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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 650: Wyvern (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy went to check the heart of the dragon before anything, and he confirmed that it had a lot of mana in it. The only problem was that the heart was too used to fire, so cooking it had been a massive pain in the ass.

Without hesitation, Billy began to eat it since the others didn’t have the balls to go first. He felt like he was acting like the guinea pig of the group, but in the end, he didn’t be put together in the same group as the spineless.

You obtained 01 status points.

Billy blinked several times when he finished his meal and saw that notification. He was expecting a lot of things to happen, but that wasn’t one of them. While that was something good, it also made him worry… leveling up insanely fast, getting status points by eating dragon hearts… how much power the maker had become in those two years.

“Did something happen?” Icarus asked.

“I got one status point,” Billy replied.

“Isn’t that good?” Icarus asked while frowning. “Wait… ah… this might be bad, huh.”

“If we can gain status points like these, so could the maker,” Lucyna said. “Since he is someone from Earth, he should know that dragon hearts have a lot of vitality and cause to empower individuals.”

“We will have to compensate for that by getting even more status points that he got,” Meryl said. “Also, we can make arrows and spears out of their bones, and that should help us kill them faster while preserving mana.”

“I think the problem here is the fact that we can’t that much…” Icarus said. “We are already eating more than usual thanks to the environment, but the dragon hearts are like three times bigger than an ordinary meal.”

“Stop complaining and be a man for once,” Meryl said.

“There is no need to insult me…” Icarus said and then sighed.

They began to work on dismantling the wyvern, and that was a lot of work. Still, the arrows and spears made out of the bones could be reused, so they were wasting time now to save in the future.

“You should train your throwing skills while we work here. That should increase your firing power a bit,” Billy said. “As long as you don’t throw on the lava, I can recover them later.”

“Why is everyone suddenly being so harsh to me?” Icarus said. “Putting that aside, I think the real problem will be how to get the dragon hearts.”

“I will handle that,” Billy said.

After they finished making the arrows and spears, Billy went to lure some monsters and then the others used the chance to attack from the safety of their camp. Just as they had expected, those projectiles had a lot more piercing power, and Meryl could kill the enemies with two shots, but Icarus still was struggling with his aim. Even though he used Time Skip to improve his accuracy…

As for Billy, he used his Mana Construct spears to make a hole in the monster’s chests and then get the dragon hearts. While he was working with that, he had some ideas on how to use those more effectively in battle, but it wasn’t something that he could at the moment. He couldn’t test it either…

Anyway, the group ate the dragon hearts that they got as Billy expected; they felt full immediately after. With a full belly comes laziness and the urge to sleep… so they retreated to do exactly that. They seriously were lacking in the willpower department.

Billy made his armor that was hidden above the zombie wyvern approach, and then he grabbed the king of thieves’ spear. He let out a sigh since he would have to do that again… it couldn’t be helped, but that sure was troublesome. In any case, after Billy stabbed himself with the weapon, he began to work on absorbing the weapon.

You received 1200 experience points.

You received 1200 experience points.

You received 1200 experience points.

“It is a bit faster than before… I suppose it is because I have gotten better,” Billy thought. “There are ways to improve the skills without relying on the system…

Billy’s mind didn’t get that tired in the end either, so the process had been a lot smoother than before. After around one hour, Billy finished that whole thing.

You have learned Absolute Thievery Lv 500.

The experience accumulated on Enhanced Thievery was transferred to Absolute Thievery and its level increased by Fifty.

Billy nodded in satisfaction and threw the spear at the lava. Soon after, he decided to test the skill. The zombie wyvern probably would make some noise and wake Lucyna up from her focus, so Billy decided to look for another enemy. After flying around for a couple of moments, he found his target and immediately combined Absolute Thievery and Acceleration Manipulation.

In the blink of an eye, Billy stole all the health the wyvern had, but he had to use around five thousand mana points. At moments like these, he felt thankful that his powers didn’t need mana to work… At least not like that.

“Let’s see what else I can do to improve this…” Billy thought.

Billy looked for another target to steal their mana, and while he found one, he discovered that he couldn’t move while the skill was active. That being said, he could steal around two hundred mana points from the enemy per second. It wasn’t a tiny amount, but it wasn’t perfect… probably because some monsters could resist that.

Unfortunately, Billy couldn’t use Acceleration Manipulation and Absolute Thievery to steal more mana than he could use, at least not at their current levels. So, he couldn’t amass a large amount of mana to use against the enemies.

“Let’s see… if I steal the mana and use my power…” Billy thought.

The skill Gungnir obtained 220 experience points.

The skill Gungnir obtained 220 experience points.

The skill Gungnir obtained 220 experience points.

“The result isn’t bad…” Billy said while grinning.


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