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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 679: Defense (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Only a few people were supposed to know that relics could grant and absorb mana from the surroundings, so Felipe and Beatrice quickly connected the dots. Meryl was the one who stole the relic before, but there was no time to dwell on that. No one could say when the enemy was going to attack, so they quickly retrieved the relic and passed it to them.

“Our cores aren’t as powerful as his, but we can do this,” Meryl said and then moved the relic to the others to touch it. “Let’s go.”

Icarus and Lucyna followed her lead and began to feed the relic with mana. At the same time, the magic shield that enveloped the temple began to expand to the whole city. Zenis furrowed his eyebrows when he saw what was happening. That was right, the enemies were annoying because they lacked in strength, but they could make up by using tricks like that. Unfortunately for them, he wasn’t planning to let things continue after that attack. Even if he had to wipe out that whole continent, he would finish things right at that moment.

After waiting for around twenty minutes, everyone inside the temple realized that it had turned night outside. No, that was wrong… the entire area had been covered by the dark sphere, and some even lost the strength of their legs. Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl began to sweat cold… the enemy was truly planning to destroy the whole continent with that attack…

Despite the severity of the situation, Natalie, Kate, Sarah, Alexander, and Lily put their hands on the relic as well to transfer their mana. Camila, Drew, Samuel, Samara, Nikola, and Lucy also followed them. They didn’t have as much mana as those three, but anything would be helpful at such a moment. Many others followed their lead as well…

When Zenis got satisfied with his attack, he finally decided to launch it. That technique takes too much time to get ready, and he is vulnerable during the whole time, so he didn’t like it… Still, things were about to end now in one way or the other. It didn’t take long for the whole sphere hit the barrier, and then both began to fight each other in a match of pure energy… while the barrier resisted, the whole region began to tremble and vibrate, creating fissures on the ground like it was made of glass…

—- —-

While the others were still preparing for the battle, Billy still was looking for clues around. He couldn’t feel any mana around, so his options were limited. Moreover, he eventually realized that the air was so thin in that world and breathing as hard, so his stamina was limited too.

“Where the fuck is this?” Billy asked. “Is this the holy day world of that asshole?”

Only a couple of hours had passed, but Billy’s patience was at his limit. He couldn’t believe that Zenis would attack the others so soon since he had caused a lot of damage, but he was wasting time there… He should strike while the iron is hot and when the enemy is wounded, after all.

In any case, Billy found a precipice ahead of him after a while, and he stopped to check things. The other side was dozens of kilometers away, and the whole thing looked too weird… In the first place, he was pretty sure that he was at an area at sea level.

“This is a hole…” Billy thought. “It wasn’t made by something fallen. It looked like the ground on this spot suddenly evaporated.”.

Billy knew that Zenis had the kind of power to do that… However, after analyzing the borders of the hole, Billy understood that it wasn’t something that had been made in the last thirty years, so he wasn’t the one who did it.

“Before staying in that dungeon, he was an ordinary leader and focused on building his territory,” Billy thought. “So, it doesn’t make sense that he knows about this world… Are their memories starting to overlap?”

That was the only explanation that Billy could think of. He recalled that Zenis was still preparing to fight some enemies and it seemed that they come from other worlds. Considering the place Billy was, he assumed that he was in one of those that had been destroyed due to some battle. That confirmed that Zenis couldn’t have gone to any other planet yet…

“He said that he wants to survive, but he also said that he was preparing for the fight… since the whole thing has been happening every five hundred years, I don’t think that a single fight would solve everything,” Billy thought. “He also said that once the last of them get the powers, then they will have all the answers… almost like the knowledge will come naturally alongside the powers…”

Regardless, that didn’t matter anymore… Billy just had to focus on going back home. Maybe learning more about that world would help him a little, but he didn’t have enough time for that.

After moving for a while longer, Billy realized that there were some signs of roads, and when he tried to follow them, he always found those massive holes. It looked like someone destroyed cities and towns as a hobby. Still, it was weird to see that only attacking those places managed to kill all sorts of life in that world aside from the vegetal ones… even those looked like they weren’t going to last for long.

Another weird thing was how the people managed to erase magic from that world when they clearly used some crazy spells to create those holes. It didn’t make any sense… Billy recalled what he saw when he was fighting Zenis… once he left the dungeon, the place was unable to draw the mana from the surroundings. Instead of that, he became the new spot where mana was gathering, but the rate wasn’t the same as before… even though it was pretty high.


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