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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 646: Wyvern (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy tried to do that as carefully as he could while avoiding the vitals, but he wasn’t a famous demon hunter that could get impaled all the time and shook it off, so it hurt… a lot. It was weird how Pain Resistance worked… apparently, it only worked on his skin, not much inside his body.

“Why I have never done something this stupid before when my brain is like this?” Billy asked. “It is probably because my wives stopped me…”

In any case, Billy began to focus, as much as he could considering that he had a sword in his stomach. Although the idea was insane, he had the sense to feel the mana on the sword a lot better than when he was just holding the blade. He began to work on pulling the energy to himself, but he felt a lot of resistance despite all that…

“Come on… I would look even more stupid if this doesn’t work…” Billy thought.

Billy used Fierce Aura and then he felt things improving a bit. The resistance was still there, but it had weakened considerably… he didn’t feel the same thing before. So, he assumed that it was due to Icarus’ blood. The sword got the effect because of the mana in his blood and both still were there. As expected, splitting them would be difficult.

You obtained 1000 experience points.

You obtained 1000 experience points.

You obtained 1000 experience points.

“I guess I will be here for a while…” Billy said and then sighed.

Billy kept his focus and resisted the mental strain and the pain in his stomach. The annoying part was that he couldn’t use Regen yet… the situation continued like that for around two hours. In the end, Billy assumed that he did the right thing because he could use that skill later to increase the speed of the process… Probably.

After three or so hours, the process finally ended and the all the mana inside the sword had disappeared. Before the weapon could fall apart inside him, Billy pulled it away.

You have learned Acceleration Manipulation Lv 500

Billy sighed in relief and then the sword began to fall apart. He threw it a pool of lava to get rid of the evidence. Not like he had done any crime. After that, he began to heal himself while he analyzed the knowledge that he just got.

It was a bit different from the times he got the summoner and mind controller skills… Those felt like they suddenly could be used like Billy had those all his life but only at those moments, he learn how to use them.

“Since the process was slower, I had time to analyze the information, even though I was busy with something else,” Billy thought.

Acceleration Manipulation wasn’t simple as the other skills, it was even harder to put it into words. Still, while trying to understand that power, Billy came to realize that it was like his mana suddenly could cover his whole body and bend the space around him to make him move a lot faster. How was that possible? That was hard to explain…

“Even with this knowledge… One would need a lot of points in magic to be able to control mana like that, perhaps twenty thousand points,” Billy thought. “It doesn’t make sense that we can do this…”

Billy wanted to analyze that more, but the others began to wake up… they have been saving energy with their new strategy, so they felt that they could put that much effort. The only downside of their strategy was the fact that they were improving some basic skills, they were just improving their innate skills.

“Well, they should know that better than me,,,” Billy thought.

Although he wanted to level up that skill as fast as possible, Billy shouldn’t use that in front of Icarus and while he didn’t feel that they were being watched, he had to be careful about the enemy learning about his skills and tricks.

“We should lead the front now since two of them will appear on the front,” Meryl said.

“Sure, why not?” Billy asked.

Billy wanted to test the limits of Acceleration Manipulation, but it would be hard if he had to face two monsters at the same time, rather risky as well. So, when the next group of enemies showed up, he activated the skill, but just threw the glaive toward the enemy’s head. He only used for the split of a second, but it was enough to make the weapon fly toward the basilisk’s head and pierce it before the beast could do anything. Also, the weapon made a high-pitching sound that made Billy recall the turbines of an airplane…

“My bad…” Billy said while smiling when the others looked behind.

They wanted to know what Billy did, but they didn’t have time for that, not like Billy would explain anyway. Regardless, Billy managed to save some mana by attacking like that. However, his glaive lost some durability… it was made of diamond… one of the hardest things that he couldn’t make it yet, and lost durability.

“I should be careful with this…” Billy thought. “Nevertheless, Icarus’ can’t sense when his power is used nearby him, it seems.”

That was one way of using those powers with the things that Billy could do. There were many other things that Billy wanted to test, but he felt like things would get out of hand if he tries those since they were way too crazy. Like, if he could control the acceleration of his body, could he control the mana as well and charge insanely fast some spells? Maybe it would be better to test all that on the maker.

Nevertheless, Billy tried some things here and there and so did the others. After making some improvements, they crossed the next few floors in three days without facing too many hardships… but then they all let a big sigh when they found another hole leading to another sector.


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