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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 637: Lava Salamander (2) Bahasa Indonesia

When Billy woke up, he noticed that the others noticed that he had learned gravity Manipulation. That was the final straw that made Billy think that he should hide his status. Not because he was afraid, but because that was annoying… In any case, Billy had ignored that skill until now, but it was clear how he could learn it, there was no real reason to prevent him from that. He just used Magic Eyes while looking at those three.

In the end, Billy didn’t see anything aside from a small Aura around their bodies… it was different from Fierce Aura and Destructive Aura. It seemed almost… Useless? It was hard to describe it… In any case, Billy never saw such a skill in the shop, so he wondered where they learned it.

“This aura isn’t like Mana Shield either, but how can I replicate it since apparently it looks like it doesn’t have a function?” Billy wondered.

Before Billy could come up with an explanation, the others had finished their preparations, and it was time to move. As usual, Billy was the first to enter the next floor and face the first enemy. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder how they would manage to stay conscious in such an environment where the air was so hot and toxic… Billy’s nose was starting to burn, and he could feel his health decreasing as well. To make matters worse, the monster emerged from one of the pools of lava.

Lava Salamander- Lv 640

HP: 33.150/ 33.150

MP: 15.980/ 15.980

SP: 12.730/ 12.730

Strength: 1310

Speed: 1010

Magic: 2855

Endurance: 1340

Dexterity: 1250

Status Points: 00

Skills: Fire Tail Lv 230

Spells: Fire Breath Lv 350, Lava Spear Lv 330, Lava Wall Lv 220, Lava Cannon Lv 250

Passive: , Pain Resistance Lv 380, Fire Resistance Lv 1000, Fire Immunity Lv 550, Cold Resistance Lv 110, Shock Resistance Lv 100, Poison Resistance Lv 250, Fiery Aura Lv 230

Skill Points: 00

It was bizarre… A monster made of lava. At first, Billy thought that the creature was just using an armor made of that, but it wouldn’t explain how the lava didn’t fall. Nevertheless, the creature was only three meters long and two meters tall. Not very impressive, but the fact that Billy couldn’t see the eyes of the creature made him feel like the creature was like a golem… A monster that had no vitals and only a single weak spot.

In any case, Billy decided to let the monster attack first since he wanted to know how powerful the monster was and how skilled it could be. The Lava Salamander opened its mouth and then used Fire Breath, but Billy repelled the attack with a Light spear. The shockwave caused by his attack could do that much…

Without even trying to approach, the monster summoned a Lava Spear. Still, Billy approached and attacked the projectile before it could be fired. The spear was destroyed, but Billy still suffered some damage since the heat emitted by the monster was that powerful.

“I suppose this thing is stupid just like a golem as well…” Billy thought.

What caught Billy off guard was the tail strike of the monster… it came so fast that Billy had to run away by using Flash. The tail hit the wall, and even though it was made of lava, it trembled after making the sound of a whip echoing around.

The enemy finally opened its mouth, and Billy could feel that a lot more mana was being gathered in the mouth of the monster. Billy used Mana Shield, and then it was hit by the Lava Cannon. The attack was powerful enough to push him backward for several meters, and the heat of the lava made his mana decrease over time like it was poison eating away someone’s health. Still, after five seconds, the attack ended since the beast realized that it was useless.

“I see… Getting hit by that will be the same as game over,” Billy said.

Billy used Body Enhancement and Destructive Aura and then suddenly appeared in front of the monster. He cut the entire left side of the monster with a single strike, and much to his surprise, he felt a lot of resistance… The monster wasn’t just a statue of magma. While his strike didn’t cause any wounds but made the monster lose twenty percent of its health… Health that was being recovered astonishingly fast.

Billy enhanced the tip of his glaive with ice magic and then attacked the head of the monster and used Light Spear. The strike froze and completely shattered apart the head of the monster. Billy exaggerated a bit on the use of mana, but at least he confirmed that the monster had a real body and the lava was truly its flesh.

You obtained 1600 experience points.

The skill Flash obtained 800 experience points.

The skill Light Spear obtained 800 experience points.

The skill Water Transformation obtained 800 experience points.

“It seems this sector will be hell to all of us…” Icarus said and then sighed.

“I suppose I will have to return to the support role and decrease the power of those creatures,” Lucyna said.

“I also will use them as zombies to help us,” Meryl said.

While those three were thinking about how they could fight without risking their lives, Billy checked the body of the monster. The creature had some organs, but most of them were missing… In the place of a heart, the creature had a small red marble that had a lot of mana in it. It was the core… Just like a golem. Once Billy took that out, the skin of the body began to cool down and then it began to look like volcanic rock.

“Wait… This thing’s heat Aura was similar to theirs…” Billy thought. “Its aura was made to emit heat and burn and theirs look useless because it has only one purpose… To negate Appraisal.”


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