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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 624: Not exactly (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy checked the status of the lizard men again, and he realized some things that he had missed. It was a given that not everyone would have writing skills, but at some level, they were supposed to have Language skill. However, the lizardman didn’t have it… it seemed that his ability to communicate had been erased…

“Only doing something like this wasn’t supposed to turn someone into an object… animals can’t talk and they still have minds and can be controlled…” Billy furrowed his eyebrows. “Regardless, it is clear that the maker messed with this guy’s head in order to prevent others from controlling him… he was aware of our powers.”

It was only natural… Billy could also tell some of the maker’s powers after he was able to see the final list of skills that he could get. In any case, while he took his ability to speak and of being manipulated, the maker still made the lizardman somehow able to do his bidding… maybe it was with Emotional Control… he could make him enraged, and he would rampage for no reason.

“His skills list and paramters are also weird… demi humans are supposed to have some special skills that belonged only to their species and they were supposed to be more apparent than ours,” Billy thought. “However, there is no such a thing here.”

Billy wasn’t planning to kill the lizardman. Still, in that situation, he didn’t have much of choice, his actions might not have decimated all the population of two towns, but he certainly killed hundreds. Still, before that, Billy decided to check if he could use his powers on that guy as well and steal his experience. It should be easier while he was locked there. First of all, Billy began to drain the experience from the passive skills… all the experience accumulated there wouldn’t make his own skills level up, but it was better than nothing.

The skill Brute Strength received 500 experience points.

The skill Brute Strength received 500 experience points.

The skill Brute Strength received 500 experience points.

Much to Billy’s surprise, that was being a lot easier than expected… the actions of the maker made the lizardman hard to manipulate, but that also decreased his mental defenses. Moreover, the mana cost was also low… Billy wondered if the enemy was being lax, or he just didn’t consider that Billy would be able to do that. Nevertheless, that was a win for him. When Billy was thinking of that… he suddenly received a message from another of his spies.

“Aww… come on…” Billy said and then sighed when he saw that another attack had happened.

While Billy was thinking of what he should do, five minutes passed, and he received another message with the same contents… the maker was finally making his move. Billy sent a message to Icarus, and then after a while, they met outside the capital.

“What did the others say?” Billy asked.

“Our preparations are still underway, we need more time,” Icarus said.

“We don’t have time, hundreds of people are dying with each of those attacks,” Billy said. “We have two options now, either we attack the enemy now or you deal with those invasions. The enemy won’t go all out until he realizes that sending small number of enemies won’t be enough.”

“I know, but I can’t possibly cover the entire continent with my speed,” Icarus said.

“He is attacking the northern part of the continent for now, unless he changes his targets, you can stay there, I will inform you if anything happens related to that,” Billy said.

“What if I fail?” Icarus asked.

“You don’t have to hold back, their minds as people have been destroyed, they are just tools of war now,” Billy replied. “Ig you fail, then we will attack, my friends here will deal with those guys in your place. If you guys disagree with that, then our alliance is over and I will deal with things myself in one way or the other.”

Icarus sighed before he ran with all his might toward the Northern part of the continent. Billy was being unreasonable again, but it couldn’t be helped given the situation, so he didn’t complain. Billy returned to his home, called all his friends, and then explained things to them. They didn’t know the details of Billy’s information network, but they knew that he wouldn’t joke about such a thing.

“So, what is the plan now?” Alexander asked.

“The others need some time to prepare for the final confrontation, to be honest, I also wanted more time to train, but it is impossible now,” Billy replied. “That fast guy is working to buy us some time while preventing the attacks. For the time being, he will also alert all the people in the Northern region, but I don’t think things will stay like this for long. The enemy will eventually send a large army to attack the whole continent.”

“And his goal by doing that is…” Kate said.

That was what Billy wanted to know… if he wanted more power, then facing Billy, Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl would be a better idea. He was either luring them out to his territory and dungeon, or he was just a moron. Still, Billy couldn’t say that the first option was the most likely the one. He didn’t want to worry them. Still, keeping so many secrets from them… Billy was sick and tired of that.

“… He is probably trying to lure us out to his domain,” Billy replied.

“For a moment, I thought you were going to come up with some excuse…” Natalie said. “So, you want to defent the continent, while you face the enemy? I wonder if the enemy isn’t attacking like this in order for you not to have our help.”

“I didn’t consider that, and I always thought that he still wasn’t aware of you guys, but I suppose that is a possibility,” Billy said. “Regardless, for the time being, we are fine. We just need to keep our guard up for a short while and then we will make our move.”

Billy had other things to do… he decided to call his family and others that could help him to his home. While he wouldn’t have time to make armors for everyone, he could make some items for them to offer some support to the main offense team. It was hard to imagine how many soldiers the maker had, but one couldn’t be too careful.


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