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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 651: Wyvern (7) Bahasa Indonesia

After he finished his experiements, Billy went to rest for one hour as well. He could continue what he was doing while they explore the next floor since the others magic detection skills sucked.

“What should we do about the enemies now?” Icarus asked. “They will appear in the front and behind us, right?”

“As long as they didn’t suddenly emerge, we will be fine,” Meryl said. “The real issue here is that we will be moving away from the enemies after attacking them, so recovering the projectiles will be difficult.”

“That won’t be a problem to me,” Billy said.

Billy will have to be on the support duty again, but he was fine with that since he will have more chances to improve his levels and skills. In any case, things on the twenty-second floor weren’t much different than the previous one. Just as they had planned, they made the zombie wyvern pass through the areas faster than the enemies could attack them. Still, that also meant that the number of monsters chasing them could increase two times faster.

The skill Gungnir obtained 220 experience points.

The skill Gungnir obtained 220 experience points.

The skill Gungnir obtained 220 experience points.

When the others began to attack, Billy also used his powers while he recovered the arrows and spears with Telekinesis. The monsters got confused a second before they received damage since they felt their mana decreasing. It seemed that Billy was distracting the enemies, but the others couldn’t understand how.

In any case, Billy recovered the arrows and spears before the monsters could fall. While looking around, Billy had a strange feeling. He did many crazy things in that world, but none of them made him feel like he was in a game like that situation… Flying around on the top of a zombie dragon while fighting other dragons inside a dungeon that had a massive lake of lava…

“Oh, man… I hope that my life doesn’t get crazier than this,” Billy suddenly said.

Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl had no idea why Billy suddenly said that, but they could understand the feeling… Despite the oddness of the situation, the group managed to cross that floor without many issues after flying for three hours. Billy was thankful that the size of the place didn’t increase… Only the power level of the enemies.

“It looks like we can count on the zombie wyvern to cross this sector a lot faster than expected,” Meryl said. “Let’s rest for one hour before reaching the next level. How are things on your end, Billy?”

“It is cool,” Billy replied.

“I wouldn’t use the word cool in this place, but… If you say so,” Meryl said.

Billy had planned to get the effects of the other items later. Right now, he was wondering how the hell the dungeon’s core could obtain so much mana from the surroundings. Since it wasn’t a direct source of mana from an object or a person, Billy could only obtain ten mana points per second. That was probably thousands of times smaller than the dungeon core could suck… In fact, Billy could only get the energy while he was inside the dungeon, not outside. With that in mind, he assumed that Magic Absorption could still be improved, but it would take years for that to happen… Using normal methods.

“The only problem is that I have too many skills to level up, even if I focus on the most op ones,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

In any case, Billy was missing the most simple items that he forged now and then them helped him by leveling up other skills. However, since their breaks were shorter, he didn’t have time time to do it. Actually, he had, but he didn’t want to show the process to others.

“Icarus, you need to improve your aim. We will need your help on the next floor more than ever,” Meryl said.

“I am trying; I am trying…” Icarus said and then sighed. “You can’t blame me for being bad at something that is way different than my usual fighting style.”

“You can always run faster than the heat can affect you over the lava and then punch the crap out of the dragons,” Lucyna said.

“You think that my power is so convenient… I would do that if it were possible,” Icarus said and then sighed again.

Billy wanted to disagree with them, but he couldn’t. Icarus needed to be more effective with his attacks because Meryl could already enhance the arrows by themselves. So, he had to pull his own weight… After thinking for a while, Billy decided to help him with that.

“Get some intestines of the dragons for me; I will solve that problem,” Billy said.

“Why would someone needs the intestines of a monster?” Icarus asked.

“To deal with your incompetence, one has to take drastic measures,” Billy replied.

Icarus wanted to complain, but he couldn’t. In any case, he could tell that Billy was about to make a weapon, so it was worth the hassle. In any case, using chromium, Billy made a ballista. It was a bit too big, but since they were moving on the back of a dragon, carrying that won’t be a problem.

After getting the intestines of the dragon, Billy heated them several times without letting the flames touch it. Eventually, they became volatile like rubber, and Billy used that to make numerous strings.

“You sure know some weird things,” Icarus said.

Billy ignored that and attached the strings to the sides of the ballista. Icarus noticed that the weapon had several valves and each one connected to a line of string. They will pull the projectiles back and as much as possible, and then they will fly with the power of multiple ballistae…

The downside of that was that Billy made it as hard as possible to move the valves in order to gain even more kinetic energy. Reloading was also a problem… Only someone fast and strong could use that effectively.


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