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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 71: Conflict (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Horses, ravens… Billy knew that they existed in that world, but it was rare to find normal animals since they were also targeted by monsters. Most likely, the people beyond the river were raising and protecting them from making good use of those. Still, he wondered if the others had understood what that guy meant… they didn’t know that messages could be written down… yet.

In any case, from the army of six hundred, only fifty left the area and guided Billy and the others toward the East. After passing through a grove, the group opened their eyes widely when they saw many cultivating fields in the distance. Billy had already seen things like that, so he wasn’t surprised, but for the others who just recently started to cultivate some veggies, that sure was a sight to behold.

“Wow… how many people can they feed all over the year with so many fields?” Alexander asked.

“A few thousand… if they only use grains, but if they also raise cattle, than a few dozen thousand is also possible,” Billy replied.

“You guessed right,” Pierre said without hiding his surprise. “You are his son, right? What is your name?”

“Billy,” Billy replied.

“You have good eyes and quite the presence for someone so young,” Pierre said. “Didn’t you raise cattle and plant vegetables and grains?”

“The many tribes over that area only stopped fighting against each other recently, so we are beginners when it comes to agriculture,” Edward said. “We mostly hunt to eat and get fruits from some groves across our region.”

“It must be rough… but I can see a great figure ahead of you considering that you are halfway through building a bridge on that river,” Pierre said. “We always had some trouble when we tried to cross the river.”

That made Billy confirm that they didn’t have people that could use magic. That was good to know… because it showed how much developed their territory was, considering that they could cultivate dozens of massive fields without the use of magic. In any case, a lot of people were cultivating those fields, but their strength was so-so. At the highest, the farmers were at level fifteen. There was a road between the fields, and they followed those. Thanks to it, their group was drawing a lot of attention.

After walking for two hours, they reached a village that was half of the size of their town. It didn’t seem that impressive considering the size alone, but the houses were a lot neater than their own. They were also made of wood, so they didn’t have that rough feeling. As for the villagers, they were wearing some clothes that were a mix of cotton and leather. The streets weren’t paved with brick-like their town, but the ground still was pretty even.

“This is a pretty well developed village,” Edward said. “I am surprised your lord doesn’t live here.”

“This is mostly a village that we use to stock food,” Pierre explained. “Our lord is currently living pretty far away from his home because we are facing some problems.”

Probably militaristic problems… but no one could ask since it would be the same as prying on the business of the people who might and might not become allies in the future. Considering Edward’s attitude, he would be willing to accept many demands as long as he can form a commercial threat with the lord. It was so obvious that he wanted to buy iron, cotton, grains, vegetables…

“Now that I thought about it… he sure wants to improve the lifestyle of the people in that town, but… no,” Billy shook his head. “His first intention was to explore the regions beyond the river, this meeting with another society happened purely by chance.”

“We will use some carriages on the other side of the village, I hope you don’t mind staying inside them for a few days,” Pierre said.

Aside from Billy, no one knew what carriages were, but they could imagine that it was some sort of means of transportation. In any case, while the others were imagining that, Billy saw a shop selling knives to a random person, and that person paid gold coins for those… even in their town, they didn’t have gold coins. Only copper and silver. Still, it was weird that they used the same currency. Was it a coincidence, or did someone who lived in that area move to the region beyond the river? If that were the case, some histories should have passed down… unless the people who moved had moved a very long time ago.

In any case, the group found two carriages and several horses waiting for them. Considering the number of horses, the guards were planning to escort them for those five days. Regardless, the group entered the vehicles, and most of them looked pretty excited since it was like a house that could move. The seats were even more comfortable than their beds.

“You are awfully quiet, Billy,” Drew said while looking toward his friends, enjoying the softness of the seats.

“Would it be better if I were to act like them?” Billy asked.

“No, but…” Drew frowned.

“I am just thinking that the world really is vast like you said,” Billy said.

In fact, Billy was more worried about the future. He had yet to know everything about this new area, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t as peaceful as it looked. Most likely, the tribes would have to get involved in the conflicts and politics of that new part of the world, and considering that their size was small, they probably would end up being targeted as the weak link in any possible alliances they might make.

“I suppose I can’t be so negative about this…” Billy thought. “It is not like I dislike fighting and I can’t just lazily live my second life.. Let’s enjoy the hardships and the easy times of this new life to the fullest.”


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