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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 661: Zenis (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl opened their eyes widely when they noticed that Billy had become a reverse porcupine. Despite that, the slightly annoyed expression on Zenis’ face never disappeared. Eventually, they understood why… only a small amount of blood was leaving Billy’s body. His Fierce Aura increased his physical and magic resistance tremendously, and before the spikes could pierce him even further, he was using Full Heal. Still, that sure hurt a lot, and he had to counterattack.

The Skill Magic Absorbtion obtained 2000 experience points.

The Skill Magic Absorbtion obtained 2000 experience points.

The Skill Magic Absorbtion obtained 2000 experience points.

“You know… I can do this all day,” Billy said while forcing a smile.

Despite his words, some of Billy’s organs have already been pierced. He could only prevent critical damage because he was using Full-Heal every second using the mana he was stealing from Zenis. Also, thanks to that fact, Zenis was losing power the more his spikes pierced Billy’s body.

“How foolish,” Zenis said.

In the next moment, the clones finally caught up with Billy and turned their arms into blades while they targetted his head. Blocking or escaping that attack in such conditions would be difficult. Still, Billy stopped them by summoning some extra more swords made of mana. The enemies’ advance was blocked by those. Still, Billy remained surrounded.

Without any other choice, Zenis decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. He approached his arms toward Billy’s neck, but he was forced to jump backward when the frozen hydra finally made its move and tried to smash him with its nine heads. Billy tried not to rely on the monster during the battle, but things changed now that the enemy had clones.

The frozen hydra used its Ice Breath on the clones, and while they tried to escape, the scope range of the spell was too large. Eventually, with only a few enemies to be attacked, the temperature of the floor began to decrease massively as the floor started to freeze.

Zenis found that annoying and prepared to attack the frozen hydra. Still, Billy wouldn’t let such an expensive pet die that easily. He charged toward the enemy and grabbed his blade before swinging it downward with all his might. Zenis didn’t bother with the attack and left his armor due to the job for him. However, he regretted it a little. The vibration of the strike made his body feel weird…

Billy used the same attack again and again, and only when he lost twenty percent of his stamina did Zenis realize what Billy had done. He had Physical Disturbance, a skill that directly affects one’s stamina.

In the end, Zenis couldn’t afford to even let the vibrations of Billy’s attacks reach him… so he summoned the mercury sphere again and pushed him backward with numerous hits. He still had the advantage of raw power. He still had a nearly infinite supply of mana at his disposal… and yet, Zenis only felt more bothered for having to deal with such problems by someone so much weaker.

Zenis disliked the idea of his hard work being easily surpassed like that by someone more resourceful. In that aspect, he was different from Billy, who taught his friends pretty much everything he knew and learned. Regardless, in that situation, Zenis came to realize that he would only give Billy more room to grow if he kept holding back and using just the right amount of mana to satisfy what was left of his ego…

While his clones were being smashed by the frozen hydra, Zenis made up his mind… his armor began to change again, and while before it looked like some a frail armor that apparently didn’t weight much, after a couple of seconds, it became bigger and thicker, and it had too many spikes on the shoulders, elbows, fists, feet…

If the armor were darker or red, it would make him look like some sort of dark lord. Not a single part of his body could be seen now, so Billy had a hard time wondering how he could cause damage, not like he did any until now.

All of a sudden, Zenis charged toward Icarus and the others who were still busy with his mercury weapons. Billy didn’t even have the time to see that… He only saw after what happened… His speed had been so massive that it made the air vibrate, leaving spatial distortions in the space as well as increasing the temperature around…

Despite his Guardian’s Aura, Icarus was the first to go down. Zenis suddenly approached and then pierced his heart with a single punch. In that instant, Billy understood what had happened… Zenis used his anti-magic Aura to cancel the effects of the spell. As long as he decreases the size of his Aura and focuses on power, he can do that.

Billy tried to increase his speed to the max. Still, before he could intervene, Zenis grabbed Lucyna and Meryl by their necks and snapped them as well… All that happened in the next three seconds. If Billy hadn’t used Limited Foresight the moment the enemy’s armor began to change, he would have never had enough time to react.

When Zenis began to move to attack Icarus, he suddenly stopped. He also saw the future diverging from the one he knew… Instead of seeing, it was more accurate to say that he had a promotion. The final level of Limited Foresight could warn him that much.

In any case, while the others felt shivers because they felt their lives were at risk, Zenis was pushed backward after colliding against something Invisible. The impact that was capable of smashing the heads of dragons and making them fly for dozens of meters pushed him backward for a little bit as well… Eventually, Billy’s ninja suit appeared and made everyone frown. That certainly didn’t look like something you should see in a fantasy world…

“We truly are alike, aren’t we?” Zenis asked.


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