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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 643: Basilisk (5) Bahasa Indonesia

As one would expect from such a low-level skill, it began to level up quite fast. At some moment, Billy assumed that nothing would happen once some skills reached the level of one thousand. Still, he changed that assumption when he forged some boots using the cores of the monsters and other chromium to protect his legs from the lava and saw them with the skill Heat Immunity.

He probably could do something similar with other skills, but he would need to find the right method and the combinations that made sense. Naturally, he tried to learn that, but it didn’t work… the experience was sent to Heat Resistance… tons of it. That was why the skill was level two hundred when he entered the dungeon and now reached the max level.

“Ah… this is better, a lot better,” Billy said while the heat was decreasing and the skin of his body was getting less red.

Once again, the others blinked in surprise… it didn’t seem like Billy used a new spell. It looked like his body was just adjusting better to the environment. The only logical explanation was that by helping them with Guardian’s Aura, he made the skill reach the next level.

“Let’s get going,” Billy said.

Billy still could feel the heat, but the damage over time had decreased tremendously. His Poison Resistance was leveling up, but it was nowhere near reaching the max level. The only problem was the lack of pure oxygen around… that was what was making him lose most health since, without oxygen, one could die of carbon dioxide poisoning.

“I should add a system on the armor that will let me normally fight under these circumstances… I don’t think that I will fight in space, but preparing for it shouldn’t be a bad idea,” Billy thought while rubbing his chin.

Billy’s armor was already entering the sci-fi realm… but it was fine since it was only an extension of his powers and abilities. No one could replicate that without his knowledge and experience, after all. In any case, the group began to move after hunting for several hours. Unfortunately, their conditions worsened due to the exhaustion… even after finding countless dead ends, Billy’s drones had yet to find the path to the next level. At some point, even Billy lost the notion of time, but he was pretty sure that more than one day had passed since they arrived in that sector.

“I am… going to use my zombies,” Meryl said.

“Against one basilisk at a time?” Billy asked. “We are all tired, but this won’t be good…”

“It won’t be good if we collapse either…” Meryl said. “Sorry… You are protecting us from the heat and poison, but we are at our limits here.”

Billy was tired too, but in the end, his foundations were far better than theirs, so it couldn’t be helped that things were like this. He couldn’t offer them any more support… Billy only wanted to spoil his kids, after all.

“I will lead the path until we find the next area between floors, so you can rest in the meantime,” Billy said.

Billy went all out against the enemies that showed up, and he increased the pace of the group as well. The group had done well withstanding the atmosphere of the tyrants’ dungeon. Still, things were being a lot more difficult there, and knowing that more hardships were waiting for them ahead, it wasn’t making things easier for them.

In the first place, dungeons weren’t supposed to be cleared in a single run, so Billy could understand why they were mentally and physically drained. Moreover, they only slept a couple of hours every day.

In any case, Billy found their destination after three more hours, and he proceeded to build the ice shelter as soon as possible. Once things cooled down enough, they immediately fell asleep and made Billy sigh. Their sense of danger was truly low.

“I suppose I need to rest a bit as well…but I can’t do it while they are like that,” Billy said and then sighed. “Let’s see what I can do with the bodies of the basilisks…”

Billy didn’t want to move much, so he decided to use his armor. Even while its invisibility effect was active, the armor could stock a lot more mana than it could use, so Billy decided to use it in his favor. When the first monster approached him, he smashed the creature’s face with the invisible armor. Since Light Speed Sword was equipped on it, the speed of the armor had been insane… and destroyed the face of the creature.

“Well, with this much mana that I am using with Telekinesis, something like that was to be expected…” Billy thought.

While Billy was playing with his toy, he also checked the bodies of the basilisks he killed there. They didn’t have anything unusual inside them, and their hearts didn’t have much magic energy, so he left them alone… at that moment, Billy realized that if he made an item using the brain of a dragon, why couldn’t he make one with their hearts? He learned a long time ago that Fiery Aura was boosting their health, mana, and stamina tremendously, so if he could obtain that as well…

“It is gruesome as usual, but I should try it…” Billy thought.

As usual, Billy tried to use the heart as a catalyst at the top of a magic staff. Unfortunately, things didn’t work that way… the magic staff didn’t obtain any effects when the product was finished. After thinking for a while, Billy assumed that the cause was due to the fact that the heart and the brains were different in nature. One representing the mind and the other the body… with that in mind, Billy created a shield using the heart as the core and sealed inside.

Draconic Shield – Lv 0

Fire Resistance + 150, Cold Resistance + 50, Shock Resistance + 50, Poison Resistance + 50, Earth Resistance + 50

Durability: 200/200


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