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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 642: Basilisk (4) Bahasa Indonesia

The group began to move again, and as they advanced, Billy studied the bodies of the monsters more to find a way to use them. Unfortunately, it looked like he would have to stop worrying about that and worry about something else. Billy’s nose stopped bleeding since he was using Regen whenever possible. Still, his body was starting to emit too much heat.

“Billy… You don’t have to keep that spell active all the time,” Lucyna said. “We can take this environment now and then.”

“It is fine. I can handle this,” Billy said. “Soon enough, things will improve on my end.”

“How so?” Lucyna asked.

“You will see eventually,” Billy replied.

Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl looked at each other without knowing what to do. They had no idea what Billy was talking about. They knew that his Fire and Heat Resistance were leveling up insanely fast. Still, they also had those skills, and their effects with each level up were no longer visible. Moreover, the skills were leveling up insanely slowly now. They didn’t know that Billy had been doing other things aside from training during the breaks…

After a while, they realized that Billy’s backpack was as light as ever… even though theirs were filled with the cores of the lava salamanders… he couldn’t have possibly eaten them, that would be way too reckless, and they would have noticed some changes. In any case, soon the next enemy appeared… only after a single minute. Things truly would be difficult in that sector… Nevertheless, Icarus felt that he couldn’t fall behind Billy because of his male pride. So, he went all out on the beast. While running around at his top speed, he punched the enemy.

From an outsider’s perspective, it looked like Icarus won in the split of a second. Still, he had to punch the beast dozens of times since the effects of his enchantment wore off pretty soon. He also used a lot more mana to kill the monster… so he looked troubled when the battle ended.

“Did you kill the first monster and recover the same amount of mana that you used?” Icarus asked.

“Nope,” Billy replied.

“Do you think we can manage like this?” Icarus asked.

“No, we don’t have any other choice but improve faster than the difficulty level will increase,” Billy replied. “You should think of ways of making your skills more efficient as well.”

“As well… huh,” Icarus said, and then he realized Billy’s secret.

From their perspective, Billy was someone who would rather spend his time at home with his family than training in a dungeon. However, when he goes to a dungeon, he keeps his mind in the game and is always thinking about how he could improve or make things better while fighting the monsters.

It was hard to say if he could do better than someone who spends all their time inside a dungeon, but his way of thinking and acting was clearly showing results. Besides, even if that wasn’t his primary goal, whatever he was doing, he was always focused on achieving the best he could. It was nearly impossible to keep that mindset for a few hours… even more so for days in a hellish place like that dungeon. Still, Billy was stubborn enough to keep that mindset all the time.

After that, things got more silent in the group since Icarus was usually the one who started most conversations. Upon realizing what was going on, Lucyna and Meryl just shrugged.

When the next monster showed up, Meryl turned the head of the monster into a porcupine in a single moment. Her speed wasn’t nearly as high as Icarus, so she used more mana. Still, results were everything, so it was fine.

After that, it was Lucyna’s turn, and Billy frowned when he saw her full skills in action. The next basilisk suddenly spawned, and then it suddenly fell to the ground, and its body began to turn grey…

“… I guess she used Speed Mode to make her health and mana stealing skills work a lot faster…” Billy thought.

That was good to know… even if it wasn’t one of the most efficient ways to deal with the monsters. When Billy’s turn came again, he fired some Absolute Ice Bullets toward the enemy… and he had to fire three to completely freeze only the head of the monster. As expected, their size was a problem.

“Perhaps this hellish environment is also decreasing the effectiveness of the spell…” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Things were fine for now, but Billy was starting to lose more mana than before he could recover between battles. So, eventually, that will reach a critical point. The spell was leveling up pretty fast, but it wouldn’t compensate completely. It was an advanced spell since it combined two elements, but in the end, the shape was pretty basic.

“I can’t make use of piercing power or spinning speed to increase the power of the spell since it activates upon hitting the enemy,” Billy thought. “I suppose when it comes to this type of spell, only more mana can increase its power in the normal way.”

After a few more fights where Billy tried to use other attacks like his Mana Constructs and even Telekinesis at his full power with his glaive, he realized that the results were pretty much the same. Still, with Billy using Gungir on a basilisk and sending the creature flying to the distance, he felt pretty refreshed. That skill still had a lot of potential, but the cost to use was too high… While Billy was thinking about how to solve that problem. He passively solved another one.

Congratulations! The skill Heat Resistance has reached the level 1000.

You learned the skill Heat Immunity.

Heat Immunity: passively decreases the effects and damage caused by hot environments and area of effect fire spells by ten points per level.

The skill Heat Immunity had leveled up.

The skill Heat Immunity had leveled up.

The skill Heat Immunity had leveled up.


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