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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 683: Return (3) Bahasa Indonesia

When Billy’s armor began to crack again, he realized that he had to do something as fast as he could. Still, it was hard to find the right moment when the enemy was just folding him with physical attacks and not massive spells…

In the end, he tried to block one of the sword strikes with his left hand, and then he used Gugnir. However, Zenis was particularly cautious of that skill, so he moved away as fast as possible. Billy did well in not using too much energy on that attack. Nevertheless, he finally had the chance to take a break, but not for long. Zenis approached again, and they were getting closer to another populated area.

“Shit… this is the worst,” Billy thought.

If he couldn’t make it up with speed, Billy had to try his best with his physical strength and endurance. That wasn’t something he usually would use in himself, but he used Emotional Control and then made his blood boil with Rage.

The skill Rage has leveled up.

The skill Rage has leveled up.

The skill Rage has leveled up.

Billy charged at the enemy and then swung his glaive with all his might, Zenis tried to block it with one of his swords, but the impact sent him flying for dozens of meters to the side. Billy didn’t stop there, and he charged again… The enemy used its speed to fly around him and attack his back, and while the armor got hit, his extra endurance made Billy resist the strike and swing his glaive in a wide arc again.

Zenis clenched his teeth when he saw someone withstanding his best attacks like that… so he relied on the spikes emerging from his armor to attack again. With each of those attacks, Billy’s armor was suffering more and more damage, but he ignored that and kept attacking as well.

Zenis used his sword to block his attacks while the spikes caused the damage, and he frowned when he saw his sword strike. He was using one hand to attack with each sword, but even so… he had the impulse granted by his extra speed, but he was still losing. When he saw some parts of the armor breaking apart, he saw Billy’s body red and emitting some steam. His muscles were also bulging like they were about to explode. He was using several physical buffs to increase his physical strength…

With each passing second, Billy’s strength was increasing, and with each attempt to block his attacks, Zenis was pushed backward more and more. Eventually, Billy’s armor had several holes on them, and he started to bleed when he got hit in those spots. However, Zenis was beginning to sweat bullets, and he was starting to rely more and more on the spikes to defend as well.

“To push me against the wall this much…” Zenis said.

Zenis insisted on the trade, but when they stopped moving in the air and only attacked without care, Billy was the one who won the trade. Or at least he didn’t show many weaknesses as Zenis did… all the impact caused by his attacks caused many vibrations on Zenis’ bones. His fingers had swollen a long time ago, and his hand was going to soon become like that.

“Even in that state… he still can control his Personal Domain to decrease the power of my attacks,” Zenis thought. “I can’t let him keep doing that…”

Zenis made some Gatling guns emerge from his armor, and they flew around to surround Billy. At the same time, he emitted a dark aura that almost overwhelmed Billy instantly. His Emotional Control lost its effects, and his body cooled down thanks to the fear that the enemy was making him feel.

Before Billy could recover, the Gatling guns began to fire dark bullets that caused direct damage to his health even when they barely scratched him. They were bullets made in the purest form of the enemy’s mana added with the power of Damage Control. Not even his personal domain helped him since he couldn’t focus on a single spot to absorb the energy…

To counterattack, Billy used that chance to turn all the experience Rage obtained with Emotional Control before it was too late. He only noticed that now, but it was a pretty good way to get free mana… Nevertheless, Billy activated Mana Shield and then used Reflect. Once the dark aura and the projectiles were repelled, destroying the machine guns and stopping Zenis for a second, Billy charged and thrust his blade toward the neck of the enemy. Zenis used his swords to block the strike, but he regretted that when Billy used Gungnir.

A massive explosion happened, and the shockwave caused by it made Billy spin in the air for hundreds of meters. Meanwhile, Zenis was thrown in the opposite direction and only stopped when his body collided with a mountain. Billy recovered and confirmed that he succeeded, but he saw some cracks appearing in his glaive… he used too much mana in it.

“I can never take a break…” Billy thought.

Billy had used his personal domain to decrease the effectiveness of the enemy’s armor, and the weapon ended up overloaded with mana. Even if it was made of diamond, it could only endure so much power.

Regardless, Zenis began to fly again, and he looked even more pissed than usual. His personal domain could almost be seen from a distance, and it was emanating a dark Aura. Billy was pretty sure that one couldn’t change their personal domain once they determined an effect for them… maybe the technique was just reacting to the enemy’s mana.

Billy confirmed those thoughts when Zenis suddenly approached and then attacked him. He sure was someone who had a hard time learning from their mistakes… Nevertheless, while he was trying to resist the massive rush of attacks, Billy felt his body being damaged by the Aura, making his body freeze out of fear… Zenis’ innate skills were affecting his personal domain…


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