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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 652: Wyvern (8) Bahasa Indonesia

“I could make it bigger in order to obtain even more kinetic energy, but I guess this will be enough,” Billy said. “Let’s test it already. I will lure a monster and you will attack it. If you get any closer of hitting me, the next projectile will fly to your ass.”

“Aiming with this will be a lot easier, you can rest assured,” Icarus said.

Icarus decided to check the valves, and he confirmed that they were truly hard to move, and that was something since they had inhuman strength thanks to their skills and system. In any case, Billy left to lure a wyvern, and it didn’t take long for him to bring one.

Icarus hurried to prepare the ballista, and soon he realized that he couldn’t just be ten times faster to be able to put the weapon to its maximum fire output. He had to be one hundred times faster to reach that output… it was kind of crazy that Billy created a ballista that was hard to use.

Regardless, when the monster approached and entered the range, Icarus enhanced the projectile as well before firing. The spear that was used as a projectile was made of dragon bones, so it pierced the neck of the target, and half of it reached the other side. The other half was destroyed due to the sheer power of the impact.

“Not bad, I guess… Come to think of it, that hammer is stored in the armor as well, so I should absorb its effects to make that kind of item faster,” Billy thought after he saw the results of his creation.

“I guess this is fine for the time being, but you seriously need to develop some range skills,” Meryl said. “You can’t wait for someone to solve your problems all the time. Still, I suppose normally one wouldn’t think of having a ranged skill when you can approach the enemies insanely fast.”

“Right? You do understand,” Icarus said. “In any case, this thing sure takes my stamina, but it should be fine, thanks to Vigor.”

Billy sighed and then shook his head… in the end, he had the perfect skill for someone like him who liked their life to be really simple. After half an hour of rest, the group moved to the third floor of that sector. As one would expect, things got a bit complicated when three wyverns emerged from the sea of lava to chase them.

The designer of the dungeon probably thought that such a thing was possible, to run away from those monsters like that. Still, since they were too large to fly close to each other, two of them got in the front, and one was in the back chasing Billy’s group.

As if they had sent the danger, the enemies used their Fire Breath even before Icarus and Meryl could attack, but that didn’t help them. The projectiles created a hole in the flames due to the speed and then hit their heads.

“I suppose dragon hunting isn’t that really difficult… under the right conditions,” Lucyna said once she felt Billy and Meryl’s eyes on her.

The most stupid wyverns tried to stop them with Fire Breath, and the smarter ones used Lava Spears. Those forced Billy to use Telekinesis to stop them, after all. Nevertheless, despite the increase of their numbers, the group managed to cross that sector without facing too many problems. Still, when they found another hole separating that sector from the next, they decided to take a break. Who knows if they will be able to find a method to deal with the monsters like they did this time… with that in mind, caution was necessary.

Once again, Billy used that chance to get the effect of the relics that he still had. Not like the power to control emotions, the power to control bones was something that he could use in front of those three.

“I really like this stuff, huh… to keep secrets from others,” Billy thought. “I need to find a way to deal with this.”

In any case, Billy felt a bit weird after using his powers on those items. The process ended without any issues, but he felt like something was on his back.

“Is that what Meryl was talking about?” Billy thought while frowning.

Billy didn’t kill four reincarnated individuals, but he certainly had the power of at least four combined… even if they were on a single skill and way below the max level. In any case, he didn’t think that his mind would get weird if he kept absorbing those powers, but it seemed that his guess was wrong.

“My mind seems fine… so what is this feeling?” Billy furrowed his eyebrows.

Billy tried to sense if some sort of magic was on him, but he couldn’t say. It felt like someone was behind, watching from a very close distance… like a ghost, but describing like that would be stupid. In any case, they didn’t have much time to rest, so Billy decided to forget about that for the time being.

After resting for a while, Meryl deactivated the skill on the zombie dragon, and the creature became a corpse again. They didn’t know if the wyvern would be useful in the next sector, and bringing such a creature might cause some problems. Besides, Billy felt like they had to get a good grasp of the enemies’ strength without much help before deciding their plan of action.

“I suppose it would be a waste to leave the ballista behind…” Billy thought and then made it float with Telekinesis.

“Oh? You would do that favor to me?” Icarus asked.

“It isn’t a favor when this is only a loan,” Billy replied. “Why do you have to make things feel so weird…”

“Putting that aside… raise your guards once again,” Meryl said. “Somehow, I feel like something terrible is waiting for us down there.”

That was weird… Billy wasn’t feeling anything. While the others also looked a bit spooked…


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