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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 708: Invasion (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Sinking everything to the ground was possible, and he would save time, but it would be a waste… So, Billy decided to absorb all the mana there.

You obtained 5000 experience points.

You have learned Spiritual Armament.

You obtained 5000 experience points.

You have learned Shamanism.

You obtained 5000 experience points.

You have learned Beastly Possession.

Billy nodded in satisfaction when he made some weapons disappear with his powers. He learned those skills, and he finally could understand how they worked. However, he still couldn’t use them. In order for them to be used without the cost of mana, he would have to make a contract with spirits, control spirits of humans to become his armor when he needed and then look for the elementals and convince them to help him.

“Since I have the skills, I should be able to find them… Nevertheless, I am still surprised that elementals are a thing in this world,” Billy thought.

Billy continued to work, making the items disappear as fast as possible. He had to take a few breaks to gather some extra mana, but overall, the job was finished in the morning of the next day.

“All right… let’s get the hell out of here,” Billy thought after a long sigh.

Billy found the still recovering tribesmen walking, and by the look of things, they still were in the middle of the path. The golems were working as fast as they could walk, so the speed wasn’t truly a problem… for them, but it was for Billy, so he used his accumulated mana to speed things up.

To make things easier for the others, Billy also made a few carts for the golems to pull and for the tribesmen to be carried. Thanks to that, they arrived in the main village at noon. To avoid some problems, Billy put some chains on the merchants even though they were completely obedient to him. Still, the others ignored that and just celebrated the return of those that had been captured.

“Oh, man… we worked for a week to gather bandits and the prisoners, and Billy still did much more than us by himself in three days,” Alexander said.

“How many times do I have to say not to compare yourself with others…” Billy said and then sighed. “People can do things that some others can’t, like teaching others. I am not patient enough to do that. By the way, how are the progress here?”

“They are doing well. Some people even managed to learn a bit of magic,” Sarah replied. “I realized that they are more suited for support magic, so I am teaching that to them.”

“Makes sense since their main skills do exactly that,” Billy said while looking around and seeing some weird vestiges of aura in the air.

“What is wrong?” Kate asked. “It looks like you are looking at something invisible…”

“No, it is nothing,” Billy replied. “Anyway, I finished things in the city, and they won’t do anything to these people again. Before you ask how I was very convincing, and some of them died. The others would be more useful alive.”

“I am okay with that. The people here are also happy, so everything is fine,” Lily said.

“Anyway, let’s hurry things up here,” Billy said. “I will do my best to help with the training without having to actually teach anyone anything.”

Billy made his clones disappear, even though he was planning on making them look for the spirits around. He wondered if those things in the air were vestiges of them… it shouldn’t be hard to find them that way. Nevertheless, to those who wanted to train harder with the weights, Billy made them heavier and also used Gravity magic. To the others who wanted to use more magic, he helped them with the basics to form their own spiritual cores.

It seemed that things would be fine in a week, and they would be ready to move on. However, things got weird on the third night after Billy’s return. Some kids were messing with the telescope, and they began to make noise.

“Don’t fight over that,” Billy said. “You should have stopped them, Lily.”

“They aren’t fighting. They saw something weird,” Lily replied. “A new world that they didn’t see before.”

“Well, it would have been weird if they were able to see all the planets nearby this one,” Billy said and then shrugged.

“They more or less managed to see all of them with the limits of the telescope five days ago,” Lily replied. “However, a new one appeared and, apparently, is growing bigger.”

“What?” Billy asked. “Let me see it.”

Billy didn’t like the sound of that, and he took a good look at the planet mentioned. It was basically all green, and it wasn’t one of those that he had seen before. Billy wondered if he should have paid more attention and created some telescopes around to have a surveillance system.

Regardless, it wasn’t even hard to notice… the green planet was truly approaching… to think that someone could actually use planets like vehicles… that was really insane, even though Billy had already confirmed that.

“I guess I will have to make some clones to work solely on that, on keeping watching the space to prevent surprise attacks,” Billy thought and then used Telepathy and created a chat room with Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl. “We might have a problem. It seems that another planet is heading toward this one.”

“Are you serious…” Icarus said, and Billy imagined him facepalming.

“We aren’t ready to fight here. Life barely returned to normal,” Meryl said.

“Do you know where the enemy will land? They won’t make the worlds collide, right?” Lucyna asked.

“I don’t think so, this quick attack is probably caused by Uvish intervention, but he isn’t trying to protect the world and his existence, so that is unlikely,” Billy explained. “Still, it is hard to understand what someone insane might do or is thinking. We will have to prepare for the next fight… they probably will arrive tomorrow.”


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