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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 701: Legend (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone nodded, and then they decided to move as soon as possible. Time wasn’t something that they had a lot to waste, after all. In any case, Billy decided to talk with Lucyna to see if she wanted to participate in that. Still, in the end, she said that she was too busy and didn’t have time to deal with the problems caused by small fries.

“She has a point, but it seems she doesn’t realize that things are like things because she did a bad job…” Billy thought and then sighed. “She changed a bit…”

Anyway, Billy asked Totaic if he had a map of where he could find the other tribes, but it seemed that he didn’t have it. At least half of the tribes changed their base every year, so maps were half useless. It was a pain, but Billy will have to look for them while flying from above. Fortunately, he will have the chance to see them fighting and, thus, copy their skills.

“Also, don’t kill the bandits and those working with them. It would be a waste,” Billy said. “Let’s make them pay for their crimes for the rest of their lives.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lily said.

While she didn’t stay with them for too long, it seemed that Lily liked them quite a bit, to the point that their rage became her age. She wanted to deal with bandits as much as the tribesmen. Still, that eagerness could become a problem. Fortunately, she wasn’t alone.

Without wasting any more time, everyone began to move. Billy left the vehicle behind because he could be faster with Flash and even faster with Acceleration Manipulation. In any case, it didn’t take long for Billy to find the nearest village. It was thirty kilometers away from the main one, after all. Still, unlike the previous one, the guards pointed their weapons at him… and charged for attacking, thinking too much.

During that time, Billy saw their mana assuming a weird shape in their arms. Billy used Mana Shield and Reflect. The tribesmen were pushed backward and rolled on the ground several times when the energy was sent back at them.

“I suppose using magic won’t be enough since they won’t wouldn’t be able to understand what happened,'” Billy thought.

While the enemies were getting up, Billy kept looking at the mana in their arms. It wasn’t raw mana, so he couldn’t just copy it, and it has some other properties… In any case, those guys tried to get up, and they looked pretty pissed instead of angry or tired. Thanks to that, he noticed that they had a weird aura emanating from their back as well.

In any case, they charged again with their spears in their hands. This time, Billy grabbed each one of them faster than they could see and then pushed their weapons backward, making those hit them in the stomach with the butts of their lances. When they got hit and passed out, some hidden behind trees and armed with bows appeared.

” I don’t have time for this…” Billy said and then used his acceleration manipulation.

Before they could shoot, the archers got hit in their stomachs, making them lose all the air in their lungs. Naturally, they fell to their knees and gasped for air before they saw Billy staring at them from above.

“Totaic sends me here. I want to talk to your leader,” Billy said.

The tribesmen didn’t know what to do. They didn’t even know how they were defeated, and while they were clearly spared, they didn’t want to bring someone so dangerous to their base where their families were.

Billy sighed when he saw the hesitation in their eyes. He didn’t have time for that, so he dashed ahead. In the end, he found other guards, but he made them fall into holes that appeared below them.

“Whoever is the leader of this place, I challenge you to a duel… shit, this is so embarrassing,” Billy muttered. “Show up now because your men can’t stop me.”

Billy would have sent someone else to do the job if it weren’t necessary. Although he kept his neutral expression as much as possible, he thought that it would be better to rampage for a while and then convince everyone with brute strength alone and send them to Totaic’s base.

“Stranger… you are either brave or foolish to invade my territory and challenge me,” An almost two and a half meters tall buffed man left one of the huts of the village.

Billy could feel a weird aura coming from that guy, and while it wasn’t his specialty, he could tell that he had more than a few tricks up his sleeve. It felt like he had many layers of mana around his body, even though he obviously was a plain warrior. In any case, while he had a shaved head, he had many red stripes painted on his head and across his body.

“The rules of the tribes say that you all will have to obey me upon your defeat,” Billy said. “Do you acknowledge that?”

“Hahaha, of course, I acknowledge that,” the tall man said. “However, that rule only applies to others like us, and not to a stranger… If by some miracle you manage to defeat me, the others will be ready to kill you.”

They sure were a difficult bunch. Billy could feel most of them surrounding the area. The news about how he defeated the guard should have traveled to some of the villagers, but they still would try to pull that off…

Billy felt like sighing. The job seemed to be a lot more annoying than he had planned. Still, might as well make good use of that chance and learn everything that man could do… The tall man suddenly charged and then tried to smash Billy with a Body Slam, but Billy stopped the charge with his left hand. Despite that, he felt his left-hand burning…


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