, and when they realized that there wasn’t anything around and the distance between the words was massive, they felt something hard to put into words.

“The flying speed increased, but I can’t feel the body of the dragon moving all that much…” Natalie said.

“That is because he is using magic and there isn’t air around,” Billy explained. “If you try to fly high enough, you will feel less resistance and fly faster, but you won’t be able to breathe. Speaking of which, you guys tried to come to this kind of place on your own, don’t come without using Mana Shield. You will freeze insanely fast, and there is something around that will make you all sick.”

“Something like poison?” Alexander asked.

“More or less,” Billy replied.

Little by little, Billy increased the frozen wyvern speed. He couldn’t go all out because he was also transforming into mana, the experience that he got to Shamanism, Beastly Possession, and Spiritual Armament. Creating the frost wyvern only took one-fifth of his reserves, but he had to be careful…

During the whole trip, Totaic and Luso stayed silent. No one couldn’t blame them since their reality expanded so much all of a sudden. They barely left their state until now, and all of a sudden, they were heading to another world…

“Soon, we will reach our destination, and our goal is to prevent the enemies from landing on our world,” Billy said to make everyone focus. “We should count that the enemies have a large army at our disposal, but probably some strong and smart generals to deal with them. Against those types, you should move away from them and leave them to me, Natalie, and Alexander. We have higher defense, after all.”

“You heard him, Samuel,” Samara said. “Don’t try to show off and focus on the mission. We have to cover their backs.”

“I wouldn’t do something stupid in a situation like this…” Samuel said. “Billy taught me a long time ago the value of a cool head and the power playing smart against our enemies.”

Samara frowned since that was something he should have learned a long time ago. In any case, it would be hard for Totaic and Luso to offer long ranged support since they were melee fighters. Billy considered making them some crossbows, but it wasn’t a weapon that they were used to…

“We can use long-ranged attacks, so you don’t have to worry,” Totaic said. “While it isn’t our specialty, it will be enough to bother most types of enemies.”

“All right then,” Billy said.

Just to be safe, Billy decided to use Guardian Aura on them. With Natalie and Alexander on the Frontline and with Billy giving them support, most enemies wouldn’t be able to reach them, but caution was always welcome.


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