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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 655: Hydra (3) Bahasa Indonesia

After half an hour and losing some of the zombies on their side, the group finally managed to move forward a little bit despite the endless number of enemies coming. The frost hydra played an important role in that since the creature could use ice Brearh level one thousand in all its nine heads. Even against the other Hydras that had cold Resistance, the monster could easily win a direct fight one-on-one.

“I guess this is a fine example of how Jack of all trades kind of sucks in most situations,” Billy thought.

Still, despite the situation, the group was in a bind. They were using too much mana, and they didn’t have time to rest properly. Things soon enough would get troublesome if they don’t think of better ways to use their powers of strategies to deal with the enemies. Not like they had much time to do that in that kind of situation.

“Billy, can’t you summon ten more of those to help?” Icarus asked.

“What happened? We need to properly fight to get stronger, remember?” Billy asked. “You guys said that, even if it takes time…”

“Come on, don’t use our words against us,” Icarus said. “We will be forced to retreat at this rate.”

“Life isn’t that convenient… I can’t summon even one more of those,” Billy said. “Let’s see, and if you give me forty minutes to rest while I don’t lift a finger and you do all the fighting, I can summon another Frost Hydra.”

Icarus sighed… that was a lot worse than they had imagined. Lucyna and Meryl also were thinking that the help of another summons would be crucial… Billy still had some options left, but he didn’t know if they had the time for that.

“You know what, who wants to bet our chances on the hydras’ hearts?” Billy asked and then threw his glaive to Icarus. “Icarus, you are up. If you break my glaive, I will make a new one, using your broken bones.”

“Sometimes I don’t know if you are joking or not,” Icarus said and then went to dig a hole in the next hydra that had fallen.

Desperate times require drastic measures… Billy was quickly running out of mana as well, so his options were limited. In the end, the whole group had made mistakes during the mission, so they could only try to compensate for that. Taking their time while the people in the human continent were being attacked by super soldiers… trying to speedrun a dungeon that they had nothing of. The situation and their own interests forced them to choose that… but not all hope was lost.

Icarus finished digging the heart pretty soon, and for the first time in a while, he had the balls to eat the heart before Billy. Much to his surprise, he didn’t regret that.. moreover, the hydra’s heart gave him three status points to allocate and restored his health, mana, and stamina by one thousand points.

“Not bad, I guess,” Icarus said.

He quickly went to explain that to the others… yeah, it wasn’t half bad, but it was impossible for that to change the tide of the battle… the heart was as big as the others. It couldn’t be eaten that often. Billy sighed after that… using the blood of the monsters to make magic weapons to help the others wouldn’t do it either.

“I guess this is it…” Billy said when Icarus returned his glaive and looked at it.

The others frowned since it felt like Billy was giving up on the mission, but soon they realized that it wasn’t his goal. They looked at his glaive and then used Analyze and then their eyes opened widely… it was at level 0. The weapon was that powerful, and it still was at level 0 when Billy could have leveled it up many times in the last three years since he obtained it.

Diamond Glaive – Lv 0

STR + 300, SPE + 300

Durability: 515/600

It was time to get rid one of one of his limiters… when he first tested the glaive, Billy felt that it was too powerful if he enhanced that weapon even more. His growth would slow down since the fights would get a lot easier, but now he was fighting enemies that, even with that weapon, his options were extremely limited.

He had to choose… in the seriousness of that grave situation, and Billy did some math. His options were retreating and wasting more time on that mission and losing the chance of seeing his kids growing up and spending passionate nights with his wives or improving his glaive and then kicking the ass of the enemies… he didn’t even have to think about it.

Diamond Glaive – Lv 240

Pierce Lv 50, Bleed Lv 50, Paralysis Lv 50, Critical Lv 50

STR + 900, SPE + 900

Durability: 515/600

Billy used almost all his mana to improve his glaive and used the remaining to level up the effects. It was a risky move, but it was all that he could do now. In any case, while the extra parameters wouldn’t make Billy stronger, one had to understand that the weapon itself became three times better, and the result of that was shown in the blink of an eye.

Billy threw his weapon toward one of the heads of an enemy Hydra and while the beast tried to bite the weapon, it easily passed through the enemy’s head. Half a second later, the glaive began to spin while it flew toward the other heads. Thanks to the paralysis effect and Billy’s Telekinesis, the weapon had enough time to split the brains of the heads.

He didn’t stop there. Like a tornado, the weapon began to fly around while spinning toward the nearby enemies. The beasts tried to react, but their attacks weren’t faster than the glaive could be with all the help of Telekinesis. Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl watched that in amazement since Billy was actually recovering more mana than he was spending…


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