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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 702: Clone (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy frowned. His Fire Resistance wasn’t at his heat resistance and immunity level. Still, it should have been able to protect him from an attack of that level… He didn’t even feel mana leaving the tall man’s body.

When he saw his body being stopped, the tall man jumped backward. He was surprisingly agile for his size… Nevertheless, the aura around him changed, and his face became serious. In the next moment, he charged toward Billy again and began to punch him.

Although Billy stopped the punches, he still felt some sort of Aura around the fists, scratching his hands. While they weren’t ignoring his defense, it wasn’t a bad attack per se… Still, it wasn’t an ability that could be copied with mana alone. Even with Absolute Mimicry, Billy couldn’t copy it, and he understood that the reason was that the skill needed some sort of preparation beforehand. Or he needed to be more forceful.

“Oh, you aren’t half bad…” The tall man said. “I will get a bit more serious, then.”

The man fixed his stance after moving his legs to the side. It was the perfect chance to attack, but Billy decided to check what his trick was. In the end, he felt some sort of entity approaching and entering that guy’s body. The entity is just a mass of mana like Billy saw with Uvish. It had more or less an elemental form, and it seemed like a ghost made of wind.

“Is that Shamanism?” Billy asked.

The tall man didn’t answer, and he was too focused on controlling the elemental spirit controlling his body. Billy thought that he had seen pretty much everything that the world had to offer when it came to magic, but it seemed that he was wrong.

The tall man charged even faster than before, and Billy didn’t even hear the sound of his movements. He tried to block the attack again, but this time he was pushed backward, and his left arm began to be whipped by the blades of wind coming from that guy’s body.

The tall guy clicked his tongue in annoyance since Billy was taking that way too well. Some blood was leaving from the wounds caused by the wind, but it was an amount that could be ignored.

The tall man kept punching Billy and hoping to overpower him. Still, he only pushed him back a few centimeters each strike. There was no way someone who stayed in that state their entire lives would be able to overpower power. In the end, Billy decides to punch the tall man’s face and force him to get serious. Still, a new aura suddenly appeared in his body and then created a transparent full plate armor. The armor blocked Billy’s attack but forced the enemy to move backward for a few steps.

“Another thing that I can’t copy… I can see now why those skills aren’t in the shop,” Billy thought.

Most likely, those skills required the help of things like the spirits of the forest or spirits of animals to help them to use those. The transparent armor seemed like it was made of mana, but after taking a closer look, he confirmed that it was made of something between that and spirits.

“I guess I already saw their skills. Now I just need to find a way to copy them,” Billy thought. “The requirements should be a bit complicated, but not that hard.”

The tall man’s aura changed again, but before he could do anything else, Billy approached with Flash and then punched him in the stomach. He bent his body forward and then fell to his knees, but even though his health reached critical levels, he didn’t collapse. In the end, Billy buried him up to his neck with magic. When the others tried to attack, Billy did the same…

“You said that they were going to attack me, but they can’t now,” Billy asked. “So, what is going to be? Will your state be annihilated because of bad decisions like yours, or are you going to work with others to prevent the destruction of the entire world?”

“How dare you ask that? When your people attack and enslave our people?” The tall man asked.

“We aren’t the ones who did that, and my friends are solving that problem. If you want to confirm that, you can ask Totaic yourself,” Billy said. “Anyway, if you want to become stronger and avoid being folded like this again, you and your friends will head there. If you don’t, then the next time you won’t be helped when someone comes to attack your village again.”

“… How do you know that such a thing happened?” The tall man asked.

“You should ask Totaic. You will believe his words instead of mine,” Billy replied.

After making everyone emerge from the holes again, Billy moved from the area. He didn’t want to believe that all the tribes would be that troublesome to deal with, but he had to be cautious. With that in mind, he decided to make some clones of himself to find the other camps, and that should speed things up a bit…

“Still, an actual clone would be way too weird… An elemental clone would be suspicious as well,” Billy thought. “Let’s see what I can do about this…”

Like the shadow clone technique, Billy wanted to make his clones do things for him to make his work and life more efficient. Their memories had to be sent to him once they disappeared, but how could he do that for that to happen?

After analyzing his skills, Billy came up with a solution… First of all, he created something similar to a dungeon core, but instead of making one that would think like one, he transmitted his will to it with Mind Control. That was probably what made Zenis feel so confused when he got the other innate skills. Still, Billy only tested that, and he didn’t think that he could Mind Control his own mana… After that, he made the core learn Shapeshifting and thus became him.


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