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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 682: Return (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone left the temple, and then they saw the dark sphere being pushed back while it was decreasing in size. Right above the barrier, they saw a weird figure with half-destroyed armor pulling and absorbing all the energy of the attack. It was hard not to recognize him. Besides, only someone insane as Billy would have the courage to try to block the attack like that. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything to help.

“Billy!” Kate shouted.

“He really returned… I have no idea how, though,” Icarus said. “It would be inhumane of him to learn how to control space-time in a few days…”

Billy wished that he could answer them, but he was too busy using all his might to keep his Personal Domain stable to stop the dark sphere and prevent it from exploding. He was absorbing a shit ton of mana, but he was using all of that to prevent the worst…

Zenis was as enraged as he was surprised by Billy’s return… He didn’t use space magic to Teleport. He saw him flying and coming from space… That was simply insane. Even with his powers, he shouldn’t be able to cross an entire Solar system in a few days. Unfortunately for him, Zenis was too busy controlling the attack, so he couldn’t go and attack Billy. He tried to infuse more mana on the dark sphere, but Billy was absorbing it faster. He had gotten a lot better at controlling his Personal Domain.

“Damn you…” Zenis said while clenching his teeth..

“You shouldn’t have said that now… those were supposed to be your lame dying words,” Billy said.

Although Billy was joking around, it was a fact that he was in a bind. He had returned, but he would need some time for his Personal Domain to obtain all that much energy, and he was already exhausted thanks to the previous fight, the fact that he had been awake for perhaps a week.

Not to mention, everyone else also looked to be in similar conditions. After he deals with the dark sphere, Zenis won’t joke anymore, and his attacks will hit as hard as they can. Billy had returned without thinking of solutions to all his problems… he only found solutions to his first problem.

When the dark sphere disappeared, what Billy had expected happened. Zenis dashed at him at the speed of light and then impaled him with the massive swords in his arms. Well, almost, Billy’s domain stole some of the mana of the enemy’s armor, and they lost some of its piercing power. Despite that, he was sent flying until his back was smashed against the barrier of the temple city.

“Ah… he shouldn’t have done that,” Billy thought.

Billy’s personal domain began to absorb that mana as well, and when Zenis noticed that, he charged once again and began to swing his swords around. With each strike, fissures in the air began to appear and made the entire region vibrate. Billy moved his glaive on time to block some of the attacks, but he wasn’t fast enough to block all of them. He only wasn’t cut into pieces since he was two times slower because of his Personal Domain and Full-Heal.

“Just die! Just die! Just die already!” Zenis shouted.

Before Zenis could continue slicking Billy up, a powerful arrow suddenly landed on his face and made him fly to the distance. The moron was so mad that he was ignoring everything around him. Meryl’s arrow added with Icarus and Lucyna’s power helped Billy, but it didn’t change the fact that it only bought him some time. He found a way to return home, and now he needed a way to defeat the enemy, who was much faster and stronger than him.

“Taking the fight to ground level will put everyone else in danger, even though it will give me some assistance… I can’t do that,” Billy thought. “I guess I should copy him again…”

Before Zenis could return, Billy drained as much mana as possible from the barrier and then used the same mana to take the place of the broken parts of his armor with Mana Constructs. It wasn’t on the same level as Zenis’ armor, but it would offer him some defensive power. He was already at the limit, so he couldn’t afford to lose any more blood.

“Blood…” Billy thought while frowning a little.

Zenis returned before Billy could think of anything else, and then he resumed his furious attacks that could rend the ground and open fissures in the sky with its continuous swings that barely could be seen. Billy blocked the attacks while he was being pushed away from the barrier, but he used his glaive to drain the mana from the swords as well. In a fit of rage, Zenis ignored all that and attacked his armor.

When Billy was finally away from the barrier, Zenis made several spikes emerge from his armor and attacked him continuously. Blocking them was impossible, so he was continuously hit while they were flying at supersonic speeds toward the East.

“Damn… we can’t fly, so we can’t help,” Icarus said. “That is speed is even beyond Billy. Only I can see what is happening.”

“It seems that Billy can absorb some of the enemy’s power with a weird aura around him,” Natalie said. “Can you guys use your mana and pass it to him? That probably will help.”

“Weird aura that absorbs energy?” Meryl asked while frowning. “It is probably his own version of the technique that Zenis uses to block magic attacks… Sorry, we are still recovering from when he used in the barrier. Moreover, the problem is their difference in speed… even if Icarus help him for a short while.”

“It will only last for a couple of seconds…” Icarus said. “Zenis is using that much mana.

“Let’s follow him anyway. We will be able to be of some assistance,” Kate declared. “We need to be ready when the time comes for that.”


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