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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 694: Event (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy decided to make a low-budget version of the previous mirror and told them to use it. They confirmed that they could see the exact actions that they took before arriving at that place. However, it costs a lot of mana.

“We have two options,” Billy said after returning the mirror. “Focus on learning about the past using Temporal Vision or use our mana to forcefully create a dungeon core here. Come to think of it, I can make a mirror powered by a core that will show the past and keep moving even further as it absorbs mana. So, we don’t have to choose between either.”

Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl sighed. Billy sure had a knack for finishing the tension caused by some problems. In any case, they first had to find a way on how to create a dungeon core. Instead of wondering about that, Billy just used his mana and Absolute Conversion to make the copy of a crystal. Since he used one of his reservoirs, the crystal became the size of his fist, but it didn’t emit as much mana as even the first core that he ever saw.

“Hey, this small… the energy also seemed weak,” Icarus said

“Then your turn is the next. Let’s compare which one is bigger,” Billy said.

“You guys’ choice of words is so misleading…” Lucyna said and then facepalmed. “Size isn’t everything you know.”

Billy wondered if she was saying that because she had some modest breast size, but real men don’t care about that. Boobs are filled with men’s hopes and dreams. Flat is justice and perfectly balanced as all things should be. All sizes had the same value for Billy. It didn’t matter that Natalie had some crazy bazoongas, that Kate was a bit flat-chested, and that Sarah was in between. He loved them all and their breasts.

“Putting that aside, can you feel the core draining the mana around?” Meryl asked.

“Yes, but it’s a bit weak, even though I tried to make a copy of the previous core,” Billy replied. “Probably because I tried to control the amount of mana used.”

The others had even larger mana pools now, thanks to the dungeon cores they absorbed, so they used their mana to feed it. Little by little, the core began to grow and glow… Billy also began to feel a will coming from it since his mana was what originated it. He almost could hear a voice asking him for orders.

“I don’t like this… The core is communicating with me,” Billy said. “It seems that they can follow the orders of their creators, and you guys absorbed something made by Uvish.”

“While that is concerning, I can’t feel anything wrong with us,” Meryl said. “Besides, Uvish would have controlled us during that fight if there was some sort of risk.”

Meryl had a point, but Billy still was a bit worried, and it would be better to keep a close watch on them just in case. Nevertheless, Billy confirmed that mana could obtain something akin to conscience when large amounts of it were reunited on a single spot.

“I guess mana can become something like an AI… That would explain why our systems work this way and even have a skill shop,” Billy said.

“… This is reaching quite the crazy realm, all these discoveries, and information,” Lucyna said. “I suppose this is the result of obtaining the knowledge and powers of someone who lived for thousands of years.”

“Anyway, what can the core do?” Icarus asked.

“No idea,” Billy replied.

Billy decided to test that. While he wanted to revive the dungeon, that could wait for a short while. Unfortunately, the core couldn’t do much aside from moving around since Billy didn’t use any catalyst to strengthen the core. He could pass the knowledge of how to use spells or how to summon monsters, but those were rather limiting. It would be more efficient if the creature obtained a single species’s blood and worked to make them spawn. Nevertheless, he could do some research about it later.

“How fast can you guys recover all the mana in your cores?” Billy asked.

“Around fifteen days had passed since that fight where we used everything, but only around ten percent has been recovered,” Meryl replied.

“Mine is five percent,” Icarus said.

“Mine is also ten percent,” Lucyna replied.

“As expected, it will take a while for the cores to become full again… I suppose when the core reaches its limit, a dungeon break happens,” Billy said. “Let’s take our time feeding the dungeon core to prevent the worst-case scenario.”

The dungeon core would improve by itself over time, so leaving it by itself was also another option. Nevertheless, Billy summoned a tyrant the same way he recalled and then made the core absorb it. While the core was glowing and working, he wondered if it wouldn’t have been better if he had summoned the silver dragon that was the original boss of the dungeon, but that was too late.

Eventually, the core stopped glowing and waited for Billy’s next orders. He gave the order to make the core spawn the most powerful tyrants the core could whenever possible and when someone showed up inside the dungeon. It didn’t take long for the silver dragon to show up since they were inside the dungeon.

Silver Dragon – Lv 20

HP: 755/ 755

MP: 560/ 560

SP: 580/ 580

Strength: 135 + 05

Speed: 135 + 05

Magic: 135 + 05

Endurance: 135 + 05

Dexterity: 135 + 05

Status Points: 00

Skills: Roar Lv 10, Steel Claws Lv 10

Spells: Mana Cannon Lv 20, Poisonous Cannon Lv 20

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 01, Cold Resistance Lv 01, Fire Resistance Lv 01, Wind Resistance Lv 01, Poison Resistance Lv 01, Shock Resistance Lv 01, Brute Strength Lv 01, Quick Legs Lv 01, Toughness Lv 01, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 01, Enhanced Dexterity Lv 01, Draconic Heart Lv 01, Draconic Mind Lv 01, Dragonic Body Lv 01

Skill Points: 00

“It is a lot weaker than I remember…” Lucyna said.

“That is because the core is too weak to summon a monster as powerful as the original,” Billy replied while looking at the two meters long flying dragon.


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