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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 621: Assistance (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“It seems that we have a problem now, a clear one that we are fully aware of it,” Lucyna asked. “How should we react to that news? Come to think of it, it is also worrying that his underlings had been killing each other for two years, and they didn’t stop. They had massive numbers on their side, but not that massive…”

“People can almost go crazy when they are taught that they should die for a good cause, you should know that human history is full of that,” Billy said. “So, it isn’t surprising that something like this is happening given that we all are a sapient species. Also, people claim for heroes. Even those that don’t care about them, they change a little when they get close to the real deal. Given the idea that you are fighting for something just and beautiful and then you have obtained a suicide soldier.”

“That is a pretty sad and nihilistic way to see things…” Icarus said. “Heroes are a symbol of hope. No figures that brainwash people.”

“Let’s not start that conversation…” Billy said.

“Why not? Is it because you are stronger than others that your opinions are more valuable than theirs?” Icarus asked. “I wonder if you had this mindset back on Earth when you were powerless.”

“I was naive back then in many aspects, but at least I knew that I had to stand for myself instead of waiting for others to help me,” Billy said. “The idea of heroes is almost a huge shout against that, don’t try your best, someone will come and help you. That is just stupidity… You can’t reach your true potential if you don’t try your best for yourself.”

“Even if it is just an idea and heroes didn’t exist back then, isn’t it fine to inspire people to better themselves?” Icarus asked.

“That is why I didn’t want to argue about this…” Billy said and then sighed. “You can’t wait for things like inspiration to make you live a better life.”

“All right… Let’s not get sidetracked,” Lucyna said. “Although we might have that much influence in this world, is pretty clear that we shouldn’t… otherwise, people will start to think that we are gods, just like they thought with Galatea. I believe we came to this world to make things different from the true inhabitants here, but… we don’t see many signs of the previous generations of reincarnated individuals, so I think we shouldn’t try too much to change things.”

The group went silent after hearing that. Lucyna had a point. They still didn’t know how things ended for the other generations, so they had to be careful. Their future still was pretty much a mystery after they dealt with the maker. It was hard to tell if they would even have one after the next battle.

“Regardless… it seems that somehow, the demi humans under his command still are high in number, so perhaps he won’t do anything for a few more months,” Meryl said. “Usually, attacking first would be the best option in this kind of situation, but we have many things to prepare as well…”

“I guess more grinding them,” Billy said.

“Speaking of preparations, you have some powerful allies back home, Billy,” Lucyna said. “Are you eventually call for them to help?”

“I will do my very best… to end this conflict in one way or the other before they get involved,” Billy replied.

Icarus and Lucyna knew Billy for a while, so they could tell that he was dead serious about keeping his family away from the issue caused by other reincarnated individuals. They had also known each other for many years, and Billy had demonstrated several times that he didn’t want them to get closer to his family and friends. Billy had abandoned his old life completely, and he didn’t want anything regarding Earth that might be an issue for his family.

“And if the worse happens?” Icarus asked.

“Well… then you should fasten your seat belts because I will make anyone who made me get serious to see their world end,” Billy replied.

Everyone knew that Billy was like a preparation junkie, he probably had a few tricks up his sleeve, and he had yet to go all out. One of the reasons for that was the fact that he destroyed the head of that dragon in a couple of seconds, and no one saw how. Not to mention, he was smart enough to look for ways to become stronger without relying solely on the system that was proven by the countless magic items that he could produce. Still, considering his words, it was hard to say if he was being reliable or dangerous. There was no telling what he might do. Still, at the very least, it seemed that he was going to end the battle on the demi humans’ continent, even if he had to sink the whole place with everyone on it.

After a while, everyone returned to the dungeon and began to grind. Much to their surprise, Icarus went to the deeper levels by himself. He has been a bit weird since the fight with the guardian, but at least he wasn’t doing anything problematic. He was just focused on getting rid of his weakness. As for Billy, he still was trying to improve his Experience Absorption skill and the ability to distort space… but he didn’t make much progress in that area. That was being generous when he didn’t make any progress…

“I guess I should keep practicing while I help the weaker summoned monsters get enough strength… for some reason, I feel that my magic is a lot easier to control here,” Billy thought. “It is probably because dungeons have so much concentration of mana.”

While thinking about that, Billy recalled how the dungeon’s core reacted when they defeated the guardian… It was abnormal enough that the core would stay inside the guardian, but it was even weirder that it could move…


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